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Your 2010 Season Highlights!
January 31, 2011

Wells Harbor Me, July 17th 2010, with Andy Berhely's (NH) 10 foot Blue shark.."Left to right" Kayden and Kyla Birch (ME),McCarey McCatty(ME),1st mate Keith McAvoy (ME), Apprentice Eric Sprague (MA), Captain Whit (ME), and Ben Brossard (LA).              Video on facebook page!

                                     *Reservations for the 2011
season begin on Tuesday morning March 1st @ 8am sharp!

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Dear Friends,
Spring greetings from the Captain Satch and Sons crew….Captain’s Whit, Den, Tom, and Satch, along with our entire crew Keith, Nick,Christian and Eric sincerely thank you for your generosity and understanding in “2010. We appreciate the faith and goodwill you've demonstrated by fishing with us over the last 13 seasons.This is the first year, that I've decided to issue our annual guest letter in a digitalized format. As much as I love the printed word and mailing the guest letters," you just have to keep up with the times". I am confident that most of you will be able to find and enjoy the guest letter in this format. It certainly has its good points, we can show more of your pictures, tell even more exciting stories about your on-board adventures, and save over a thousand dollars in printing and mailing costs. So here goes..... Starting with a bit of history!

Fifteen years ago we started our family business when Mrs. Gath Coombs had the wisdom and a bit of faith to trust my sons, Den and Whit with her late husband’s  Captain Bobby Coombs charter vessel the Gath III.

They were just teenagers at the time, just moments after seeing their youthful enthusiasm, she trusted them to rebuild the Gath III. Gath was originally build in Bailey Isle Maine in 1944, she was refurbished over a three year period beginning in 1995 by my family and our close friend Keith McAvoy. Gath III is by far the prettiest and oldest charter fishing boat in Maine.For the first five years my sons and I operated inshore striper trips aboard the Gath III out of Wells Harbor Me.We were the only charter boat in the harbor at that time with the exception of our friend Captain Jim Shaw's, Karen Ann. In the Fall of 2001, Captain Whit and I purchased our 2nd boat the "India Marie". With Kieth's boat building expertise, and Captain Ken Malone's mechanical skills we refurbished and outfitted her for offshore cod fishing.Our success continued and in order to accommodate all our families and guests we purchased the new Gath IV in the spring of 2008. Gath IV is a Coast Guard documented vessel certified to carry up to twelve passengers, up to twenty miles offshore.To insure the personal service our guests have come to expect, we limit ourselves to ten fishing guests aboard the new Gath..For the last two seasons, our guests have truly enjoyed inshore fishing with Captain Whit and his crew.I am hopeful that with the upturn in the economy the crew and I will be able shine up the Gath III in
"Bristol Fashion" and get her ready to rejoin her sister ships ,so that our friends of so many years can again cruise aboard the "Classic Gath III" on 2 hour charters this July and August.


2010 season highlights:
Our first offshore trip of the 2010 season was on May 7th with our good friends John Manser, Danny Weldon (NH) and crew. Cod fishing started right off with a bang, in fact it was the best spring cod fishing we've ever experienced on the "India Marie". By Memorial day weekend, with experienced fishermen Les and Linda Paul (ME), Jeanette DeBlois(ME), Dennis Cassidy(VT), and Peter Cacciapaglia(MA) we landed our daily limit of cod for the first time in over three years. With over seventy "nice size keepers" we headed home a bit early. Dennis Cassidy won the pool with our first trophy cod of the new season with a 27.5 pound Maine State Trophy, which he was kind enough to released alive to help insure the recovery of our cod stocks.

            Brian Pinger (NY)
with his friends Ray, Gary and Scott on their June 4th charter. Jim Keely (NY) background is reeling in his pool winning 25 pound plus trophy cod.

