Captain Satch and Sons...The Gath III / India Marie!           "2007" Season newsletter!
January 31, 2007

  "Left to right" Bruce Fortier (VT), Doug Manning (VT), George Moulton (VT), Captain Whit (ME), Dennis Cassidy (VT), Gil Ranta (SC), and Ray Washburn (VT)

Dear Friends,
Spring greetings from the Captain Satch and Sons crew…. Captain’s Whit, Den, Satch, our chief engineer Keith and our entire crew Uncle Bud, little Joey, Derek and the Bobinator sincerely thank you for your generosity in “2006. For the 9th year in a row, last year’s fishing season exceeded all previous years both in the number and size of the fish we caught, and in the number of guests that enjoyed a day fishing with us aboard the Gath III and the India Marie.

   I’m truly thankful that Mrs. Gath Coombs had the faith in my boys to trust us with her husband’s “Captain Bobby’s” charter vessel Gath III.  And to my dedicated crew who sticks with me through thick and thin. This is Whit, Keith and Den’s eleven year. We truly enjoy taking you fishing, and we sincerely thank you for putting your faith in us over all these years. I experienced a special moment one evening trip this June; suddenly I realized that “Joey” was stepping up from his boat washer position to a capable mate in his own right. I was blessed to be teaching my oldest grandson to carry on our family’s fishing tradition. Thank you all so much for your support.




      2006 season highlights!
My crew and I began the 2006 work season much earlier than normal. In the cold and snowy days of early January, Captain Whit and I reviewed the results on India’s yearend oil test. The results showed small metal fragments in the engines oil. The new engine’s head was pulled off, only to find that the cylinders were scored and completely glazed over, “after just one season”. The honest folks at “Cummin’s Northeast” agreed to stand firmly behind their product’s warranty. By early March, Whit’s buddy Justin Shaw (left) was lifting another brand new Cummin’s diesel engine over the rail with his logging truck’s boom.




     What fun we had!
As the 2nd new engine in two years worked her way into the hole, our chief mechanical engineer Bobby Helinski, Whit and I became true and fast friends.
Bobby was a gifted teacher who taught us, and the good folks @ Cummins a few advanced lessons of diesel mechanical theory, and quality marine power installation.


 By early May the new engine installation was complete. “ India” and her hardy crew were headed offshore into the roughest spring weather we’ve ever faced. In fact, we had to reschedule our first two “Fair Weather Fisherman offshore trips ”. On our third attempt we were chased “27 miles” back to the dock, very hard pressed with ten foot seas driving into our stern, and lightning and thunder crashing all around us.

Suddenly in late May fair weather and excellent fishing arrived simultaneously and all hell broke loose on the fishing front. Huge schools of herring arrived on the offshore grounds, with close to a thousand finback and humpback whales in hot pursuit. It was an amazing sight to see. In short order we landed over twenty- three State of Maine trophy haddock. Anthony Cominoli (MA) landed the largest haddock ever caught aboard “Indi” a 9.5 pounder. On our May 31s t offshore trip, Derek Peters (ME), single handedly landed twenty- four keeper haddock another boat record. Large cod showed up as well, John Flaherty (NH) landed our 1st trophy cod of the season, a 32 pounder and a week later “that old veteran of the sea” Les Paul (ME) landed the largest trophy cod of the season and the largest cod ever landed on India,   a 58 pound, 51.5 inch beauty. 
It was my proudest moment as a captain.


               Two of Maine's most renowned recreational fishermen. 
Les Paul & Emile Gallant..enjoying a little comradery on the ride offshore!

 Memorial Day weekend we cracked yet another boat record, when Ray Washburn (VT) screamed, “I got a big one”. Two hours later our experienced crew, Captain Whit, Gil Ranta, Ray, George Moulton, Dennis Cassidy, Doug Manning and Bruce Fortier hauled our largest fish ever over the rail. A spectacular and pretty mad, 7 foot 8 inch… . 297-pound Porbeagle shark joined the group on the aft deck. It just doesn’t get any more exciting, orders were shouted, gaffs were flying, and extreme amounts of adrenaline were flowing as we’ all landed the “first fish that was truly larger than any of us”.


