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 More guest letters in opposition to Maine's recreational Saltwater license bill  # LD 1811 !

  I want to personaly thank every individual who has taken the time to write an e- mail. I really appreciate your exta effort "against strong odds", in helping to keep our saltwater fishery accessable to the next generation of children.Capt Whit and I won't forget all of you who personally took the time to write.

  I will be pleased to add your comments to the list in date order I received them e-mail:     satchmcmahon@yahoo.com.

                                                    To read the bill in it's entirety click here

Master Sargent Dwight Maling USAF.... I am keeping this letter on the top of the list out of respect for Sargent Malings active duty service oversees until he gets home.

I am fighting for our freedoms daily and being able to fish in Maine without a license just happens to be on this list also".

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

Maine Rep's,

I wholeheartedly hope that you reconsider your push for any kind of saltwater
fishing license implementation. 

Growing up in the wonderful state of Maine I spent uncountable days fishing
from the shore, jetties and in the marshes.  As a child, it was an adventure
to ride my bicycle town to the town dock, jetty or beach and try my luck with
a line and a pole.  Today as a grown man, it is still an adventure to drive my
truck down to the same places and get away from the everyday stresses of our
fast paced world. 

I now live in Florida due to serving in the military and am currently deployed
to Iraq to protect the freedoms we all have come to know, love and expect by
living in this great country.  I am fighting for our freedoms daily and being
able to fish in Maine without a license just happens to be on this list also.

I look forward to the limited number of days that I can come back "home" to
Maine and fish with my friends.  Having to buy a license is going to
discourage me from doing that.  Just think of the children that this will
affect.  I remember going to the tackle stores when I was young and on a very
limited budget. I would try and stretch that budget as far as it would go to
fill my tackle box.  Now children will have to cut their limited budget from
the get-go, just to get their license.  This bill is definitely going to
discourage not only the children of Maine, but all children and families that
visit Maine.

I truly see the effects that this will cause with lost revenue in sporting
good stores, restaurants, accommodations, fishing charters, gas stations, food
stores, shall I keep going...

Looking at this bill from a cost/benefit side.  I see that the cost, by far,
outweighs the benefits.  The Representatives do just that, represent the
people.  I hope that you hear how loud all the people are who are opposed to
this bill and make the right decisions.

I am proud to say that I grew up in the Great State of Maine and am a true
believer in the motto "Maine, the way life should be".  Now let’s keep it that

Master Sergeant N. Dwight Maling, USAF
Navarre, FL
(Currently deployed in Iraq)

Mr. Myron P. Waite, Another super family that supports with us every summer!

05/13/07 Mother’s Day


An Act to Create a Saltwater Recreational Fishing License, Maine Legislative bill........... LD 1811.




The sea is like the air we breathe and is there for all without FEE’S . . .


I was in Maine today from Massachusetts for my wife and mother of my children to enjoy dinner at Lord’s in Wells.


I was concerned when I did not see the Gath III in Wells Harbor . Upon returning home I went to Captain Satch’s web site to see if all was OK. What I found was the legislative process working once again to create fees and take money for a resource that belongs to all!


I have been vacationing in Maine for the past 10 years and visit several times a year. My family and friends fish from the beach (catch and release) and from Captains Satch’s fleet. I have always been impressed by open public access to the beaches but discouraged by your sales tax . . .


I spend $10,000 to $12,000 a year in Maine and if this Act to Create a Saltwater Recreational Fishing License is approved I will go back to vacationing in New Hampshire and fishing in Massachusetts . . .


I am sure you all have seen the price of fuel that we all have to contend with getting to Maine . . . This burden will also impact the Maine recreational fishing fleet and be passed on as well.


Myron P Waite

Mr.Bob O, A good friend and one of our first guests aboard Gath..

To Maine Legislators!
I, and my family, come to Maine several times a year for fishing, especially for striped bass. While we are only a few, multiply us by thousands and you will find a great impact on the Maine economy, i.e. hotels, motels, restaurants, fishing equipment and supplies, etc. etc. While I fully support the licensing of fresh water fishing (I am aware of the cost maintaining that fishery and enforcing the laws.)  I am totally opposed to licensing salt water fishing. Florida is the only state requiring a salt water license, but they have a unique situation in Florida. In Maine, when fishing for striped bass, I am only allowed to keep one fish in the 20"-26" range. That is enough restriction. The bass are not put there by Maine, but by God. They come from Maryland, Delaware, etc. into Maine waters at no cost to Maine. It appears to me that Maine legislators are like many other politicians and are only interested in grabbing money from where-ever they can regardless of who it hurts. Get enough tourists (and even Maine residents) to say stuff your license and a lot of Maine individuals and businesses will be hurt. Your estimated income from this source will be offset by the loss of tax revenue. Can't see the forest for the trees syndrome.
Robert Ofenloch
Andover, New Hampshire  

Mr.Rod Wood Pa,
An old fishing friend of twenty years...

Ladies and Gentlemen:
I am an out-of-stater, but I am also a big spender when it comes to vacationing in Maine and fishing aboard the Bunny Clark and the Gath III, and I am writing to urge the Maine legislature to not require a fishing license for saltwater fishing.
I am also a freshwater fisherman who cheerfully buys Maine out-of-state fishing licenses to fish on East Grand Lake, so I'm not among those who don't appreciate what a privilege it is to fish in Maine's many lakes and streams.
When it comes to saltwater fishing, however, I think fishing licenses would be just one more reason why tourists like me might choose to fish and vacation somewhere else -- like the Jersey shore.  Also, charging headboats like the Bunny Clark and the Gath III fishing license fees for their customers would drive their costs up farther just when they are squeezed hard by high diesel fuel prices.  How much more can Tim and Satch charge their customers without pricing themselves out of their market?  Or, if Tim and Satch don't have to pay the fee, what do they do?  Sell fishing licenses on the tailgates of their trucks?  
It is not like Maine does not benefit greatly from tourists like me.  I spend a lot on food and accommodations in Ogunquit, and the sales taxes on all that are a lot more than a saltwater fishing license.  Other saltwater fishermen are the tourists who spend a week or two in Maine and might bring some rods and reels along to cast into the surf or the river.  Do you really want to make a dad and his kids have to pay for a fishing license?  Do fishermen like that have any impact at all on the coastal fishery? 
Again, I urge you to defeat the bill that would impose a fee on saltwater fishing. 
Very truly yours,
Rod Wood

Captain Rodney Chapman, Maine Sportfishing enthusiant..

To whom it may concern
I would like to express my opposition to the saltwater license bill. I think that allot of folks feel that this bill will only effect the tourist. If you look at the charter business most of the spring and fall anglers are Mainers and  I feel this might cause allot of them to decide not to go.  I know I would think twice if i only go one maybe two times a year. 
I believe that its is bad for business and our summer time economy. 
Thank you for your time
Rodney Chapman

Sue and Mike Mondoux NY, Our first guests of the 2007 season.

Honorable Ladies & Gentlemen
    My wife and I recently enjoyed a vacation in Wells . We both love to fish and joined Captain Satch McMahon for a wonderful offshore fishing tour. We were thoroughly disappointed when he told us that Maine in considering a law requiring a license for salt water fishing. I would hope that you reconsider the issue and what it might do to your recreational fishing industry. I would defiantly think twice about taking a fishing tour if I had to purchase licensees for my family on top of the charge for the tour. I would probably consider vacationing somewhere else on the east coast that did not require a license. Thank you for your time.
Mike Mondoux

Captain Larry Berberich, Hook and Gun Guide service..

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am writing to strongly encourage each of you to defeat LD1811.  I feel it will be bad for the fishing community in Maine.  As a Master Maine Guide and the owner of a small guiding business, I feel we are taxed and fee'd and licensed way too much already.  Our state must learn to adjust government spending, we cannot continue to just work the supply side and charge more and more money from people.  We are the highest taxed people, per capita, in this nation.  (Those old jokes about 'taxechussets' no longer apply.)  I'm approaching retirement age and I'm an average aged Mainer - we have the oldest age population on average.  Most of the young people have to leave to make a decent living and it is not because they don't like Maine, it's because of the cost of living, high taxes and low wages.  The one good deal we have always had was to fish in salt water for 'free'.  Please do not take that away.  If the Federal government wants the states to work up a saltwater registry of some kind, let's find a way other than another license to comply. 
Thanks for your consideration.
Larry Berberich
Hook & Gun Guide Service

Sandra and Jim Olmstead Western Ma.,One of our very first friends and guests..