The 2010 season was the summer of excellent weather, for three months June, July and August we experienced the nicest continuous fair weather pattern that I have ever experienced in over twenty years of taking folks fishing. Both "Gath and India" ran every day taking a record number of guests to enjoy a fun day with the boys and I. By the time the tropical storms blew up the coast in September, we already had one of our best business seasons ever. But, good weather "like all things" can't last forever and the fall months of September and October brought gale force winds almost every weekend.We were forced to either cancel or bring some of the most tenacious, hardy anglers back to the dock on their knees begging for mercy. In short, many of our best anglers had their annual fall offshore trips rescheduled or canceled. Quite a few excellent fishermen, who always take advantage of  "Maine's fall fishing bonanza" found their freezers a bit short of their annual allotment of Keith's boneless fillets.

The unusually warm water made for exceptional shark fishing in July and August. On our ride offshore we sighted large sharks darn near every day, most were Blue sharks, but the occasional mako, porbeagle, thresher,and gummer were present as well. I would point them out, if our guests wished to target them. We would haul out the shark gear and give it a shot. After hooking, up most fights lasted for an hour or two, landing us at least a mile from our initial spot. As you can imagine this is a serious game, even for the most experienced crew. It's imperative to listen to Keith's advise and instruction. After all, these fish are more than twice the size of the person on the other end of the line. Greg Washburn (VT) followed our advise to the tee and thoroughly enjoyed whooping a 300 plus pound, 11 footer. Quentin Kuel's grandson,Tim Sieffert (MA) (age 16), single handedly fought and landed a 100 plus pounder on a half day trip. Dylan Boyle (NY) landed the largest Blue shark of the season on August 19th, Captain Whit estimated it at 12 foot long, and 550 pounds. Not really that palatable as table fare we suggest releasing the blue sharks, and keeping only mako's and porbeagles. In fact, we don't enter shark tournaments because it's against my morals to kill such a beautiful creature if you're not going to eat it. The only shark (top of page) that Captain Whit and Keith brought back to the dock was specifically targeted from the day before. Andy Berhely (NH) fought and landed his 10 foot, 250 pounder after a two hour fight. Everyone in Jerry St. Jeans Charter party put on the harness and took a crack at it, but Andy took the brunt of the fight and Captain Whit credited him with the catch.Captain Whit had no mercy for this particular shark,he felt fairly confident it was the same one that had pulled a hook into Keith's finger the day before.   " Shark videos can be viewed on my Capt Satch and Sons facebook page." 

Let the good times roll. We had perfect weather and some of the most compatible guests ever on this Spring's overnight adventure to the Isle of Shoals (NH). In the picture below (left to right) 1st mate Keith McAvoy(ME), Bob "I love you man" Posner (NH) and Wayne Guyette (NH) settle in to enjoy some of Ms. Jeanette Mom's honey roasted chicken as the sun sets in the background.After the first days fishing, Keith choose the finest mooring @ Gosport Harbor and we settled in for our six coarse meal. Starting off with Jeanette's tomato, mozzarella and vinaigrette salad. Leisurely moving on to Greg's marinated venison steak, Wayne's roasted potatoes, peppers, and onions, "ILYM Bob's" homemade venison sausage, Satchie's grilled shrimp, Marlene's honey chicken, topped off with "Mackerel Bob's" Bubba burgers, and a smooth dessert provided by "Harley" Bob. Mackerel Bob after intense consulting with his Chinese friends via a wireless snipe connection managed to complete his hammock assembly around mid night. Just a few hours later, Ms.Jeanette roused us all to witness a spectacular sunrise, complete with a 18 foot Bull shark feeding within a few feet of the "India Marie". After enjoying a cup of Keith's famous Isle of Shoals coffee, we were headed back offshore for our second round of fishing by 4:30  am.

My campsite neighbor "Harley"Bob Conner (MA) was high hook on Friday afternoon, but another neighbor and friend Greg Brown (NH) cleaned everybody's clock on Saturday morning catching the most fish, cumulating with this beautiful 27.5 Maine State trophy cod. Greg was kind enough to release this beauty shortly after this picture was taken.