 On June 10th, the queen of our fleet was launched for “her 62nd season”. My oldest son Captain Whit was again the primary captain of the Gath III.
I’m always amazed to see just how many of our very first guests return every year for a day aboard “Aggie”.  Our 1st mate for the last five years, “honest Joe Godin” received his masters degree last winter and moved on to become a full time Phy. Ed teacher. Joe still helped Whit prepare the Gath III with the nicest paint job she had in many years. His leaving prompted my little brother Bud to return to mating after a thirty-five year hiatus. Bud was the first mate I ever had.  As teenagers, we lobstered together and  began taking guests fishing for fun on our very first lobster boat   The’ll with it”


    Uncle Bud
and one of our "most avid young anglers" Eric Sprage (MA), pose with Eric's largest ever 35.75 inch striper shortly before it's release!



  I believe most of you enjoyed or at least indulged Uncle Bud’s “Fishing 101 class” on your ride to the fishing grounds. I know Captain Whit was relieved to have a mate of his stature aboard. Not to mention the little lunches Bud prepared for him every day. By the time the kids got out of school, the weather and the inshore fishing was the best it been in at least 10 years. Captain Whit, Bud, and the Bobinator’s guests landed more slot size “keeper” stripers than in any previous season.  The striper fishing was very consistent with most of our returning families landing fish after fish almost every day throughout the summer. Perhaps, Captain Whit is really becoming the best striper fisherman on the coast; I know he spends a lot of time exploring secret hidden coves and crags where no one else dares go. His records show that it’s not uncommon for 25 stripers to be caught by his guests on their four- hour inshore trips. Perhaps, it’s Uncle Bud’s “Fishing 101 class” but only you, our special returning guests know for sure!
   Anyway, I know the highlight of their season was winning the coveted Gath Combs Cup for the 2nd year in a row. This silver trophy cup is awarded to the charter boat that catches the largest striper of the season. This year’s honor went to Jon Spakling (PA).  Jon’s Maine State trophy striper our largest of the season was 42 inches, 32 pounds.  Captain Whit also personally landed the largest striper of his life a 39.5-inch, 32-pound beauty. Congratulations to the Gath III and her fine crew!


  Over the last ten seasons, we’ve essentially established two very different fishing experiences for our guests. Our family inshore fishery for stripers, blues and mackerel is loved by so many of you. And as the kids and/or your adventurous nature grew, we’ve also introduced world-class offshore fishing aboard the “India Marie”. For those in the know, Gath has been the inshore boat to fish on for more than a generation. Over the last few years “Indi” has established herself as one of Maine’s most exciting and fishy offshore charter boats. Last season, Captain Whit, Keith, Den, Derek and I made over seventy, 10 hr trips to the offshore grounds. This is a huge accomplishment for our little company. It required years of training for the crew, a specific knowledge of the marine environment, and a large financial investment in both the vessel and her special equipment. We’re proud of our accomplishment and of the people who got us here. I’m very pleased that so many of our original families were able to enjoy the thrill of reaching offshore aboard “Indi” with us.

  During the busy summer season, it’s impossible for me to answer all your important calls. With a little friendly persuasion, Erin Allen the only person I have ever trusted with my phone and reservation book agreed to become my personal representative with you. What a relief! She’s honest, sincere and cares about our guests as much as I do. She does such an excellent job under a great deal of pressure; coordinating your special day with us. I thank her and you for trusting her to get it right!

