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On his eleventh birthday with a state record pollock for kid's under twelve!

Working towards his apprentice lobster license on a cold December day with Uncle Whit!

Joey, now 19 years old is our families third generation fisherman. It was a very proud day when I took my eldest grandson to train on his first solo trip as "1st mate" on evening trips last summer. It's wonderful to have a family business where our children are able to grow and learn with us. Joey is one of the very best salt water anglers his age on the Maine coast. It was he and I that brought the "Ol Gath III" across the bay from Perkins Cove to Wells Harbor when we purchased her from Mrs Gath Coombs, 18 years ago. Joey was just two years old at the time and he sat at the helm with my arm around his waist on his maiden voyage. He's grown into a fine young man, with very sharp fishing skills a love of the sport and the caring attitude and understanding you might expect from my grandson toward our special guests.

Captain Whit says he has the most accurate casts of any angler on the coast, making him able to present your lines to many of his secret ledges and hidden currents in what has become his summer playground. You'll truly enjoy having Joey's help, luck and good nature aboard !

His great, great, great, great grandfather Ephrom Chase " who took President Teddy Roosevelt as his guest" was the 1st Maine guide in our family!.  Quite a tradition. Click for "More history..."


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