Captain Satch, 

Please send this letter to the Maine
Legislators...encouraging them to vote NO to the
recreational saltwater fishing license.
Visiting Maine and fishing go hand in hand for my
family and friends for many years .
Buying a license to fish off the pier is not only
discouraging fishing but also visiting Maine.
I believe many other Maine visitors from our area have
the same feelings as we do.
I urge you to vote NO .
From a long time Maine vacationer and Fisherman from
the Berkshires.

Sandra and Jim Olmstead

Captain Wayne Tanguay, Karen Ann Charters

Senators and representatives:   
My name is Capt. Wayne Tanguay of Karen Ann Charters out of Spring Point Marina, South Portland, Maine. I have read purposed Salt Water License bill number LD-1811 and I am opposed to the implementation of a salt water license at this time. I do understand that a salt water license will be implemented for the State of Maine because of Federal mandates. That time should be in the future. With the price of fuel and the overehead costs of running my boat, I can barely break even each season. Let's face it, the tourists come to Maine to spend their "out-of-state" dollars and they expect to get value for their dollar. Implementation of the purposed Salt Water License fee would mean that we would have to go up on our prices. That would deter tourists from chartering.If the goal is to bring tourism money into the State, passage of this bill is only going to hurt the tourism business as far as the charter fishing industry goes. I ask you all to consider the "Mainers" who are trying to make a living in the charter fishing industry. I have been in Maine since the early 1970's and had fishing vessels since 1988. I ask all of you to consider the plight of the charter fishermen and vote DOWN this bill.
I understand that all of you are busy, but I would like a reply to this e-mail stating your views regarding LD-1811.   
Wayne Tanguay

KC Family..Another typical family that enjoys a day fishing on their vacation.

I've only just discovered what its like to vacation in Maine over the 
last 5 or so years. In addition to just relaxing on the beaches or
doing some shopping, one of the things we enjoy most is the offshore and
deepsea fishing. We are your typical casual fisherman. Since we rarely
catch any keepers, whether off the piers or when we charter a boat with
Capt. Satch, why would we want to pay more just for the priviledge?
Instead, we'll hang on the beach another day. This bill, if passed, will
have a serious negative impact on the fishing business in Maine. And
probably more important, it will have a negative impact on the overall
tourism dollars that states like ME are so dependant on. Dollars that
are spent in restaurants, shops, Kittery, toll booths, fish and tackle
shops even gas stations and liquor stores.

Have you really done the math on this one. Will the license help your
revenues that much? How about the business that are so dependant on
the fishing business? Be sure you calculate the losses before you start
counting the money.

Good luck!


Mr.Carl Emmanuel,Best friend and old college roommate.

Dear Legislators,

I am a middle-aged man, born and raised in the Bronx,
NY. I have been coming to Maine as a camper,fisherman,
and hunter since I was a college student. My very best
friend Dennis McMahon (better known as Captain Satch)
was my room mate in college. He taught me everything I
know about living in a rural environment, respect for
nature and a love of the ocean. Fishing to me is the
life blood of Maine. It has been a tradition since
colonial times to afford Maine's citizens free and
unfetterd access to its waters. For many of its poor
the sea was and continues to be a major source of
sustenance. To tax a persons right to fish in saltwater
is an outrage. To tell a father that he and his son
must pay $30 to $40 a year to fish off a pier or a
dock is a sacrilege.
The middle class city people who vacation here and
add untold millions to the states economy will choose
Massachusetts or Rhode Island to spend their tourist
dollars rather than pay the $30 per person,just to put
a pole in the water. The 5 or 6 million dollars that
may be raised by this outrageous tax will be dwarfed
by the 10's of millions lost when tourists choose to
spend their money elsewhere. To put it bluntly,this
proposed tax is a DUMB idea!
Carl Emmanuel

Mr.Ron Raisanen,Another great Michigan guest and outdoorsman outraged by LD 1811..

Dear Maine Legislators.
I've read what I can about Maine's Proposed Salt Water Fishing Fees with a great deal of interest. Many have expressed their displeasure with the fee and I  wonder how it will affect me and the future of salt water fishing in Maine, but more importantly for the Atlantic Sea Coast.
I've been deep sea fishing in Maine since I became hooked on the sport while taking a half day party boat trip for Cod 14 years ago. I wonder if I would have made that first trip if the fees were higher back than.
I've been supporting hunting and fishing in Michigan for over 40 years and continue to be disillusioned  by the fact that Michigan's outdoor recreation continues to decline in quality,  quantity and in the numbers of people who participate because hunting and fishing fees cannot support the many facets of recreation by itself. It's a big job to manage all the recreational opportunities this great country has to offer and without the financial support of all the people, not just the hunters and fisherman, opportunities will be lost.
Ensuring that our young people continue to become involved in outdoor recreation is vital to the future of hunting and fishing in this country. Every year fewer young people get involved in the great outdoors. I'm sure I don't have to tell you how many dollars will not be spent for each person who never gets involved in the great outdoors. Is a fee on young people going to do anything to change that, I don't think so.
The Atlantic Sea Coast states should band together with the support of all the people to protect, enhance and ensure to future of saltwater fishing.

 Mr.Frank Hughes,Boston Ma.... Another great father and son fishing team..

Dear Senators and Representatives,

My name is Frank Hughes. I am a resident of
Massachusetts, but a frequent visitor to the state of
Maine. My Sister Christine Burke and her husband Dr.
Jack Burke, however are residents of Maine. They
reside in Vassalboro Maine. My sister Christine Burke
is also a former legislator herself and currently does
some lobbying work with some of your members. I give
you this background so you realize that I have some
awareness of your budgetary concerns and some of your
reasoning as to why you want to start imposing
saltwater fishing licenses.
Having said that however I would respectfully request
that you reject Bill LD1811. For the past 7 years
myself and most recently my son have been fishing with
Captain Satch McMahon out of Wells Harbor Maine. We
fish with Captain Satch for many reasons, most
importantly his sense of a family atmosphere that
surrounds the whole experience. Captain Satch is able
to do this because he runs the business along with his
sons. While we have had our disappointments with the
number of fish we caught, we have never had a
disappointment with the experience. I am not a rich
man nor is my son. We save most of the year to enjoy
this experience together as a family, a thing which,
as he gets older, is more valuable to me than any
money I could ever make. By adding a license fee to
the amount of money it cost to take a trip fishing it
may not deter me from continuing to enjoy the coast of
Maine, but it may be the deciding factor for others.
People who look to experience saltwater fishing will
look at a number of other locations and decide
strictly upon cost as to where they will go. These are
people from other states, just as myself, who come to
Maine not just to fish one day and leave, but who come
and stay in your hotels the night before, eat in your
restaurants either before or after their trip and
people who after having such a positive experience
fishing and traveling in your welcoming state will
come back to visit for other reasons. All of the
industries that support saltwater fishing in Maine
will suffer from this measure. Also consider the fact
that Captains such as Captain Satch that give people
this life experience may have to consider absorbing
these cost themselves as a part of doing business. In
an industry such as theirs I know there is not much of
a profit margin built in to their business. This will
inevitably mean that some of their bu sinesses will
fail, this would be a tragedy, not only to the
businesses themselves but to their families.
In closing I ask you to please reconsider this bill.
It is clear to me that this fee could be a
short-termed fix to a small budgetary problem, but end
up becoming a long term loss for the Great State of

Respectfully Submitted,
Frank Hughes

Boston Police Department
District 14, Community Service Office
301 Washington Street

Scott Charlton..Another family man teaching his kids the joy of the ocean !

I would like to join in the opposition to the
concept of a saltwater fishing license in this

My family struggles every day to make ends meet,
and we don't. Not even close. The cost of
living in this state is almost as high as
Massachusetts and the income is about 2/3rds and
yet the Maine legislature feels that we need to
be taxed at the highest in the nation.

But at least we have the most magnificiant coast
in the world. Where we can go and for a few
hours forget that we don't know if we can afford
to send our kids to college. That we can forget
that the next phone call may be a bill collector.
That we can get absorbed into the incredible
world that is fishing. That we can raise our
sons and daughters on the mystique that is the
Maine coast. That we can teach them that time
with one anther is all that is important. That
we can, for a few hours a week, have something
that is closest thing to heaven that many of us

And you want us to pay tax on it. Never mind the
INCREDIBLE injust on this tax. What, will you
somehow stock the ocean with Striped Bass? HA!
All of the money will go to administrate it, and
it will still cost the tax payers money! You
just don't get it, and you never will.

Please come to you senses. Please don't take
this time away from me and my kids. If I have to
pay license to fish the ocean, I will grimace
every time I go out. And it will take something
very special away from it.