  I would like to reflect upon a few special moments of the 2006 season: A happy and proud Bobby Helinski on the deck with all his knowledge and a full bucket of bolts. Uncle Bud putting on his oilskins for the first time in too many years. Jerry, Scott and Guy Riddick (CT) blowing up their queen size air mattress on the overnight trip. Les, Linda, Keith and I trying to figure out what the heck Les had caught now, a “Wrymouth” the very first!   My surprise 56th   Bilbo Baggins” birthday party bash at the campsite complete with a surprise visit by Captain Kangaroo. The long ride home from Nubble Light in the dark with “Aggie” securely in tow. Brian, Lillian, Mike and Katelyn warming up in India’s heated cabin and Captain Whit behind steering as Keith stood on his head to successfully removed Gath’s worn out starter. A grown up Jay Quarry (PA) climbing aboard Gath, and remembering back to his
1st trip @ Age five. Shirley Judge (CT) trimming Jack and everyone else with her largest ever 34 pound cod.  Ron and Bev (MI) on their best behavior as the USCG boarding party climbed aboard “Indi” from their homeland security launch. The Hehir’s family triumphant comeback. Go Juice! Some special laughs with Al Timm, and Al Turner.  Sweet success, as we finally out-fished Whit at least once inshore with Mara’s largest ever eleven pound striper. Taking a nice “long shower” with Stacy and the Herrick family. Taking little Georgie and little Whit to experience their 1st thrilling offshore trips. John, Todd, Seth and crew with Four Score of 15-20 pound pollock and no boxes left to put them in. Chris, Terry, Charlie, Ron, Steve and Tim in the same predicament the next day. A very busy Keith sharpening his fillet knife! A very patient Ron Legault waiting months for “fair weather”. A very content “Bacardi Dick” just soaking up the sun. A very lucky Matt successfully diving under the dock to retrieve Gary’s car keys . A smiling Corky posing with his new choppers and his “feisty little Mako Shark”. Howard giving Norm a run for his money, isn’t he getting tired yet!! Watching “81 year old ” Dave Zido (NY) strap in to haul our largest ever 500 plus pound, 11 foot Blue shark up to the rail. Alec and Grampy Dick with their trophy wolfish. Bear’s questionable use of his fly pole to catch all the fish landed on the evening trip. One of our very best fishermen, Johnny Mier paying a little more attention to Kendra than to fishing. And my unexpected Christmas shopping spree to Tiffany’s with my man Orville. As always there are just too many great people and good memories to mention in this letter. I cherish them all and can’t thank you enough for being a part of them. If you haven’t found the time to fish with the boys in a few years, please come this season. We’d be thrilled to see you and show off all the work we’ve accomplished on the boats.



                     *Reservations for the 2007 season begin on
Saturday March 3rd @ 8am sharp!


  2007 Season Plans…
     Offshore …The "India Marie" will begin this seasons "spring cod fishing trips" on Friday May 4th. Our popular 10-hour Charters are recommended for most offshore trips aboard the "India Marie”. "India" is a very safe and stable vessel, nicely equipped to travel up to 25 miles offshore. We strive to catch large ground fish; cod, haddock, pollock, wolfish, cusk and hake. We also enjoy and are federally licensed and properly equipped to target various species of shark, and Blue fin tuna upon request.  Six persons maximum.

    Our "Fair Weather Fishermen’s Club
" offers a way individual anglers can experience offshore fishing without chartering the whole boat. These 10 hr Open boat trips are
held every Friday. Last season we offered at least two open boat trips every week. Offshore availability is also posted on Captain Satch’s log...web page weekly!

     We also an offer 12-hour offshore marathon charters
for groups who prefer to leave the dock at 5:30 am. This season there are only two limited “Invitational Fisherman’s Club Marathons”  they are scheduled for Friday June 8th and Friday Oct. 5th.    *
These two marathons require a full 100% deposit @ booking…Sign up early!