Many of our close friends landed truly spectacular fish this season. Steve Schonberg (FL) won the "Annual Gath Coombs Silver Trophy Cup honors" for the largest striper of the year and the largest striper ever landed on any of our boats. Steve's "Maine State trophy" landed on the Gath IV, weighed in at over 52 pounds.My good friend Ron Koshorik (MI) landed the largest cod of the season on the "Indi Marie", Ron's "Maine State Trophy cod" weighed in at over 34 pounds. Both these beautiful fish were released unharmed. Rob "Bear" Both (NY) landed the largest white hake we have ever landed on any of our boats. Bear's "Trophy Hake" weighed in at over 42 pounds. John Orosz (NY) landed the largest cusk of the of his life also a Maine State Trophy 16 pounder. Peter Kocut(MA) lost his annual Blue Fin Tuna after hooking up for the third year in a row. Brendon Gallager (MA) won the pool on his families charter with a double keeper catch, a 23 and 12 pound pollock, caught on the same line at the same time. Amber Lamb(NY) landed and released the largest monkfish of the season, a nice 15 pounder.

    Rob "Bear" Both (NY) 42 # Trophy Hake         Steve Schonberg (FL) 52# Trophy Striper w/ Capt Whit       Ron Koshorik(MI) 34# Trophy Cod w/ Capt Tom



                                                                       2011 Season Plans...


     Offshore fishing …The "India Marie" will begin this seasons "spring cod fishing trips" on Saturday May 7th. Our popular 10-hour Charters are recommended for most offshore trips aboard the "India Marie. "India" is a very safe and stable vessel, nicely equipped to travel up to 25 miles offshore. We strive to catch large ground fish; cod, haddock, pollock, cusk and hake. We also enjoy and are federally licensed and properly equipped to target various species of shark, and Blue fin tuna upon request.Captain Satch will be the primary captain on the "India Marie" again this season with Captain Whit acting as his backup. With just six anglers aboard on all India's trips you can be assured of receiving personal and caring service.The smaller crew also gives us the ability to quickly adjust to any fishing opportunities and conditions that may arise, and minimize tangles to afford you a better chance of landing your special fish. While a good number of our offshore trips are group charters, I enjoy and have never hesitated to put trips together for the individual anglers. Our "Fair Weather Fishermen’s Club" offers a sure way that individual anglers can experience offshore fishing without chartering the whole boat. These 10 hr Open boat trips are held every Friday throughout the season.We also try to put together other open boat trips whenever possible, so please let us know when you'd like to go and we'll do our best to accommodate you.We have a nice fishing arsenal of custom cod jigging poles matched with quality Penn Baha, and Newel 4.6 reels. Stand up tuna and shark poles w/ 2 speed Shimano reels are aboard to target Blue fin tuna, or sharks when sited. Frank J. Davis, Ms. Jeanette and I will be spending a  week in March pouring and rigging at least seventy-five of her dad's famous "16 oz Burkett jigs". Satchie's jig of chose on the "India Marie".That ought to be enough for Bernie, Butch, Wayne, Rev Tom, Terry, Al, Jeremy,Brad and Jodie to make it through another season.

             Remember to check out our Captain Satch and Sons "facebook page" for daily updates, your pictures,and offshore openings....


Our offshore fishing season begins in earnest in early May as schools of nice size cod and haddock migrate into our area from Georges and other offshore banks.Most of our experienced guests truly enjoy spending a full 10 hour day deep seas fishing for these beautiful and tasty fish.We target them in deep water as they move up the coast feeding on the masses of krill and herring. In the spring, large schools of whales "sometimes fifty or more" can be seen all around the boat, pushing literally tons of the little shrimp like creatures into great balls that you can literally scoop up in your hands.Blue fin Tuna also arrive in June, these are a highly prized targeted species and "put up the best fight of any species in the world" with fights lasting typically up to 2 or 3 hours.They are very hard to land due to their overpowering size and strength.
All of the North Atlantic shark species can be found in the warm waters of July and August, although most of the highly prized makos and porbeagle are caught early in the spring months.