-Scott Charlton

"Hurricane Mike" McCay !

      I moved here 7 years ago from ny to get away from the constant nickel/dime picking from the legislature...slowly maine is looking more like ny (how did that feel) with the pickpocket approach to its residents....it seems that my wallet is getting larger, not from american dollar bills but from various licenses and permits needed to pass "go" in maine....it seems everything i try to do (when I am not working both jobs) has a added price tag on it. everything i own with wheels and a motor has a official sticker on it allowing me to go about my life free in maine....except of course my lawnmower, or is that idea presently in a secret committe....this license is a slap in the face to a group of people who work hard and want to enjoy a day off....as the tide goes out alot of things go with it, that goes for the november election tide as well....    NO TO SALTWATER FISHING LICENSE
                                                           mike mckay       casco maine
                                                           i work, i fish and i VOTE

"Good ole"  Tom Gastino, NY

I have fished in the state of Maine many times in the last 20 years and have enjoyed the times had with many of the Fishing captains.    I fished with Timmy Tower when he first started with the Bunny Clark.
My experience has been great with the entire state of Maine and its people.  I urge you to vote against the  salt water licensing bill.   With the cost of fuel these days, everything has increased in cost, and a simple item as being able to dangle a line in hopes of catching a meal does not need an additional cost.   I am sure that many have curtailed there fishing trips because of additional cost associated with fishing these days, and I am sure that in the long run Maine will be the loser of even more tourism if this is passed.   I again urge you to vote AGAINST a salt water license.....
Thomas R. Gastio
14 Friendly Way
Stormville, NY  12582

Bruce Fortier; Avid shark slayer.

To Whom It May Concern:
I'm writing this email in protest over the pending the LD1811 bill. I have been enjoying fishing and vacationing in Maine for years. I feel that this bill would add an unwanted and unneeded expense which would be a deterrent for vacationers to travel to Maine. Please vote no on LD1811.
Bruce Fortier
Vacationer/fisherman from Vermont

Ron Koshorek "MI", Devoted  Atlantic and Pacific Coast Angler !

Dear Maine Legislators;   
I am writing in opposition to the proposed Saltwater recreational fishing license Bill under consideration. I vigorously support efforts to enhance our Nation's coastal resources and educate people about the importance and fragility of our fisheries. However it is unfair to separate (and tax) narrowly defined users of any public resource. I doubt that your state, for instance, requires an annual license for school age children to be educated. I understand the salability of a "user pay" type tax (especially if many users are not voters) but every separate tax requires SOME level of supporting bureaucracy diluting the tax proceeds.
I don't know if your tax will affect participation in Maine recreational fishing, and hey, if you come to Michigan we'll whack you with our own fishing fees. But our great state has "fee'd" our entire Natural Resources budget down to one percent of it's general fund. Fees will not produce the effect you desire. Please consider alternatives to this system. Put a bond issue on the Ballot earmarked for your land acquisition needs. Increase support for your Universities to do more research and public education using general fund dollars. Create (or increase) a room tax on your visitors. And above all, put pressure on The Feds to pony up some help. After all, many fish species off your coast come and go across state lines and international waters.
I wish you luck. We're all in this together.
Ron Koshorek
Marquette Michigan

Mark Sprague: A super father and son fishing team......

Dear Sirs:

This letter is a little odd for me to be writing.  Up until 2 years ago, I had never been salt water fishing, and it had been about 30 years since I had done any fishing at all.  However, my 8 year old son had started fishing at camp, and on his Grandfather's lake in MA.  For his 9th birthday, we gave him a Striper trip, and he was hooked.  He spent a large portion of the summer on the Wells Jetty drowning clams in search of more fish.  Last summer when he pulled in a 36" Striper, he wasn't upset or sad that he need to let it go after getting a good picture.  He fully understands the conservation reasons, and other than telling the fish he'd be back next year to get it when it grew up, he's never had any regrets.  We've also had many good talks sitting on the jetty waiting for a bite.

With that as the context, lets think about the proposed Saltwater license bill.  First, my wallet isn't bottomless, and adding the requirement to buy licenses for myself and kids may cause me to stop our beach and jetty fishing.  This will ripple through to the local bait shops where we buy the clams to drown, and the other equipment that we use.  Judging by other conversations at the bait shops, many of the other customers are also casual fishermen, many of who are on vacation there for the week, and the additional costs of licenses would discourage them from fishing at all.  This will have a severe impact on the business at these stores.  There are other businesses that will be similarly affected.  Further, from our cottage in Wells, it would be easy to drive down to NH or MA to fish, and avoid the license requirements.  So, the net effect of the salt water licenses will just be to negatively impact local businesses.

Secondly, the proposed uses for the license fees have little to do specifically with saltwater fishing.  Enforcement of all marine laws and education, are important for everyone using the ocean, not just fishermen.  Similarly, land acquisition benefits all people along the coast, not just people that choose to fish.  If anything, the public access part is more important to the beach goers - maybe a beach tax is needed?

Finally, the State of Maine, along with it's towns need to rethink their attitude to tourism.  Financially, tourists have finite resources, and think about how to maximize their enjoyment with these resources.  The more taxes and fees that are levied against tourists will only encourage them to look elsewhere for their vacations.  Many of the tourist towns look a the tourists and vacation home owners as nothing more than a large wallet.  As much as I enjoy my summer cottage in Wells, I'm not sure that I would recommend the area to anyone because of the towns policies.  Perhaps this is intentional on their part, but this, plus the proposed licenses, plus beach parking, plus…. means that when we come to town, we bring many of our groceries with us, and eat out very little, thus reducing the taxes the state collects.  And I thought Massachusetts taxes were bad.

        Mark Sprague
        Bolton MA
        Wells ME

Capt Danny Gile; Fourth Generation Fisherman,York Harbor Me.

To All Concerned:
   I has come to my attention, that yet another burden on Maine business has been proposed. The Recreational Fishing License. When will it stop?
   One of the many reasons visitors come to Maine by the thousands each summer is to enjoy the ocean and activities along its shoreline and harbors, including fishing. Either from the shore or aboard a boat, charter or otherwise.
   A life long, fourth generation resident and fisherman in this state. I have enjoyed the pleasure of recreational fishing since a small boy. One of the few pleasures not yet taxed in some way. Why would you consider taking this away?
   Maine is trying to bring in new business, yet business is leaving. Why do you suppose this is happenning? Think of this, TAXES, LICENSE & FEES.
   By passing this new license, Charter boats will have to pass along this FEE to ridership. As it is, the Charter, as well as this fishing industry as a whole is working on a marginal profit basis, trying to justify the price of services to offset replacement costs, fuel bait etc. This additional charge my discourage many from taking a fishing trip.
   Also, many who make day trips to the state for the purpose of Striper or Flounder fishing bringing business to local communities. May go elsewhere!
   Please carefully consider the consequences, to others, before passing anything like this. We the people cannot continue to face the burden of additional fees, taxes and the cost of living rising faster than our income.
  Remember April 19, 1776? What started it all was taxes. !765 James Otis said "Taxation withoout representation, is tyrany"
 Thank you for your time,
   Captain Daniel Gile
       F/V Holly B.
      P.O. Box 399
    York Harbor, ME

Mr. Ray Washburn, Vt.  A conscientious 25 year veteran recreation salt water angler!



My name is Ray Washburn I live in Vermont and I enjoyed the freedom of fishing off the docks, jetty's and recreational Charter boats in Maine for 25 years. I come to Maine several times a year just for this purpose, sometimes just on the spur of the moment. I may just come up for the day because I enjoy having the freedom of just making a last minute decision to go and drop a line in the water and take in the beautiful Maine waters.

I have taken several young people with me to teach them the wonderful beauty and enjoyment I have been able to enjoy. The looks on their faces when they catch a fish is just an incredible sight. I hope these young people don't loose this freedom of just making a last minute decision to go enjoy an hour or so of fishing on the coast of Maine. 

 To all the Maine officials who think that (Salt Water Fishing License) is the right thing to do. I urge you to consider what brings people like my self to your wonderful state and that you would reconsider your position on this matter.



Ray Washburn

24 Catherine Drive

Rutland, Vt. 05701

 Capt.Rob Mirisola: Owner Seven Rivers Tackle shop..Wells me.