Inshore. ..The classic “Gath III" will begin her season on Memorial Day weekend, Friday May 25th. Our popular inshore four and six hour trips are scheduled every day throughout the summer. We target stripers, mackerel, and bluefish on light line as they migrate along the Maine coast. Most of the action is within 1 mile of our spectacular scenic shoreline. You are allowed to book fares for these trips on an individual basis. This can add to the fun if you don't mind fishing with another group of two to four individuals. We'll also continue to offer our 2 hr family discovery trip for young anglers and new families. All 2-hour Family discovery trips are by charter only.  Our 7th annual "spring overnight trip" aboard the “India Marie” will depart Friday, June 15th at Noon and return Saturday, June 16th at 3 PM.   We will target trophy stripers till 9 PM, followed by offshore cod fishing at the break of dawn. This is the only overnight trip of the season and is limited to six persons.  The cost of the overnight is $175 per person and a full deposit is required @ the time of booking.


Launch day 2006....McCarey,Captain Whit, Liz, Scottie, Glor, Carol and Bob Helinski


  I update my " Captain Satch's log page" at least every week. It's a lot of work and a lot of fun. You can watch the progress we make on our boat projects and peruse through your pictures from the 2006 season. The site also has specific and official details on * updated rules, season rates and reservations policies and a guest log where you can post a note about your trip with us.

       Please bookmark our website ""


                Jeanette DeBlois (NJ) holds up her own bluefish as Whits 1st Mate" the Bobinator" takes evasive action to avoid it's sharp teeth!


                     Each year the Maine Dept. of Marine resources sponsors an association of saltwater anglers who have landed the big one!
    Our guests landed Sixty-Three of these State Trophy fish in 2006,
the most we've ever landed in a single season. This is real special achievement for these accomplished anglers, and for our crew. In addition twelve lucky guests landed Northeast Regional tagged codfish. “Mackerel” Bob Engvold (NY) landed a blue tag special on our overnight trip; it came with a $100 reward. Congratulations and thanks to our class of 2006 trophy winners!

                                                                             Jon Spakling (PA) and his happy family!


Striped Bass trophies
  Jon Spakling (PA) 42 inches 32 #s, Whit McMahon (ME) 39.5 inches 32 #s.

Cod Trophies
*Les Paul (ME) 58 #s, Jesse Llyod (NY) 42 #s, Nick Wilson (VT) 41#s, Dan Mahoney (VT) 40#s, Shirley Judge (CT) 34#s, John  Flaherty Jr. (MA) 33.5 #s, John Flaherty Sr. (NH) 32 #s, Tex Turner (NY) 32#s, Charlie Ondrick (NC) 26.5#s, Scott Riddick (CT) 25.25 #s, and Rich Bregenzer (NJ) 25 #s

Hake TrophiesChuck Porter (ME) 32 pounds. Tex Turner (NY) 27 pounds. and Flyod Raymond (NH) 25.25 pounds

Wolfish Trophies
Alec Lavigne (NY) “Age 11” 20 pounds, Flyod Raymond (NH) 20 pounds, Gary Lingley (NH) 16.5 pounds, and Satch McMahon (ME) 15 pounds.

Cusk Trophies
.  Keith McAvoy (ME) 16 #s, Chuck Porter (ME) 15 #s, Brian Fogarty (NH) 13.5 #s, George Moulton (VT) 13 #’s, Terry Lamb (NY) 13.5 and 12.5 #s, Kevin Castler (NY) 12.5 #’s, and Larry Vladyke (VT) 12.25 #’s.

Haddock Trophies
...*Tony Cominoli 9.5 #s, * Tom Antonioli 9.5 # s, Karl Kushi 9 #’s, Larry Vladyke 8.25 #s, Linda Paul 8 and 7.5 #’s, Tim Welsh 8#’s, Chris Latromboise 8 #’s, Satch McMahon 7.75 and 7.25 #’s, Emile Gallant 7.5 #’s, Rusty Smith 7.5 #’s, Jon Lutzen 7.5 #’s, Russ Amoit 7.25 #’s, Bruce Smith 7.25 #’s, Keith McAvoy 7.25 #’s, Andy Raisanen 7.25 #’s, Tara Lamb 7.25 #’s, Terry Murray 7.25 #’s, Dick Basil 7.25#’s, Les Paul 7.25 and 7 #’s, Ray Wiggins 7 #’s, and Corky Lamb 7 #’s.

