1st Mate Jake
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1st mate Jake Emard

Jake will return for his second season as the 1st mate aboard the Gath III and Gath IV. Another great catch for our team. Jake like "Captain Tom" demonstrates a special kind, caring way with our guests. His patience goes a long way at teaching new families and guests ..how to catch the big one! His Gram says " Jake's always love fishing since he first picked up a pole on his 2nd birthday". The cool thing is, he doesn't mind sharing his experience with other young fishermen. Jake is also a graduate of Noble High School and interesting enough shared the co-captains duty with 1st mate Tommy Carlin on Captain Whit's Noble High soccer team.  I guess it pays to be a such dedicated and hard worker. I know it's the only way to succeed in a sport like ours.  Jake is currently working towards his Maine state tidewater guides license.


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