My name is robert mirisola  i am a maine guide and owner of Seven 
Bait and Tackle in Wells maine.
i wanted to voice my opinion on the thought of a salt water permit ..
as a salt water tackle shop owner in a town driven by tourist dollars i
only bad things coming from this new tax. many of my customers have
voiced strong opinions against any pay to fish tax.
they come here to from Mass NH Vermont Ct RI and other states. why come
to fish and pay if they can stay home and fish for free .. why not go
to NH
or the Cape . I dont think you all have thought this through , i think
are looking at it as a way to increase more state revenue in a state
we already pay the highest taxes in the US. and get very little in
return .
from a tackle shop stand point i see many people that are here for a
week or
two and after they have done the shopping
sat on the beach and had ice cream. they are looking for a new
.that experience is fishing !
its cheap its fun it involves the whole family . a Farther can bring
wife and kids fishing for the whole day for less than 20 bucks. Now in
the state to mandate a new tax on fun. now that same outing cost him 15
him 15 for the wife 15 for his 18 year old daughter 15 for his 16 year
son and the 20 for bait and tackle. now its a 80 dollar day . not
likely he
will pay 80 bucks to try fishing ! i think you are doing not just the
fisherman and his family an injustice but the shop owners the charter
owners the hotel owners and so on and on . the Maine salt water season
all to short a mere 3 months , it cost plenty to live and work in this
why be the first state in New England to make it even harder. please
reconsider this new tax , at least for this year .put it to a vote for
Maine people to decide . after all this is OUR state.
Maine Master Guide Robert Mirisola.




Mr. Mike and Lesli  Frechette, Ma. Yet another family seriously opposed to LD 1811

State of Maine lawmakers,


My family has vacationed on the coast of Maine every summer for the last 20 years.  As part of our vacation we fish off the shore and take a deep-sea fishing trip each summer.

To force my family to buy a fishing license doesn’t make sense and would force us to give up our fishing. Ultimately we would then have to consider vacationing elsewhere. Please do not pass this law to require saltwater fishing licenses. I think that there are enough taxes and fees already, please do not add another one.

 Thank you.


Michael Frechette

The Danaher Family. Another wonderful close knit extended family that fishes with us annually.


It has been brought to my attention that the Maine legislature is considering making it mandatory to obtain a fishing license for all types of recreational fishing in Maine. Although I am a Massachusetts resident, I spend much of my summer vacationing in Maine. Each year my family and I spend a week on Wells beach and six of the fifteen of us charter a boat to go fishing with Capt. Satch Mcmahon. This has become an annual tradition that we all look forward to. We also make many day trips to Fort Foster in Kittery, ME. Being required to obtain a fishing license would be a great inconvenience as well as an added expense. I would hate to discontinue a family tradition because of this imposition. Please consider opposing this bill. It would surely hurt the business of a greatly respected fishing boat captain as well as many other local fishermen.  Thank you.

Susan and James Danaher
Woburn, MA

Chris Lamb; another special family asking for your help to keep things as they are.........

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing you to ask you to oppose the act to
create a saltwater
recreational fishing license in Maine.

My husband Terry's parents brought him and his family
to Maine only
when they were kids and that was enough for him to
want to come back.

We started bring our 5 kids to Maine when my oldest
was 7 and she went
out deep-sea fishing with Captain Satch who was the
mate then, this
summer she will be 21. The younger kids have grown up
fishing every
summer in Maine at first we could only bring them 3
days but now we
it a full week every summer and plan plenty of fishing
trips inshore

Also when my husband gets the chance he may take the
kids to fish off
the Jetty. My daughter brought her finance with her
last summer and he
went out for the first time ever and loved it. Yes we
enjoy the
and Maine in general but with our family it's the
fishing that is what
brings us back to Maine each summer.

It does get very costly for us as the family has grow
up expecting the
trip and some of the kids are old enough to go make
their own summer
plans but they prefer to come with the family to
Maine. They love the
fishing so much that they even save some of their hard
earned money so
that they can pay for an extra trip themselves. And
knowing my kids
fishing in Maine is a tradition that they will want to
continue with
their own kids someday.

Adding a fishing license fee would make it that much
harder for
to be able to afford their vacations in Maine.

I am sure the State of Maine does not want to lose
present and future
fishing business, so please VOTE NO ON THIS BILL!!!

Thank you,

Christina Lamb
Mr. Duane Messner; Mn.... one of my most caring guests...

To Whom It May Concern:
Our family has been vacationing in Maine for at least 17 years.  Ocean fishing has been the reason we come back year after year.  The cost of getting there and staying there has risen every year.  Adding a fishing license fee to the before mentioned costs would just add more.  We also feel this would be an injustice to the hard working, dedicated Charter Fishermen like Captain Satch & Sons.  I'm sure their costs of doing business are already very high.   They do not need to lose customers--which I'm sure the addition of more fees would cause.  DO NOT VOTE IN FAVOR OF THIS BILL.   

                                                                                                                                             Thank you,  Duane Messner
                                                                                                                                             Gaylord, MN

Capt Brad Miller; Yet another captain thoughful captain in opposition...

To Whom It May Concern:


     As a lifelong visitor to the Maine Seacoast, I strongly oppose the idea of requiring all anglers in Maine state waters to have a fishing license.  This bill will add a burden to residents and more importantly tourists which I feel will negatively impact anyone who wishes to take part in the sport of fishing.
    Tourists visiting the state who wish to go fishing will be turned away by the extra fees and logistics behind obtaining the license.  The Charter fishing business will be negatively impacted by customers who do not wish to pay the extra fees, or who are turned away because of the confusion caused by this requirement. 
      In a time where the Charter fishing business is experiencing unprecedented pressure due to astronomical fuel prices, and ever increasing regulations regarding catch limits and fishery closures, I hope that you will reconsider supporting this bill and focus your efforts promoting tourism, not hindering it.

                                                                                                 Sincerlly  Capt.Brad Miller

                                                                                                  Brad Miller  114 Bellevue Rd.  Quincy, MA   02171  USCG Lic. Capt. 100T

Mr.Pete Sage;Small salt water boat owner and striper fisherman extrodinaire..

I am requesting that you withdraw the bill immediately to put a Salt Water Fishing License in place in the state of Maine.                                

  Peter T Sage


Mrs.Carol Helinski; Bobby's Girl!

To Whom It May Concern:

I have always been an avid fresh water-only fisherman
(lady) until this past year, when I started salt water
fishing. I have to say that I can understand and
willingly accept paying for a fresh water fishing
license; after all, you stock the lakes, rivers, pond,
etc. with beautiful fish for the fresh water
enthusiasts…you pay to have the lakes, etc. patrolled
so that all is aboveboard with fish counts, sizes,
licenses by the fish and game wardens. But I find it
extremely unjust to license salt water fishing. You
do not stock the oceans, nor do you patrol them for
fish counts, sizes, etc. in keeping with regulations.
So, why are you doing this? Do we need to have still
higher taxes in Maine?

Also, think about how this will trickle down from the
top…starting with the tourists who love coming to
Maine for their vacations…to the fishing industry…to
charter boats…to restaurants….to tackle shops….and it
keeps on coming down…all the way to the working
people. Most people work hard all their lives to be
able to have some kind of pleasure in their lives…and
some can’t afford much. And shame on you if you are
really planning on taxing senior citizens! What will
these seniors do if you take away one of perhaps their
only free recreational activities? They would
probably have to stop. There will be many more
unemployed people than there all ready are in Maine as
well. When finances are tight, people usually stop
their recreational activities first so they have
enough to make ends meet. Please think about how this
will hurt them. I think it will eventually hurt
everyone in the fishing industry, and the State of
Maine will lose in the end because people just can not
keep on paying. And what ever happened to the land of
the free? Is it free for only those who could afford
this fishing tax anyway? Speaking for myself, I can’t
afford to continue paying just for a little
recreational enjoyment.

God created the heavens and the earth, the rivers and
the oceans…not politicians. I believe this world was
meant for all of us to live in and to share…without
licenses and taxes on every little thing you can think

I have come to love Maine in the four short years I’ve
lived here…please don’t make me regret my decision in
having moved here.

Thank you for listening to my concerns…I’m sure I’m
not alone in expressing these concerns. I hope you
will all think and pray very hard before making your
final decision on this new tax. It will hurt so many
people and in turn will hurt the State of Maine.

Carol Helinsk

Ms. Janet McKay; Our good friends at Jackson's Marine Hardware that helped us get started our very 1st year in business.