We land a good number of our trophy size cod in the month of June, as they arrive at their inshore spawning grounds. We strongly encourage the release of cod over 25 pounds, in fact we take great pictures and present our guests with a free Captain Satch T shirt if they are willing to release their trophy fish. With this attitude more than 90 percent of our Trophy cod and stripers are released unharmed. By mid July schools of nice size pollock arrive.They are one of my favorite targeted species as they put up such a great fight, are plentiful with their stocks in good health and are super table fare. Many experienced party boat fishermen often comment that they find fishing in late August distressing, because of the high incidence of spiny dogfish shark tangling their lines.This is not the case on India with just six anglers aboard, we move quickly to avoid the "dreaded dogs". We do very well on our offshore trips throughout the summer landing a good variety of nice size cod, haddock, pollock, cusk, white and silver hake, and red fish.Wolfish are now a protected species and must be released after their pictures are taken.Fall fishing is best for total numbers of fish landed as both cod and pollock are well established. Weather wise, fishing in September and October is also more challenging. Flexible scheduling is often required to work around the storm swells that frequent the coast that time of year.We end our recreational offshore season the last weekend in October. The "India Marie" continues to commercial lobster fish through the end of December. Quite a few of our summer guests bundle up, put on their winter gloves and pick out their Christmas lobster while watching Capt Whit, Little Dennis and I pull his traps.       

I will be forced to have a slight fare increase for the 2011 season.I'm anxious and concerned with the rapid increase in diesel fuel costs, prices are already approaching the 3.75/4.00 per gal rates of the 2009 season. The business absorbed the additional fuel costs that summer, but it was very hard on my family and crew that winter. Another big pain is the new Maine State Saltwater fishing license fees imposed by our inept Maine legislature.Despite beating it back with your letter campaign three years ago, our "repress"entitives have come in through the back door requiring a "salt water fee add on" to a fresh water fishing license. Our vacationing families can no longer fish off the shoreline, jetty's docks and beaches without buying a $25 license fee. You will not need this license to fish aboard "Gath or India" because I've already received the new tax application for each boat and have included the costs in your trip with us. This will be our first price increase in three or four years.I've always catered to working and middle class families, and our crew will continue to work hard to insure you receive a good value for your hard earned money

This salt water license is a real shame for the kids. I plan on working to repeal the Maine State salt water fishing license because it discourages so many average working families from enjoying a special day learning the sport of ocean fishing. Future generations are being stripped of a basic right that goes back to colonial times, all for an added dollar in state tax revenues. I am the successful and contented fisherman I am today because my dad took the time to bring me to the jetty on Sunday mornings when all we could afford was a drop line.What's next a tax on hiking...Count me in to help beat back this onerous tax!


 Inshore fishing. ..The new “Gath IV"will begin her fourth season on Memorial Day weekend, Friday May 25th. Our four hour mackerel and striped bass trip is still the most popular with guests overall..Kids and adults alike really enjoy the opportunity to catch the largest fish of their lives within a short ride of the harbor.You are allowed to book fares for these trips on an individual basis.Captain Whit will be the primary captain on the "Gath IV" this season with Captain Tom, Captain Kenny and Captain Satch acting as his backups. Four and six hour trips are scheduled every day throughout the summer  primarily targeting striper, mackerel and bluefish as they migrate along the coast.

Last season we began offering six hour deep sea fishing trips aboard the Gath IV as well.These trips range to about 10 to 14 miles offshore and are a great introduction to the "full 10 hour day" offered aboard the India Marie. For the 2011 season Gath will be fully equipped with a nice selection of jigging poles matched with quality Penn 113H reels and a full compliment of jigs and fly's. I plan on personally introducing our guests and crew to more half- day cod trips when the ground fishing and weather conditions are favorable. To avoid overcrowding, we've made a commitment to limit the number of fishing guests aboard the "Gath IV" to 10 maximum .If you charter the whole boat and would like to take 2 additional guests as observers, we are licensed and permitted to do by USCG inspection standards.

