Liberty Hill Farm ... Rochester, Vermont !


     This March 2003, Gloria and I spent a Saturday and Sunday with Beth, Bob and their son David Kennett at their Liberty hill Farm in the White River Valley of Vermont. It's located about 3 hours drive time due west of our boats.      They have been operating a family dairy farm with accommodations for overnight family guests for the last 18 years or so. It's a spectacular and very special treat, specially designed for families to spend a night or two living with a real New England Dairy farm family. They treat their guests with care and kindness. I've you enjoy family fishing with my boys and I you and your children would really appreciate a day or two's visit with the Kennet family. "They say when you move to northern New England you can either become a farmer or a fisherman This is your chance to see how the farmers do it."They have over 150 head of dairy cows that you can touch and feel, Beth's country style cooking is "like gramndmas" and Bob loves to answer any of your silly questions about his cows and farming. Your kids will experience a day on a real New England farm they'll always remember.You'll be very  glad you stopped if only for a night. It's really top notch.. I personally recommend it very highly.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Captain Satch...

     Located with 1 mile frontage on the river, for trout fishing and tubing and in the heart of the Vermont's Green mountains.

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