Captain Satch and Sons........Your caring and experienced crew welcomes you aboard !


                Captain Satch McMahon "below left" shown with his mom Carolyn and his 1st cousin John Lewis of Connecticut. Satch has loved taking guests fishing since he and his dad purchased their first  lobster boat "The'll with it!"  when he was thirteen years old........Satchie received his BA degree from Pace University in New York City, and has a fish box full of graduate credits in education to boot. After college, Satch spent 10 years as a construction engineer in New Orleans La. spending all his free time fishing the bayou's for crawfish, shrimp, blue crabs, red fish, and speckled trout. After moving back to New England, he returned to fishing spending the summer of "88" as the 2nd mate on the deep sea fishing vessel "Bunny Clark". Satch enjoyed the guests and the party fishing business so much he decided to make a career of it, spending the next 10 years working with and learning from Captain Tim Tower "the best charter captain and recreational fisherman on the Maine coast."

    Satch and his sons,Whitney and Dennis purchased the charter boat "Gath III" from Mrs. Agatha Coombs in 1996. Once "Gath" was rebuilt friends and guests began requesting family fishing trips. Satch's dream to take people fishing has become a reality. The ole' Gath magic has given Satch and his sons the opportunity to work together with their friend Keith McAvoy to build the business to what it is today.
Satch has his 50 ton coast guard masters license, and his master Maine tidewater guides license.



                                               Captain Whit McMahon shown at the helm of the "India Marie".  

  Captain Whit received his Bachelor of Arts from
Lander University in South Carolina, and his Masters of Education and Counseling at Plymouth State University (NH). After his graduation from Lander, Whit and I spent his first full year after college working to acquire our 2nd vessel the " India Marie". She was needed to meet the growing needs of our fishing family and our fishing guests. Whit's BA degree is in Spanish language, he spent a year as an exchange student in Mexico. He speaks spanish fluently and also learned to play a little soccer. Whit was born in New Orleans, and fished the bayou's with me as a young boy. Both Whit and his younger brother Dennis took turns helping me clean the "Bunny Clark" every evening since they were 7 and 8 years old respectively. Captain Whit also mated with Captain Tim on the Bunny Clark, where he learned to gaff fish and a few other little traits. He enjoys lobstering and spent three summers learning the right way to lobster with Captain Mike Remkowitz on the "Uptown Girl". For a young captain ,Whit's skills are very well rounded both in the ground fishery and while inshore sports fishing for large stripers and blues. He's shared the helm crossing the Gulf of Maine from Digby, Nova Scotia to Bar Harbor, Me and he is one of the most responsible young captains on the coast today.

In 2009, Captain Whit and I purchased our newest vessel the Gath IV a 35' USCG inspected vessel. Whit is currently the primary captain aboard the Gath IV. During the winter months he is also a full time guidance councilor at Sanford Regional High School and  the JV soccer coach at Noble High in Southern Maine.

      Captain Whit has his 50 Ton USCG Masters license, his Maine tidewater guides license and his 1st class Maine lobster license.


     Captain Whit and Grampy D, "Paul Dvoretsky " with a beautiful haddock .


                       Captain Dennis McMahon shows off  "Natalie Gilmettes" (CT) largest striper of the 2003 season.


            Captain Den is a graduate of Fitchberg StateCollege in Massachusetts with a Bachelor of science in construction management. Den wears a second "hard" hat as owner and project manager of his own company "McMahon Constuction Co. of So. Maine". Den designs and builds, quality porches, decks and home additions when he's not captaining the boats.
    Dennis is a prankster, a lot of fun and a great boat handler and fisherman. Den received almost all of the mechanical ability in the family and whenever we need an engine installed, a pump replaced or a rod and reel designed we call on Den. He loves the challenge of engineering new systems for the boats. In addition, Captain Den has the innate ability to cast or land you on the fish. I get the feeling he's always striving hard being the youngest in the family. During the last few seasons he ran many of our successful offshore cod trips. Captain Dennis was also born in New Orleans where he learned to fish on the Bayou's and along the Mississippi with Dad and Whit. He also had the good experience of mating for Captain Tim on the Bunny Clark in his formative years. You'll really enjoy a day on the water with Dennis, but keep alert for a trick or two..
Captain Den has his"50 Ton" Masters license, and his Maine tidewater guides license.

                                             Capt. Den with Paulie Mier on a cool October day..


           Master Craftsman Keith McAvoy also wears a second hat as 1st mate on the "India Marie."



         Keith looks over a new hatch he designed and built to keep Satchie and his captain's chair from tipping over backwards,
                   F/V  India Maire.