                                                         A great day of Blue fishing with Paco and friends aboard the Gath IV, Aug 27th 2010

Generally speaking the best striped bass fishing aboard Gath IV runs from Memorial day through August 1st, schoolies come first "18-28 inchers" followed by trophy size stripers in the"32-52 inch range".They migrate along our unspoiled shoreline enjoying the plentiful food supply.By early August the water has warmed up sufficiently enough for large schools of blue fish "10-15 pounders" to reach the northern part of their range. This exciting fishery lasts into September.The ravenous Blues tend to scare" the stripers out of their minds" so striper fishing generally slows down when the bluefish are active.On a typical August day we either target striper or blues or both based on the opportunity. With the advent of fall weather, the blues begin moving south out of our area, and big schools of mixed size stripers begin returning. This time headed down the coast on their way to their winter/spring spawning grounds in Delaware and Maryland. Another round of very good striper fishing  for a few weeks in late September, then we finish off
Gath IV's inshore season chasing hugh schools horse mackerel "2 pounders" through the Columbus Day weekend in October.

 Our 2 hr family discovery trips are fast becoming a favorite for young folks and their families A fun, safe introduction especially for those who've never fished on the ocean before.These trips are scheduled every evening at 6:15PM. We try hard to get some quick fishing action for the kids, either a lot of makerel, or a large striper or blue without venturing to far from the harbor.A real learning experience where families can see harbor seals, catch a few nice fish, enjoy the sunset and interact with our crew.Captain Tom is the primary Captain on our evening trips,with Captain Satch acting as his backup.Many families come back year after year just to enjoy this special 2 hour adventure.Many others move on to our 4 and 6 hour inshores or even venture offshore as the kids skills and ambitions grow.

                          Captain Satch with my grandson McCarey's Jamaican side of the family on a 2 hr evening trip. Cousin Lanie landed her 1st ever striper.
                                                           Please check out  "hundreds of your Family Fun photos" on our facebook page!

Special 2 hr evening trips .....Sea Shantie sing alongs... Gath began her 2010 season on Sunday evening May 28th.We dedicated the season  to my mom, Carolyn and got it off with a bang with flowers for the ladies, and a spectacular premiere performance by Sir Ernie Pigeon one of our area's best guitar players and sea shantie enthusiasts. Everyone enjoyed
a cup of Grammie Opal's fresh fish chowder, thanks to my lovely wife Gloria.

Pictured below is Ernie with our guests singing along.Folks enjoyed it so much that Ernie returned by request to entertain three more times during the summer. I felt a real sense of accomplishment watching my friends enjoy the music and each others company as the sun set over the estuary.

Ernie has offered to return in 2011. With a performance every month in May, June, July, and August. Our first scheduled date is Memorial day eve, Sunday May 29th,. Call early for reservations. Last year we filled up both "Gath and Indi" for Ernie's special performances.The feeling is authentic and carries you back to the good old days!



     Each year the Maine Dept. of Marine resources sponsors an association of saltwater anglers who have landed the big one and awards them a  "Maine State Trophy" designation. 
Our guests landed Twenty eight of these State Trophy fish in 2010 including the largest striped bass and the largest white hake we've ever landed on any of our boats.
This is real special achievement for these anglers, and for our crew. Congratulations and thanks to our class of 2010 trophy winners!

Striped Bass trophies
   *Steve Schonberg(FL) 46.75  inches.. 52 #s, Jamie Frank(MA) 42.75 inches.. 44 #s, Tyler Rice(MA) 38inches..26.5 #'s, Jason Love (CO) 38.5 inches.. 26#'s, Sandy Spalding (VT) 38 inches..25.5 #'s, Aaron Managan (VT) landed two trophies on the same trip, 37.5 inches.. 25 #'s and 36.5 inches.. 25 #'s.

Cod Trophies
Ron Koshorik(MI) 34 #s, Randy Jewett (ME) 30 #s, Greg Brown (VT) 27.5#s, and Jim Kelly (NY) 25.5 #s. (VT) 40#s.