To: Members of the Marine Resources Committee
From: Janet MacKay 
         Kittery, ME
     As a resident of Maine, an owner of waterfront property in Kittery, and manager of a retail marine hardware store, I am very concerned by the proposal to require saltwater recreational fishing licenses and would like to offer my thoughts on the subject.  
     I believe that this proposal is impractical in many ways.  Implementing, managing, and enforcing  a licensing program could easily cost the state more than the licensing fees received-not to mention the negative impact on tourism along the Maine coast.  First, people in state- and out of state visitors- will need to be informed of a licensing requirement.  Advertising costs money. It seems that there will  need to be many agents to sell these licenses or it will be a major inconvenience for out of state people especially to obtain licenses.  Even if town offices become agents, many are not open enough hours to accommodate possible demand and the $2 fee received by whoever the agents are (private sector or public) is hardly worth the trouble and paperwork. Finally, enforcement of a law such as this in a state with miles and miles of coastline and innumerable islands, coves and bays could take away from time better spent by marine patrol and resource people. Probably a lot of residents and tourists will take their chances and fish without a license in many areas.
     Hold a bake sale or sell candy bars to fund the "Marine Recreation Fishing Conservation and Management Fund!"  Seriously, there must be more creative ways to add money to the fund than licensing.
This license is a tax by any other name and we have enough taxes in Maine, Please don't charge us for the simple pleasure of fishing - On a personal note, I hate to think that anyone who visits my home will have to pay the state if they want to fish for 5 minutes or an hour from my dock!!!  Please think again and think creatively.  Thank you

Ms. Erin Allen; Single mom of an active little fisherman..

To whom it may concern,

I want everyone to think of our youth and the world
the way it has been and the way it has become. There
is so much violence and crime for kids get to get
into. I want everyone to think of the kids and young
adults who find peace in being able to go fishing at
the one place that is still free our ocean! All my
life I have heard from my elders that no man can ever
own water just the land around it! If this is true
then how can we in our right mind inforce laws over
something no one can own?

There are so many families that struggle in what
already small season compared to Florida [the only
other state with a salt water license) we have
good days during half the year compared to Florida
they have all year] to bring what is a favorite past
time to many around the world that come to MAINE for
vacation. What will happen to them when tourist decide
to go else where? How much money will the license's
bring in then? Yes, I understand that the tourist
wouldn't have to purchase a license if they go on a
charter boat that has a charter license but will what
we have left be enough for charter companies to stay in
business. It's not like Maine doesn't have strictly
enforced rules regarding striper fishing, we are allowed
to keep one, but most people don't. We fish off the
docks and the jettys to relax think and teach our
children. Do we not pay you enough or would you like us
to hand our paychecks completely over to you?

Before you all go rushing off to think about charging
us to fish our ocean I want you all to remember who
this new law will hurt. EVERYONE IN THE STATE OF
MAINE will be greatly hurt, from the many people who
make there living taking people fishing to the ones
who make the beds for our guests that stay in hotels,
or the people who keep our campgrounds clean and ready
to show our guests a great adventure in MAINE. Even the image of
our state itself, sure making a fishing license will
bring money or will it cause more of our people to
leave looking for somewhere else to take their
business where there isn't a requirement for a

In the end I want all of you to honestly answer the one
question. I will be happy to get one person to answer

Best wishes to all
Erin M. Allen

the land of the FREE!!!

Mr. Steve Savoie; Father of another great family thats fishing with us on the Gath III from Day 1...

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been vacationing in Wells ME since 1979
Starting with my parents going to wells in the early 70's and bringing
the 5
kids, we made it a tradition to go out deep sea fishing and I have been
going deep sea fishing ever since
I am 28 and now bring my 4 children to Wells also (and once a bit
will go fishing too)
Now at 28 and having a successful construction company based out of MA
- we
have a company deep sea fishing trip every year and our employees love
If you are to institute state licensing for recreational fishing I would not be
to bring my kids or my employees (and I doubt that the employees or my
would be able to afford licenses)
I think it is a very bad idea to instate Salt Water Licenses
Please consider this when voting on this article


Chuck "Tread" Porter; Avid fisherman and lover of the sea ..

Dear Marine Resources Committee:


A couple months back I read an article in the local newspaper regarding New Hampshire ’s proposal to pass legislation requiring a salt water fishing license. My initial thought was “there they go again, create another tax to cover their lack of a sales tax”, and what a foolish idea it was. I was not surprised to hear that now Maine without due process or thought wants to beat them to the punch. We do not live in an affluent state and have the highest taxes in the nation with one of the smallest populations. I drive past our Vacationland sign daily and am reminded that tourism is the number one economic factor in this great state. It is obvious to anyone reading the proposed legislation that it is ill conceived with little rational thought. Our state is struggling just as our charter boat and citizens are each day and there are no easy solutions. Your jobs are difficult and you are often tugged in different directions by those with special interests. The special interest we all share is the ocean and the bounty it shares with us. If it were possible to ask each of the millions of in-state and out-of-state visitors that come each year about what salt water fishing means to them, they would all have a special story. Each would be against the tax as they would have to decide gas, food, lodging, groceries, and now a fishing license for the ocean. They have other choices in other states and I believe we would be very unhappy with those they would make. As a young boy my father took me flounder fishing in Kittery and as he said the “fish are always bigger and the fog is always thicker”. It was never about the fish but about the lure of the ocean and the happiness of a simpler time. Each year there are new regulations limiting the size and number of fish you can keep and our season is only three months long. In that short period we try to create as many positive, family moments wetting a line, chasing the blitz for a bluefish, or looking to put a few groundfish in the freezer. If the tourists do not come, revenues will continue to fall, and more taxes will result – that is a fact. In my 51 years of life I have been blessed with common sense and a love of the ocean. You have a decision to make and please make the correct one – squash this proposed legislation and allow us and future generations to enjoy this great resource.



 Chuck Porter

Charter Captain Bill Hall Jr. and his wife Sharon; Lake George, NY

We are sending this e-mail to oppose the State of Maine salt water fishing license.  Every year for the last 20 years, we have rented a beach house for 2 weeks in Maine.  The reasons we began doing this was because we love the ocean and the beauty that we find in Maine.  We now are a family of 12, 8 of whom are fishermen.  Over the years the cost of our vacation has risen.  This license fee would be yet another expense that as retired people, on a fixed income, would make it difficult for us to continue giving our grandchildren the joy of a vacation in Maine.  We have many, many pictures of the fun our children and grandchildren have had catching fish right on the beach. Please rethink this license fee.  Fishing is and should continue to be a fun, free activity. 

Thank you

William and Sharon Hall

Glens Falls, New York

Bill Hall Sr.;  One of our very first guests and supporters who returns each year...

Dear Satch, 
      Here are my thoughts on the new salt water recreational license bill, I hope you get this in time . 
     My name is William Hall of Glens Falls N.Y. Three generations of my family have together enjoyed the state of Maine during all times of the year for the past fifteen plus years.We all spend two weeks every year on Moody beach. As a family every year we also take a annual fishing trip with one of Maine's finest guide outfits. We also love to surf fish on the beach during this time. Everyone in the family loves to fish from the youngest to the oldest. As a second generation New York fishing guide myself one the biggest problems that I have to deal with is tourist who don't know they need a license or show up for a fishing trip with out one. Almost every one of these people state that they are spending enough money on their fishing trip and other money during there stay. However the law is the law and I must send them for a license or not take them on their trip. As a guide every year I lose a number of charters this way and the area looses repeat vacationers.  At least in New York anybody under the age of sixteen does not need a license, from what I understand Maine's will be mandatory for everyone. This discourages people from taking their younger children fishing. These children are Maine's future fishing tourist. At Maine's projected price it would add about $360 plus to what we already spend, not including the bait and tackle that we buy from the local retailers for fishing on the beach or what we spend on the fishing charter.  With that added expense something will have to go either the fishing trip or purchasing bait and tackle from the local retailers for fishing on the beach. Either option will cost the state money because we may choose to take our vacation money to another state where all 12 of us can enjoy beach and charter salt water fishing as a family.                                                                                          
                                                                                 Thank You for listening
                                                                                  William Hall

Gary Manley NY, Old friend and serious offshore angler...