Pollock Trophies
…. Craig “Juice” Martin (MA) 26 pounds, and Gwen Carpenter (NY) 25 pounds.

Monkfish Trophies
..  Jesse Clark (VT) 25 pounds      Wrymouth First and only!. * Les Paul (ME) 8#, 32 inch.

Redfish Trophies
.. Chuck Porter (ME) 2.5 #s, Bernie Gage (VT) 2.25 #s, Dennis Cassidy (VT) 2.25 #s ,Les Paul (ME) 2#’s and Mike O’Conner          ( MA)

Porbeagle Shark
*Ray Washburn (VT)  297 pounds.  


Designates the largest fish of that species, ever landed aboard the Gath III or the India Marie.


    I’m sad to report that two of the kindest and most intelligent friends I’ve ever had, passed on this fall. My cousin the Honorable Craig McMahon, an avid outdoorsman who was loved by the native people in Alaska where he served as a Judge for over 30 years, and my family’s close friend Bob Helinski, who many of you know as our chief mechanical engineer. They will be highly spoken of on our trips next year, to bring them the honor and respect they deserve. Again this season we have so many people to thank. Frank J. Davis is always there to keep me motivated all winter. The honest, experienced crew at Cummins Northeast. Les Paul who did the best job ever rebuilding our Penn reels. Trudy Dixon has been there since our first year, making our newsletters and brochures with a little extra care. Chick, Joe Bean, Cousin John, Linda, Paul and Mary Ann, Chuck, Jeannette, Wilfred, Todd, Seth, and Mom. And thank God for my lovely and caring wife Gloria. She’s always there to meet the boats, answer your questions, and make something of our three grandkids. And finally, I want to sincerely thank the fine gentlemen and ladies that think enough of us to come back year after year. We genuinely enjoy welcoming you aboard the boats each day and were truly honored you return to fish with us.


                                                                                                                                                    Keep your dreams alive!  

Captain Satch


                                                           A familiar sight, Linda Paul skinning fillets on the ride in "India Marie 2005"




  I managed to get a picture of our " 2005 Annual Gath Coombs Striper cup"  winner Ron Carara (ME).This beautiful "silver trophy cup" is Maine's striper fishing version of hockey's Stanley Cup. It's named in honor of Mrs. Agatha Coombs,Capt Bobby Coombs wife the 1st Captain and 1st owner of the Gath III. It is presented annually to the captain whose guest lands the largest striper of the season.That captain gets to hold and display the cup until the next seasons winner is announced at next years Christmas party. (Pictured below is Capt Whit presenting the cup to Ron just after a fresh snowfall. Ron's trophy striper was 44.5 "long and its live weigh was 34.5 pounds.                             

                                                           Previous Gath Coombs Cup winners!

                                                 "2000" Peter Hollis (CT) 40.25 inch, 30 pounds with / Captain Satch
                                                 "2001" Chuck Hlib (PA) 43 inch, 33 pounds with /Captain Satch
                                                 "2002" Isabelle Girard (QUE) 43.75inch, 32 pounds w/Captain Whit
"2003" Ray Washburn (VT) 44.75 inch, 33.5 pounds w/ Captain Satch
"2004" Adam Littell (ME) 44 inch, 33 pounds FV/Lady J w/Captian Adam
"2005" Ron Catara (ME) 44.5 inch, 34.5 pounds w/ Captain Whit

                                                             "2006" Jon Spakling (PA) 42 inch, 32 pounder w/Captain Whit

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