Hake Trophies* Rob "Bear" Both(NY) 42 pounds, and Sam Earl (NY) 25.5 pounds.

Cusk Trophies
...... Fred Marchaland Jr.(NY)  16.5 #s, John Orosz 16 #s, Sandy Van Avery(NY) 14#'s,and Rev. Tom Gregg(NY) 12.5 #'s

Haddock Trophies
...Larry Dube(CT) 7.25 pounds, and Jim DeWitt(ME) 7.25 pounds.

Pollock Trophies
Whit McMahon(ME) 30 #'s, Randy Jewett(ME) 29#'s, Dennis Cassidy(VT) 27.5#'s and Bruce Greenhalgh(MA) 26#s.

Redfish Trophies
.Jeanette Deblois(ME) 2.5 #s, Terry Lamb(NY) 2.25 #s, Paul Dvoretsky(NJ) 2 #s, Frank Davis(ME) 2#’s and Jim Junean(MN) 2#s.     
Designates the largest fish of that species, ever landed aboard the Gath III or the India Marie.


    1st mate Nick,entertains Emily, Alyse, Megan, Tara, Laura and James@ Chrisy's bachlorette party.The girls slew a bunch of Blues. Nubble Lighthouse in the backgroud!

    Before I end this guest letter, I would like to reflect upon a few other special moments of the 2010 season: Many of these memories flash back to the culinary pallet ... The finest campsite feast ever, with Ed Baisley, and George Delahey's crew, a summer evening's back porch chat with Ron and Marylin, supper with John and Paulie's wonderful grandfather, my Chinese birthday spread with Mackerel Bob and Sue, our quick retreat from an unnamed restaurant with Dick and Kim, the wonderful time Gloria and I enjoyed at Wayne and Karen's chilly contest, our first family reunion lobster bake with Joanne, Kenny, Megan, Brett, Bob, Donny and all the grand nieces and nephews, our annual summer cookout at Mark and Laurie's, and all the family fun @ Leo and Gails famous beer batter fish fry.No wonder I have to go on a diet.How bout, Ms Jeanette, cool and a just bit wet after filling in for Kieth on our 1st offshore trip of the season, the first time I ever met first mate Nick covered with dust grinding Gath's deck, Christian and I trying to untangle Gath IV's biggest tangle ever, Gwen falling out of the head with a giant spider nipping at her heels, Chuck finally taking Mellisa offshore.. Ohhhh Boy!, Seth insisting on posing as "India's masthead, Mike blessing the giant schools of Blue fish jumping on our lines with "just a touch of Jameson", finally a fair weather day with Don and Linda aboard,Terry Ann teasing poor old Satchie with a piece of candy, the most quality time I've spent w/Cousin Don in over 50 years, Al Timm offering a chew of his "road kill jerky" to Dennis, Mike's invited you back on his annual "Skip Albert charter" by the way , and finally a thrilled Captain Tom after landing his first trophy as captain.Sure glad I got him that book on ol' fashioned fishing techniques.

Just seeing so many families that started fishing with us on the Ol' Gath III over thirteen years ago still supporting and enjoying a day with us year after year.The Frechette's, Diluzio's, 
Frankenfield's, Fazio's, Brandts's, Mally's, Miers, Dvoretsky's, Porters, Lambs, Quarry's, Hehir's Cronins, Gralia's,Van Gelder's, Romain's, Saum's, Parrow's, OConner's, Lacki's, Wilmer's, Wetmore's, Al Maynes, Joy Larimee, Jim Olmstead.You've become our fishing family and we love you man!