  Keith claims he's graduated from he school of hard knocks, but if the truth be known Rensselaer PolyTech is the more likely prospect. Captain Whit purchased the Gath III on Kieth's wedding day 14 years ago, and he's been married tho her ever since, just ask his wife Mary Ann. Keith's a superb craftsman who was most instrumental in refitting and rebuilding the Gath III. Keith spent over six years working with my sons and I to install the new oak ribs, cedar deck, cedar windows, Volvo diesel engine, housetop, rails, new head, ect so that you can enjoy the thrill of fishing on "Maines classic Gath III". Keith also completed all the retrofit projects on our second vessel "India Marie" and he is currently redesigning the fishing systems aboard our newest vessel Gath IV. Since 2002, I've been honored to have him join me on the" India Marie" as her 1st mate. Many of you finally got to meet the man behind the scenes. He really adds to the professionalism of our organization and he is a stable influence and guide that my sons respect and look up to.
       Keith spent all his summer days fishing as a boy on "Drakes Island, Me."  where he learned the ins and outs of inshore sports fishing. You can be assured of the best care and guidance a mate can give, if your lucky enough to have Keith on your charter.

   "1st mate Keith McAvoy" celebrating Fred Burket's 89th birthday catch aboard the India Marie, with Captain Den at the helm.



                  The Bobinator...        


     Bob is a retired "controls engineer" from the Portsmouth Naval shipyard. He took the lead installing our new "Cummins diesel" in 2007 aboard the "India Marie". This picture was taken after we successfully lowered the " 2300 plus pound" engine on to its mounting bed, below decks. I couldn't have completed the engine installation without Bob's expertise.

Bob's fathers family owned and operated a fishing and boating camp at lower Mousam lake in Shapliegh Me.when he was a boy. So he really understands the importance of our guest's needs. As a knowledgable hunter and fisherman, he's a big help to our families and guests aboard the Gath III over the last three seasons He sincerely enjoys helping folks. Many of our families recognize the Bobinator as Whit's 1st of the most caring, kindest, and certainly the most laid back member of our crew.


  "Big Davie"   1st mate, Dave Schaefer helps Ms. Marie Griffiths proudly display the smallest fish of the 2009 season. An expert at feeling every little bite, Grammy Marie caught this 2.5 inch golden pollock on one of Gath IV two hour family evening trips.


    A first class guy! Big Dave has his masters degree in education from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey. He simply is wonderful with kids and families alike, you can be assured your children will learn a great deal and truly enjoy their day aboard the Gath IV when Dave is aboard working with Captain Whit. A close family friend, Dave began fishing with his gramp aboard the Gath III at 9 years of age. He is a very precise and skilled  fisherman, both offshore jigging for cod and inshore netting trophy stripers.Whit and I are so lucky to have intelligent folks that really care about our customers. A mates # 1 duty is to help and keep you safe. It's a real pleasure having Dave aboard, as a captain I feel very confident our guests are well taken care of when "Big Dave " is managing the deck.

                                                                                    Just be a little careful he doesn't spill your only cup of morning coffee.


          "Little Dennis"

 I feel that the biggest accomplishment our little company experienced in 2009 was the growing strength and expertise of our crew. I met Dennis Bourgeois 25 years ago when he was working with me as a chief mechanic and boiler engineer at a compassionate little Southern Maine Company. Little did I know at the time that Captain Whit and I would be lucky enough for him to take such a huge interest in the boats. Dennis has an uncanny and innate ability to understand and fix anything mechanical. From the smallest needle valve on an outboard to the complexity of a diesel engines fuel injector pump.

Dennis loves lobstering and began helping Captain Whit during his commercial lobster run in the fall of 2008. By this spring he had gone over both Gath and Indi mechanical systems with a fine tooth comb. Checking packing, pressure lines, repairing shaft bushings, and through hulls,alternators, starters, installing a new transmission in India, and checking the timing and adjusting the valves on both diesels.

In short, Dennis is responsible for bringing both boats up the absolute best mechanical shape they have ever been in. A very pleasant and intelligent guy you may see him working around the boats on a summer evening, lobstering with Whit in the spring and fall or occasionally filling in as a 2nd mate for Eric or Joey.. But be on guard he's been known to hook more than big stripers.


       "Little Eric"

Eric helps Ms. Kate Trachimowick (MA) hold her 25.25 pound Maine State trophy striper for this picture shortly before releasing it back to the sea unharmed. "Aug 09"

From the first day he stepped aboard the Gath III on his 8th or 9th birthday, 2nd mate Eric Sprague has been a fisherman to look up to.