To anyone who cares:
I am writing with hopes of influenceing your vote on the proposed fishing license law Maine is considering.
I have deep sea fished in Maine for 25 years, and I look forward to fishing for another 25 years. I can assure you I will not purchase a license to fish in Maine, I will go elsewhere, as will the 10-15 people that join me on these trips. We fish 2-3 times each year, some of the guys fish twice that, and we each spend approx. $250-$300 each time we go. Thats alot of money and I know most people will go elsewhere, if for no other reason, just to prove the point. My question to you is how in gods name do you know where we are fishing anyhow. We could leave from your vacationland, and end up fishing in New Hampshire waters. You might govern the land, but we all own the water if we pay Federal taxes. Wake up, before its to late.
                                    Gary Manley
                                     New York 

Mr. George Fogg; A recreational salt water fisherman

Members of The Marine Resources Committee:
I have before me an email from Gov. Baldacci's State Economist, Catherine O'Reilly saying that the Governor is desperately trying to reduce taxes. It speaks about the state hiring freeze, the out of state travel limits etc. If this is true than why on earth is some legislator trying to raise taxes (a new license fee) and make it more difficult for salt water charter boat people to accommodate tourist fishermen? Why would you even think about trying to change the only free fishing sport left in Maine. Many that fish in the salt water do so because it is still free and the government hasn't yet got it grubby mitts on it.  Many such fishermen either could not or would not salt water fish if they have to buy a license.
What on earth are you trying to do? Kill off about the only industry that Maine has left that the legislature hasn't affected negatively. Stop this needless tax and spend spree the legislature is on and kill this bill in committee with a, "Ought Not To Pass." 
A recreational saltwater fisherman,
George A. Fogg
North Yarmouth, ME

Mr. Joe Flood; college roommate and NYC financial advisor
Gentlemen & Ladies,

I was getting ready to plan my yearly jaunt to your
great State to go fishing with my Lifelong Buddy,
Captain Satch when he told me of this NEW PROPOSED



Seriously, why do you people feel the need to tax
every & all recreational outlets? You were voted into
office to be " SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE " not to make
the general populace servants of the State!!

Do the right thing & WITHDRAW THIS PROPOSAL!!

Yours truly,

Joe Flood
Long Island,NY

Uncle Bud; my very 1st mate

Please consider the following thoughts on the matter of fishing in Maine.
We live in a world intense stress. Wall need an outlet to relieve that stress. Some of us golf, some ride bikes, and some fish.
You see what happens each night on the news to people who do not have a healthy way to relieve thier stress.
Not all of us can afford to golf.  Fishing the salt water in Maine is one of the very few things that are still free in this country. It is vitally importent to all of us to keep this freedom.
Go to the water by your self and sit quietly. No one will have to convince you to leave things as they are. You will know.
Sincerely, Walter Mazeiko

Captain Paul McDonough Master Captain; F/V Finestkind III

I was contacted today by an organization of fellow
boat captains from Perkins Cove concerning a very bad
possible legislative decision. I was told that
members of the legislature want to impose an out of
state license fee for salt water fishing. This would
model the one they have in Fla. Well, this sure isn't
To add on another fee for people coming to the state
is ludicrous and bad for our own business base.
Charter boat Captains are dependent on a very short
season, unlike Florida, and to impose a $30.00 for all
people from out of state would be not cost effective.
Most people who go out on charters are only going out
once. Add the price of a rediculous feee and they
will be out of business. Then one more aspect of the
working coast will be gone and the rich people who own
99% of the coast now will have even more to their
The amount of people buying such licenses will only
expand the need for more law enforcement and you what
that means. The family who is paying upwards of $1500
a week to saty heree will now be further taxed. This
is not good business in any single scheme of things.

Charterboat Captains have to pay initial start up
costs that are huge as it is. Driving their costs
further up is just nuts. There are guys who have been
in this business for generations. Now we are going to
punish them. I don't know any of them that are rich
and famous, but all of them put a very hard day of
work in just as their fathers did before them.
Please don't support this piece of legislation.

Paul McDonough
USCG licensed Master at 50 ton

Kevin Wood, Friend and  Wells vacation cottage owner..

Representatives, State of Maine;

I recently became aware of pending legislation
relative to licensing saltwater fishing in the State
of Maine. I find this troubling, since only two or so
other states in the country charge for this
recreational activity. For many years my wife, my two
daughters, and I have traveled and vacationed in Maine
each and every summer. These wonderful times were the
impetus to our purchasing a seasonal residence in
Wells. Maine is a great family vacation destination,
aptly named “Vacationland”. Maine’s economy is fueled
by tourism. Restaurants, fishing charters, antique
shops, gift stores, and the hotel industry, etc. are
blessed to have travelers and vacationers willing to
spend hard earned money to support their businesses.
Those same vacationing families should be able to
enjoy a little fishing from a pier, dock, shoreline,
or jetty while on their yearly vacation get-away
without being assessed a license fee. In these times,
when the economy is uncertain, fuel prices are high
and money is tight, more careful consideration should
be given to attracting tourism, not turning it away.
Please remember, families have choices. They may
choose to vacation elsewhere. Dollars that are
expected to be raised through this revenue stream will
be lost many times over by those choosing to vacation
at other seaside states in the coming years. Please
carefully consider all sides of this argument when
casting your vote for or against “Saltwater
Recreational Fishing License” / Maine Legislative Bill
LD 1811.


Kevin R. Wood
Wilbraham, Ma.

Mike Bodi; VT..One of our very 1st guests..

Dear Sir/Madam
I am writing this letter in respose to the proposed recreational salt water fishing license.
I believe this law would hurt the economy of the State of Maine more than most people would realize.
There are many people like myself from Vermont and other New England states that come to Maine on a spur of the moment fishing trip to spend a few days. I, myself come to Maine sometimes several times a year and other times, many. With the cost and inconvenience of having to obtain a license before being able to fish, people will make a change of plans and go to another coastal state such as New Hampshire, Massachussetts, Rhode Island, etc.
This will hurt many businesses in Maine related to fishing, including: party boats, charter boats, restaraunts, motels, bait & tackle shops, etc.
Hopefully, the senators and representatives of the State of Maine will have a basic understanding of economics and not let this bill pass and become law.
Mike Bodi


Happy spring.  Hope this letter helps. see you soon

Tony DiLuzio: One of our dedicated guests from the get go;

  I am writing in opposition of ME, bill LD1811 requiring salt water fishing license for recreational fishing.

My mother born in Maine in 1928 grew up in Ogunquit and today her family home remains in our family. For more than 70 years our family has enjoyed the ocean and as a boy I grew up fishing from the bridge to Ogunquit beach and the jetty’s in Wells. My mother told me of the wonderful relations with the Youngs. Kenny, Kenny Jr. and the name sake of the Ungly Annie. She also as a young adult went out many times on the Gath with Agatha and Bobby Combs.

Many years later my family and my sister’s family along with my mother still enjoy the many aspects of Maine mostly the fishing. The last activity where a father can spend time with his children sitting near the ocean, resting on the rocks or an evening excursion along the shore with his children without it costing a small fortune as so many other activities. These moments are where memories are made and children return to these activities as adults later in life and more often than not, with children of their own.

One of the most wonderful moments in our family occurred when I was able to bring my mother and daughter on the Gath. Three generation have fished from your vessel and have enjoyed this “luxury” tax free. If bill LD1811 is passed it will start on the path to become another expensive family outing.

If there is anything that I can do in the future to help in this cause please do not hesitate to contact me.

Tony, Nicole, Derrick
Margaret Theresa. (Mercier) DiLuzio

Todd Pierson; Family Fishing Guest:

I am writing to voice my displeasure with the new proposed bill for the salt water fishing license.  My family and I ( a total of 25 people) vacation in Maine for one week every summer.  While we are in Maine we take a couple charters for deep sea fishing.  We have a great time and the Captain and crew that we go with have been outstanding.  We have recommended them to everyone we could back home.  I can't help but think that this bill is going to do considerable damage to their business.
Another point I would like to make is while we are in Maine we take all of the children down to the pier to see the boats and the fisherman coming and going.  We also take them fishing from shore from a bridge near where we stay.  If this bill is passed we will not be able promote fishing and the love of nature and wild life in your wonderful state.  We get one week a year to enjoy Maine and some parts of that may be lost.
I truly hope that this bill does not pass. I believe that it will do more damage than good.  You may get funds from it but is it really worth it?
Thank you for your time.

 Todd M. Pierson

Norman Shawger: A very sincere guest from NJ....

Dear Honorable Congressmen and representatives of Maine Legislature.

  I am  writting you  because this bill is not passed yet and hope and pray some of you will vote with your heart and not your head.
  I feel as most recreational fishermen do, and that is we are against a salt water fishing license.
  God only knows we are licensed for just about everything now!
  Even here in New Jersey , government keeps talking about licensing us also.
  And we keep fighting it.
  Hopefully, Maine citizens are fighting this bill also.
  It is because of your beautiful state, that we trek up to visit you several times a year not just for fishing, but for simply enjoying your  beauty.
  So, in closing, I ask for your support in voting against this bill.