Every December we hold our annual company Christmas party and annual board meeting to thank everyone for their effort. I recognized just how much the growth and success of our little company is dependent on our hard working and caring crew.  The personal development of the best crew on the coast is our real success. First, I need to thank my sons Dennis and Whit, my wife Gloria and my best friend Keith for their unconditional effort, freeing me to run our own company for the best thirteen years of my working life.Captain Tom Corbett joined our bodacious crew this summer to help take command of Gath IV's two hour evening trips. Tom is the kindest captain I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. His empathy earned him the immediate love and respect of our guests. Captain Tom quickly learned the ropes inshore, catching folks a slew of stripers and blues, culminating with he and Sandy Spalding (VT) catching their first 25 pound plus Trophy Striper this fall. He fast became a trusted relief captain for Captain Whit, and a trusted advisor to me. "Little Dennis Bourgeois"offered his gifted mechanical ability during the 2008 season, his dedicated effort since that time has assured that the boats are "always" in tip top mechanical shape. Den is retiring from his full time engineers job this winter, so you just may see more of him in 2011. Ensign Ed, our guests often comment on your caring attention to their needs, but I'm the only one that truly knows the personal effort you put in to" help keep me on course". I sincerely thank you for all the extra effort and help you put in to keep our days running smoothly. Little Eric worked his butt off this summer, apprenticing towards his Coast Guard Captains license "days at sea requirements". With two seasons behind him, he's very close to the halfway mark, I'm confident that by his 18 th birthday Captain Tom's hat will fit nicely atop his head. Eric's conscientious attitude is contagious to the rest of our crew, including myself. I always seem to catch bigger fish with Eric's drive and encouragement. My grandson Joey, arrived back in New England in September after his dad's two year military stint at Fort Hood Texas. Joey's been fishing with me on the Gath III since his1st birthday. He loves fishing and is a fine worker, his Uncle and I are excited to have him back and look forward to him will joining Eric in our Captains apprentice program in this summer.

In the spring, Captain Whit an I had the opportunity to train two new 1st mate's to replace Whit's caring 1st mate the Bobinator who retired after many years of dedicated service.We were very lucky to find two outstanding young men, Nick Boudreau and Christian Fenderson who took turns mating with Captain Whit this summer aboard the Gath IV. As our guests who fished with them this summer can attest. They are intelligent, dedicated and hardworking, but their most important quality is that they really care about your experience with us. I'm extremely pleased to be surrounded by such a competent crew. Nick will be receiving his BS degree this spring in Environmental science and wildlife management from Paul Smith College (NY). Christian has returned from his commercial fishing forays in Alaska to settle down and begin a family. Both Christian and Captain Whit became engaged to be married this winter." No...Not to each other". Anyway I wish both couples big happy families, and many happy years together. I'm hopeful that our entire crew will return and be at your service again this summer.

                                                                                                                                                                       Ensign Ed, Jodi,Captain Tom,Eric and Gloria.

  As always we have so many behind the scenes helpers to thank.My " little sister" Jeanette somehow figures out your scribbles and turns them into entries for our address book. The succesful effort of Ms Laurie to bring our website into the future. Frank J. Davis whose always there to help and keep me motivated all winter.Our empathetic attorney Kevin,  and our meticulous accountant Tony. We love our bank "SIS", thanks to Jamie, Dee, Sharon,Theresa, Suzette.Linda and Anthony.
Our fuel man Bob. whose always there when needed.Our harbormaster, Chick who gave our first mooring is retiring this winter after 30 years of dedicated service. Trudy Dixon has been there since our first year, making our brochures with a little extra care.Todd and Seth who insure I get my proper rest @ Ocean view Campsite. Cousin John, Kevin, DJ, Ms.Linda, Paul,Mary Ann,Jeanette and Ensign Ed who act as our board members and providethier valued guidance when appropriate. And thank God for my lovely and caring wife Gloria. She’s always there to meet the boats, answer your questions, and make something of our three grand kids. And finally, I want to sincerely thank the fine gentlemen and ladies that think enough of us to come back year after year. We genuinely enjoy welcoming you aboard the boats each day and were truly honored you return to fish with us.


                                                                                                                                                    Keep your dreams alive!  
Captain Satch


My Buddy, Leo Drinkwine (NY) with a big old monk! Could you help me get that hook out please....