 Just a natural and avid angler Eric always encourages his fellow crew members to catch more and bigger fish. At age 14, Eric is Captain Whits youngest helper aboard the Gath IV. He acts so much like him that most of our guests think he is Whit's son or little brother.

On a fast track to become the Captain of the Gath IV in a few short years. Eric is
always actively cleaning the boats, fixing leader lines, teaching new guests the ropes. I've never seen anyone love it so much. With the exception of "Captain Whit at his age". Eric's always striving to learn more about the fishery, the sea and the charter business. With an eye to search every nook and cranny looking for the big one, I'm sure glad he's on our team. I believe he's one of the reasons Captain Whit landed fourteen Maine State trophy stripers  over"25 plus pounds" during the 2009 season.More than we've landed any previous year, and I'm fairly certain more than any other recreational boat in Maine waters.


"Little Joey"


        "Joey"with Emile Gallant and Jeanette Deblois,        On his eleventh birthday with a state        Working towards his apprentice lobster license
two of Maine's best deep water anglers!              record pollock for kid's under twelve !            on a cold December day with Uncle Whit!

   Joey, now 16 years old is our families third generation fisherman. It was a very proud day when I took my eldest grandson to train on his first solo trip as "1st mate" on evening trips last summer. It's wonderful to have a family business where our children are able to grow and learn with us. Joey is one of the very best salt water anglers his age on the Maine coast. It was he and I that brought the "Ol Gath III" across the bay from Perkins Cove to Wells Harbor when we purchased her from Mrs Gath Coombs, 14 years ago. Joey was just two years old at the time and he sat at the helm with my arm around his waist on his maiden voyage. He's grown into a fine young man, with very sharp fishing skills a love of the sport and the caring attitude and understanding you might expect from my grandson toward our special guests.
  Captain Whit says he has the most accurate casts of any angler on the coast, making him able to present your lines to many of his secret ledges and hidden currents in what has become his summer playground. You'll truly enjoy having Joey's help, luck and good nature aboard !

His great, great, great, great grandfather Ephrom Chase " who took President Teddy Roosevelt as his guest" was the 1st Maine guide in our family !.

   Quite a tradition. "More history further along page"   



Our newest mate in training Kayden Birch (NH) working on his netting skills....Won't be long Beth!



                               Launch day......Spring 2005!    The Gath III's 61st launch and still as good as new!

                    "Left to right "Franklin J. Davis " our winter detail man, Big Joe Godin, The Bobinator, and Captain Whit


 A little history !

          Mrs. Gath Coombs with the boys on launch day in "July 96". Gath bought the champagne to rechristian her namesake that morning. Dennis and Whit were still in high school at the time. She was a great inspiration to them, as most of you know both boys have earned their USCG Captains licenses and are successful four year college graduates.      

       That summer the boys, DJ, Keith and I installed 42 new oak ribs, completely refastened her cedar planking and finished the new cedar deck. Once she was launched the Gath III then spent the next 8 weeks resoaking in the harbor. We still didn't have the engine rebuilt and never left Wells Harbor or made it to the fireworks in the summer of 96, but we all realized we were well on our way......... Mrs. Coombs joined us on Gath for their triumphant return to Ogunqiut and the July 4th celebration the following summer of 97. The Gath III was built in 1944 on Bailey Isle, Maine.                                                               





 Pictured below is Captain Whits and Captain Dens great,great,great grandfather Ephrom Chase and his daughter, their great, great grandmother Iva, grammy Opal's mom. Our 87 year old great gramma Opal lives with us and is the nice lady who answers your calls on a daily basis. Ephrom was the first Maine guide in the family. The Picture was taken at Oxbow Plantation in 1949. Grampy Eph's camp was up the Oxbow river near the flats at the Patawomqueg Branch. All camp equipment was hauled by oxen who apparently walked along the river bank pulling barges.


 Anyway the boys don't take after a stone. Grampy Eph was a well known Maine fishing and hunting guide who enjoyed taking many famous folks fishing. Among them President Teddy Roosevelt, boxing champion Jack Dempsey, business tycoon Walter Heinz of " ketchup, and soup fame. When "Gath" Mrs. Coombs first met Opal both were excited to learn that Captain Coombs and their son had also traveled to Oxbow to fish with her grandpa Eph when Bob Jr. was a little fella. Maine's a funny place in order to be eligible for a state guide's license you have to be able to follow your blood line back at least 17 generations and have at least one mountain named after your family. Well anyway the boys qualify and invite you up for a visit.


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