Captain Satch and Sons... Wells Harbor,Me.

                                                                                        " 2004 Season highlights"

         "India's Marie's"  First Blue fin Tuna!     Korey Sweatt (NY) landed India's first blue fin Tuna  on Wednesday, August 11th...

    Korey fought his
50 pound Tuna for forty-four minutes and landed him approx 3/4 of a mile from his hookup........

  First mate Keith McAvoy (left) stood by with the harpoon and directed the action. It was the best and most prolonged fishing fight I've ever witnessed. Schools of Blue fin tuna are abundant in our waters during the months of August and September. The "India Marie" is licensed by the National Marine Fisheries Service to land these blue ghosts of the seas, but it is not your typical trophy. We've landed some really great fish on our offshore trips*SEE PICS BELOW* this season, but catching our 1st Blue fin is a really special accomplishment. 

                                  Congratulations Kory!

Capt Satchies weekly update 2004 season!


 Below are a few of our latest picture requests...."left" Adam Battles (Ma) with his 25 pound trophy cod, caught on Sept 24th ...Picture by Captain Whit....."Right" Les Paul (ME) enjoying another beautiful day offshore day with a 10 pound pollock, Captain Den with his wife Linda in the background.


We've still been running  inshore trips at our guests requests. On Sunday October 10th, we found large schools of Blue fin Tuna within a mile of the beach. We had a great time chasing them with Sarah and Ed Aunchman (NY). In fact, Dan Bawlick (CT) had one striping line on one of our shark rods for at least a minute or two. Sarah who spent summers as a mate in Booth bay harbor was right at home, landing three nice bluefish. My grandson Joey "left" won the pool with this nice 10 pound blue and then spent it all shopping in the cove with Miss Sarah...  Lucille Breen brought her husband Bill aboard for their "25th plus" anniversary on the 14th of October. We enjoyed a real nice 4 hour trip. The catch of the day was horse- size Atlantic mackerel. Bill "right" landed all he wanted to, as I chased Lucille around the deck with them. I did manage to get her to reel one about half way to the boat, before she bolted for the cabin.


Week ending Oct 3rd: A special thrill for Captain Satch... I had a very special treat this week. On Thursday evening Les and Linda Paul (ME) called and filled the last two spots on Friday's 10 hour offshore trip. They have kept in touch over the years, but I haven't seen Les and Linda since Bunny Clark days at least 9 years ago. Les and Linda hold numerous ground fish World records, and without doubt they are the best husband and wife fishing team in New England.They are also wonderful people who've always been special to me. Needless to say, I couldn't sleep a wink Thursday night. I also had three other experienced anglers aboard who had never fished with me before: Wayne Laverty (CA), Frank Podilec (NY),and Russ Trieller (NY). And one of our best regular best anglers on the "Indi Maria", Paul Dvoretsky (Me).       Ohhh the pressure on a poor captain!

    Well to make a long story short, Linda out fished everyone as usual catching over 20 nice size cod and pollock with Les backing her up, matching her jig for jig..
As some of you have surmised over the years, Les and Linda have a few special jigging tricks they use to entice big fish.... At one point during the action Linda jig was bitten off by a hugh fish,and as she was re-rigging , I stealthy dropped my own line. I was fishing on the left side of her, with Les on her right...
As soon as I hit bottom my line started throbbing as I've only felt it once before. After an action packed ten minute fight, I landed the 2nd largest cod of my life, and the 2nd largest cod ever landed on the "India Marie". Les and Linda brought me back that old magic from years ago. The only thing that could have been better would have been Les catching this Maine State trophy forty pounder instead of me. Linda Paul (ME) with a nice 20 pound steaker  "left". Captain Satch with his 40 pound trophy cod "right".


 Everyone had a great day landing good size cod, pollock, haddock and cusk in the 10 to 20 pound range. I believe
Wayne and Paul were tied for the second most fish. I saw there stout poles bent over most of the day. Russ Trieller (NY) won the pool with the largest pollock of his life a beautiful 23.5 pounder "left".