                                                                                                              Cordially, Norman Shawger

John Mansur: Serious recreational fisherman and friend, NH

Dear Sirs,

Salt water fishing liscence! You've got to be kidding me! Any first year economist could predict the net minus result of this fee on the STATE OF MAINE's bottom line. Any revenue realized by the fee itself will shurely be wiped out by loss of tourism, sales taxes and the cost of enforcement. Smarten up!!! New Hampsire folk are backing this bill 100% i'm sure. THEY ARE EVEN CONSIDERING A NEW PLATE SLOGAN, FISH FREE OR DIE!

Smarten up......

John Mansur,NH

 Linda Mier, PA; Fishing Son's mother extraodinaire:

I am writing with regard to proposed legislation LD 1811 related to salt water fishing licenses.

We live in Pennsylvania, but my family has vacationed one or two weeks along the coast in southern Maine every year for more than 20 years. For the last 15+ years, all of our trips have involved salt water fishing; from charter boats, off the breakwaters, and from the beach.  We also make several weekend trips to Maine each year specifically so our sons can bring friends and go salt water fishing The extra expense, the need to find an open licensing agent, and the time/paperwork involved to buy salt water fishing licenses for both ourselves and the variety of friends that my sons invite would provide an enormous incentive to vacation in a different state.  If the legislation is enacted, the state of Maine wont gain any salt water licensing revenue from us and it will lose the revenue related to our accommodations, meals, and purchases.

I would also like to point out that the terms for the charter boat licensing fees in the proposed legislation are not clear.  The wording does not specify whether the charter licenses are annual per boat, annual per boat per person (based on capacity), per trip, or per trip per person (based on capacity).  That should be clarified as soon as possible.

Thank you kindly.

Linda D. Mier

 Captain Nate Jones ; Schooner
Sarah Mead,Muscongus harbor and former LL 2nd baseman..
 To Whom It May Concern,
As a sailing charter captain and a recreational boater the idea of a recreational fishing license scares me. Oftentimes my passengers enjoy dropping a hook off the stern while we are sailing, a luxury I will no longer be able to offer them should the bill concerning this license pass. Unlike some of the other licensing and documentation requirements that come with running a "boat for hire" this bill seems to be concerned only with raising funds for the state rather than conservation of natural resources. As I believe there are many other issues in the state (both on land and sea) that need to be addressed not simply to create fundraisers but are worthy of some regulation by the state, I do not support any notion of a recreational fishing license in the state of Maine.
Capt. Nate

Franklin W. Davis ; Retired lifelong salt water angler

Hi Folks...
  I have fished the salt waters of Maine for over fifty years without a license...and hope to spend many more doing the same without one. I believe a salt water license will hurt the recreational fishing industry...and the vacation industry all up and down our coast. I believe it is short sighted to think that it won't. Please rethink what this will mean to many folks that live in our great state.
  Thanks for taking time to read what I have written concerning this subject...it is important to a great many people that we do what is right.
  Franklin W. Davis
  Elloit Me.

Mr. Jay Kennedy; Fishing Photograper!

To whom it may concern, It was brought to my attention of the state wishing to impose a saltwater fishing license in Maine. I have always enjoyed bringing the family to Maine each year for camping trips near the ocean. One of our highlights is fishing for stripers and blues from shore on a couple occasions while camping. As it is now we each can cast away for the hope of catching a fish or two if we are lucky and each one of us can try our luck. I am afraid if this rule is placed into law it would be difficult to justify the cost of licenses for each of us to enjoy a couple hours fishing on our family trips a couple time a year. We currently already spend a fair budget in the state with our vacation dollars and feel this may just perhaps keep us closer to home where we already have a license to fish. Its all about family activities and keeping it fun and affordable. This new proposed fee would erode a fun family activity to all of us who enjoy heading to Maine to wet a line and enjoying the ocean. I have passed this info on to my four brothers and various friends who join us on our trips and their reaction was equal to ours....OH NO!!!
Respectfully, Jay Kennedy Elmore,Vt.

Mr. Al Maynes: Good friend, Began fishing on Gath as a boy along time ago!

WOW.....and here I thought there was common sense in Maine. I thought Massachusetts had the market cornered on "state stupidity", and how to rob people.
If this license thing gets enacted I really think that it will put a big hurt on the whole coast area. I think it will be a dominoe effect, from boats to rooms to restaurants will all be affected.
Of course there has NEVER been a dollar some politician didn't want a part of, or the whole thing if they could get it.
Hope the people in Maine and those of us who come there can put enough pressure on these people to head this off.
  All The Best
   Al Maynes

Capt Satch;  That's Me

 Rep, Leila'
In response to your primary reasoning for the passage
of your Bill LD 1811. Your understanding that under
the Mangnussen Stevens act, President Bush has signed
legislation that requires a federal fishing permit for
EVERYONE by the year 2011.
As a state representative of the people of Maine, I
don't think a fisherman like myself should have to
remind you that we will be voting for a new president
in 2008.I don't believe we should be taxing the
citizens of Maine and our very valued and welcomed
tourists for a proposed action that will most probably
be reversed before 2009. If not,I personally know and
have worked with Rep/ possibly Sen Tom Allen and Sen
Olympia Snow on various important fishery issues in
the past. I can assure you we will work hard together
to reverse it by 2011.
You may not be aware that as Maine Registered and
federally licensed vessels all my charter boats are
already required to get all federal fisheries permits
and renew them each season. We have to report the
number of fisherman on each and every trip.Every
single fish of every species caught and or released,
how many lines each person has in the water and for
how many minutes each trip. This required a great deal
of time and effort, but the main point is that THE
stamps to mail them every day.In the fishing industry
all federal permits are always and in every instance
fairer and less costly than all the State of Maine
permits that are already required. IE: Maine Guides
license every three years, lobster licenses annually,
boat registrations and over the road permits annually.

Please take another hard look at this unnecessary
and onerous legislation,it is primarily just another
high tax directed at hard working families,your really
fixing to hurt our states tourist industry,our guests
feelings and the financial interests of our state.
This includes the
hotels,resturants,campsites,recreational boating
and"fly fishing" kayaking enthusiasts, and all retail
sport fishing shops including LL Bean and Kittery
trading Post and all the little shops that our fishing
guests spend so much money with in order to fish and
vacation with us each season. We've worked so hard to
build their trust. The lost sales of gear,meals
overnight stays, even large sale items like boats and
motors will multiply into a very large lost state
sales,food and service tax revenues, as well as
directly cutting into "the just making it income" that
so many small Maine family businesses like my own
depend on when our guests return.
Mr. Bruce Joule at Maine Marine resources in Boothbay
has the numbers.. Its over 150K anglers per year.I've
been in this business for over 20 years and I can
assure you that 25 to 40 percent of these folks will
no longer be able to afford to, or will not be able to
justify casting a line if this legislation passes.The
freedom to saltwater fish is really important to them.
If you have access to a seaside community ask the
local folks around the docks how they feel about this.
I would estimate that in future years 10 to 12 percent
will choose to vacation in other New England states
that have demonstrated a little more foresight and
empathy in this regard.
But most importantly,more so than money to me... you
have placed our simple freedom to saltwater fish in
jeopardy, a right that our forefathers earned and have
enjoyed in New England since the Boston Tea party.
Again ask some of the old codgers on the dock.
And in the name of more false security or
regulation your bill will undercut the freedom of our
the next generation. So many of our nations Coast
Guard and Navy Captains come from Maine and as I can
vogue for, it all starts with their love of the sea
and their freedom to cast a line with their Grampas
off our coast in their early years.
Please reread, 17 year old "Bangor High school
Senior's" MR.Greg Perkins letter, he has been working
towards his captains license since his formative
years, and has taken the time and courage to write to
you "his representative". It gives me great hope for
his generation.
The kids can't SAFELY cast a line off our coast
without their dad, moms or gramps taking or watching
them.The legislation even proposes to tax 70 + year
old folks who are from out of state.Shame,Shame!
Please don't let your pride as an original sponsor of
this bill stand in the way of these kids,the seniors
and all our good hard working folks. I only hope you
will represent the wishes of Maines people and our
guests who love the outdoor freedoms that Maine has
always offered to them in the past.
I have dedicated my adult life to promoting saltwater
fishing to children and families coming to Maine and I
can not in good conscience sit idly by and let this
bill pass.

Sincerely, your friend
Captain Satch McMahon.

Capt Walt Gibson, Master Maine Guide; New England Charters Saco Me.

Dear People:

There is a An Act To Create a Saltwater Recreational Fishing License,
Legislative bill; LD 1811 which I strongly oppose and ask that you vote

On the surface this legation may appear to generate revenue for the
state of
Maine. The reality of it is that it will only cost the citizens and
Taxpayers of Maine. The enactment of a recreational Saltwater Fishing
license will discourage people from participating in a healthy outdoor
activity that attracts the entire family. Maine needs to encourage
vacationers by offering activities for families. Many people only fish
a few
times a year and if impediments like licenses are enacted they will
other outlets in other states to spend their discretionary income.

