Policies & Rules

A few rules...

Please arrive at the dock approximately 1/2 hour before your scheduled departure.

Rule #1: There is absolutely no hard liquor or drugs allowed! Have Fun and always respect your fellow crew members!...

Rule #2: All trips require a deposit! A 50 % deposit is required within ten days of booking to hold your reservations. If a reservation is made within a day or two of departure you must either bring a cash deposit to my truck at the harbor the night before or we can charge your deposit to your credit card as a service to you.

Last minute reservations! We now accept visa and master charge for last minute reservations only!

Rule #3: You must pay for the number of people that you've reserved for: if you show up with a person less than you held the boat for, you still have to pay for the spots you reserved before the boat leaves the dock!

Rule #4: If the captain is forced to cancel a trip because of bad weather before the boat leaves the harbor your trip will be rescheduled or your deposit will be refunded 100%.  If at the captain?s discretion the boat has to return to port from a fishing trip because of rough seas, refunds will be issued on a pro-rated basis, less the fuel costs for the distance traveled!

Rule #5:Again I wish to stress that Drinking on the "Gath IV and the India Marie" is seriously discouraged!

*There is a 3 beer maximum at the discretion of the Captain. You may bring and enjoy a few beers. But if anyone becomes intoxicated the trip will be canceled by the Captain with no refund. We take guests fishing for fun, and enjoyment. Although we are not tea totalers, I would much prefer to concentrate on "Catchin" a trophy bass or cod than on the problems that serious drinking can cause on board our vessels...


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