Saltwater Fishing offers an activity for Youth to learn about the
enviourment in a healthy non destructive way. With all of the

Angling has one of the highest levels of participation of any sportor
leisure activity in thewith nearly 4 million participants. The Stete
enable efforts to increase participation of all groups, with priorities
these areas; not hinder them.

Fishing is one of the most popular forms of outdoor recreation in the
(Cordell et al.
1999). Estimates of the rate of participation and number of persons 16
and older participating
range from 17% or 35.2 million to 29% or 57.9 million (USDOI and USDOC
Cordell et al.
1999). Reasons for the popularity of fishing vis-àvis other outdoor
activities include its relatively
low cost and lack of physical demands.

Angling is an activity which can generate both long term engagement,
many committing to the sport for life and one which can lead to many
areas of interest and skill development.

It is also an activity which can be very attractive to young people
some traditional routes to participation have declined

Angling offers considerable potential as a diversionary and
activity for young people. However, it is one which, until recently,
received little attention from policy makers, government departments or
social agencies and it has been to date largely excluded from debates
the sport and social inclusion agendas.

Recreational fishing is an activity which, if delivered properly in a
developmental approach, can offer something new and different as an
engagement activity to other, more mainstream sports.

The need to remain quiet and concentrated, but with moments of extreme
excitement, allows a number of benefits in the context of youth
work, including opportunities for relationship building that do not
occur in
the same way.

A less hi-octane activity than, for example, football
An activity which is an individual pursuit but one which also offers
An activity which often takes place out of normal, urban environments,
also one which offers specific potential for rural communities.
A means of engaging young people often when traditional means of

Fishing is a learning process that involves problem solving, acquiring
skills, and the development of other interests. As such it can act as a
gateway to ongoing personal development beyond a simplistic

The potential of angling as an engagement activity is only fully
within a developmental approach which can lead to a building of
relationships and broadening of young peoples horizons.

allows those who have acquired skills and knowledge to share expertise
including in informal ways. This creates opportunities for relationship
building, skills development and peer mentoring.

Fishing is an important alternative to destructive behavior by youth
to crime,drugs and ultimate cost to society.

There are many other economic impacts that will be affected if a
licence is inacted: You can be sure that the many business will loose
which ultimatly means higher unemployment and lower tax revenues for

The two most recent surveys indicate that out-of-state visitors
for 12% and 11% of the days fished in the United States (USDOI and
1992, 1997).

In addition to being an outdoor recreation activity for residents in
state, fishing
can also be considered a form of tourism when anglers cross state lines
go fishing.
Efforts are underway in each state to promote tourism, including
recreational fishing,
in the name of economic development.

Tourism is big business The tourism industry accounted for
8% of the world’s gross domestic product and about 9% of the
employment in 1998 (World Travel Organization 1998). Tourism is the
third largest retail industry (behind automotive and food) in the

, generating an estimated $502 billion inexpenditures in 1997.
is either the first,
second, or third largest employer in 32 states.Spending by domestic and
international travelers
generated about $72 billion in tax revenues for federal,state, and
governments in 1997. In 1997,
Americans took nearly 1.3 billion person-trips (oneperson traveling
miles one way, away from
home), an increase of 8% over 1996 (Travel Industry of America 2000).
Sectors of the tourism business include: transportation (planes,
automobiles, trains, buses, cruise
ships, charter boats, etc.), accommodations (hotels, motels, bed and
breakfasts, campgrounds, lodges,
etc.), attractions (quality fishing, beaches, state and national parks
forests, theme parks, festivals,
etc.), food & beverages (restaurants, bars, fast-food outlets,
stores, etc.) typically located on
the way to or in tourist destination areas, specialty retail outlets
(T-shirts, souvenirs, fishing tackle and
bait supply, camp supply stores, etc.) and information sectors (visitor
welcome centers, web
pages, travel guidebooks, promotion advertising, maps, local brochures,

Lets all Vote against this Saltwater lice and keep "Maine the way Life
Should Be." Dont drive the tourist and their money away.

Capt Walt Gibson, Master Maine Guide

P.O. Box 1585

Saco, Maine 04072 USA

(207) 831-6311


1st mate Joe Godin; To honest Joe
Good Day to All,

I am writing this letter to all of you to voice my concern about the
pending action that may happen. I have been one with the sea for a
now, being a person who works on the ocean and also comes to the ocean
for refuge, escape, for fun and to wish, think and dream. The job I
hold during the non summer months is a teaching position at a local
school. I see the kids at my school go through a lot of stress and have
no way to release their energy. They need a place to go where they can
just throw a line in sit down and enjoy life without any worries. A
place to sit and think and dream and escape realities like I do. If we
take this right of passage away from them they will have no way to
release their frustrations...they will lose an area of neutrality,
tranquility and rest. We can not take this from our kids...this is
freedom and we have no right to start charging people for the pure

Joe Godin
High School Teacher
MSAD # 60
M.A.T. in Secondary Education

Ms Elizabeth Kivlehan: Now a junior at New England Univ,began fishing with us a a child..

To whomever it may concern,

Every single summer throughout my entire life my family and I have
been vacationing in the town of Wells, Maine. My favorite thing to do is
fish off the jetty’s and beaches in Drakes Island. It now reminds me
of my favorite memories of childhood. Around the age of twelve, I
started going on Captain Satch & Son’s Deep Sea Fishing vessels. I have
incredible pictures and memories from every summer going fishing with
them, who later became best friends.
If this terrible act gets passed not only will my childhood memories
be ruined for me, but also for my future children, nieces, and nephews.
The tourism economy in the State of Maine will change forever. I
currently am a full time undergraduate student at the University of New
England. I also work at one of the gorgeous resorts on the water, and answer
several tourists’ questions about the best local places to go for fun
family fishing or even a nice relaxing morning fish. When you go on
vacation you do not want to spend extra outrageous fees for excursions or
even simple fishing of one of your favorite beaches.
I and the rest of the non-resident Maine Tourists will be dreadfully
disappointed if something so disheartening goes through.


Elizabeth V. Kivlehan

Mrs.Irene Hlib; One of our first Golden supporters

To Whom It May Concern:
I have recently read that the Maine Senate is debating on whether to charge fees for children fishing off the docks and rocks in Maine.  I do not think it would be a good idea, as a lot of people will stop coming to Maine for vacation as there would be nothing for their children to do.  These children do not have any income coming in with which they could purchase a license, their parents would have to.  These families come to Maine to enjoy camping in the out-of-doors, as a family, away from the distractions of every day life at home.  These families go to the restaurants, stores, and parks in Maine, giving the State of Maine Sales Tax each time they take out their wallets, as well as helping out economy, be it for a week or a month at a time.  I believe they will no longer come to Maine.
We have been coming to Maine camping for over 15 years, and I won't come if you have to buy a license. When we come to Maine, which is 2-3 times a year, I often see small children  (5-9 years of age) with a string at the docks, to see if they could catch a crab, a small shiner,  or even a sunfish.  They are learning about the ocean in Maine, because they don't have any ocean life in their state.  This education of ocean life in Maine will probably stop, because they won't be able to afford licenses for all their children, so none will get the opportunity.  You learn by doing, not by watching TV or reading a book.  Experience is the best teacher.  These people will now go to a state with an ocean where they don't need licenses and spend their money there.  
Please don't vote in favor of this bill , as it will certainly affect Maine's ecomony.  Thank you,  Irene Hlib

Ms Beth Birch; A lifelong friend

I strongly oppose the Maine state fishing licensure! Passing this bill would be a violation of our rights as American citizens. The enactment of this bill would decrease the tourist population in ME, which means less money to the State. To assume that tourist and residents are going to buy a license in order to fish is ludicrous. I urge you to consider the HASSLE that this is going to cause residents and tourists that are in the state of Maine. Including those in “Vacationland” visiting, on a charter trip, or wanting to toss a few casts off the dock like they have been able to do so freely for so many years! Please, carefully consider not just the financial gains in passing this licensure, but the harmful repercussions that this will cause. Including, a potential decrease in tourism and an over population of life and creatures in the sea!!

16 year old Brendon Shea , NH......  Began fishing on Gath at age 7
to whom it may concern:
I am writing this letter because I think that the salt water fishing license should not be passed. I think that if you have a fishing license, then you should be able to fish. that it all thank you.
                                                             Brendan Shea

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