   Earlier in the week I hosted my cousin Ken Warzocha and his friends from Rochester NY, on their first outing on the India Marie. It was an absolutely beautiful weather day and this always makes for a great outing. Kenny's friend Rich Gangemi "NY"was high hook , Rich caught steaker size cod and pollock all though the day. Rich on the left with his 18.5 pound cod. He was beaten for the pool by our own smiling Franklin W. Davis (ME) who landed this nice 23.5 pounder "below left". Rounding out the frame is a very happy"below right" is John Savinelli (MA) with his largest ever 17.5 pound pollock........Great fall fishing continues!!!!!!




Week ending Sept 28th: One hell of a run !  This was "the best September"  we've ever experienced on the "India Marie". A combination of fair skys, good biting days, and a super effort by my great crew made for our best offshore fishing ever. Captain Mike Osborne flew in from California for a three day run this week. Mike is a renowned Tuna captain who skippers out of Los Angeles. Mike's also a super guy who's been a tremendous help to us during our start up years.. It's an real honor to have a fisherman of his caliber coming all that way to fish with us. Mike rebuilds all our striper and cod reels during the winter season and keeps his eye out for the latest in new fishing technology and equipment to help us keep our competitive edge. Anyway we had three great day's offshore, I think Mike had to charter another small plane to bring all his fillets back to the west coast. Captain Mike below "left" with his and "India Marie's" largest hake ever a 35 pound, 38 inch Maine Trophy fish. Joe "Paco" Limbert (MA) right with his largest ever 26 pound trophy hake.


My good friend Paco,"Trophy Joe" rounded out his day with a trophy cod of 27 pounds and a trophy haddock of 7.5 pounds. He just wanted to say that he wished "his good buds that coped out" on his earlier charter could have have been there.


     Another great guy who stuck by us all these years,
Gil Ranta"ME" escorted Mike on his three day adventure. We installed a bow rail this July for our guests who love to cast a jig in solitude., and Gil made good use of it this week Every time I walked up to the cabin their was another fish flying thru my cabin window. Only Gil is allowed this indulgence. Anyway Gil caught a few trophy's of his own as well as over a dozen cod and pollock in the 17 to 20 pound range. Gil on the pulpit with his 25.5 pound trophy cod and a 17 pound pollock  and a shot looking thru my window at his 2# trophy  red fish.



 It was also a pleasure to have the father and son team of Les an Lee Williams of Texas, fish with us on Thursday.
A relaxed Les  spent his first day deep water fishing "It's only 40 feet deep in Texas you know" sittin in his comfy lounge chair in the starboard corner. He managed to lull all the other experienced offshore fishermen like Pete Leman(CT) and Jeff Skinner(NH) to sleep, then won the pool with his 28 pound trophy cod "left". Actually Peter was high hook landing large cod and pollock all day long. Peter released over a dozen large cod in the 10 to 18 pound range.This is also a new boat record for most nice fish released in a single trip.. It's conservation minded anglers like Peter who teach the rest of us the true value of our great fishery. We had another experienced but new to us, fine angle and gentleman, Dave Manning (NH) aboard this week. Dave landed our 2nd biggest Monkfish of the season a nice 12 pounder. Dave was was kind enough to release his monk, after I took this picture of him with teeth barred. But he sure wanted to keep all his cod to eat over the long New Hampshire winter. I think Dave would have died if he was on the boat watching as Peter was releasing those 18 pounders to swim back to bottom.



Even last years "fisherman of the year" had a great day as he always does. Ray "Red fish"Washburn (VT). Ray landed over 35 redfish single handedly. Along with a few nice haddock, pollock, and cod. Another good omen this week was the good number of large hake we managed to find. Ray Washburn shown with one of his largest fish of his trip a nice 16 pound " left". Captain Den also landed the largest hake of his life, a nice 20 pounder "center. And Randy Porter (MA) also with the largest hake of his life, a 26 pound Maine state trophy.


This weekend. we hosted the annual Chuck Porter (ME) offshore charter. Chuck's another good friend who's fished with us since we began Striper fishing on the Gath III all those years ago. This year Chuck brought his family on what was probably his most fun day he's ever had with us and thats saying something. The family portrait below taken shortly before we left the fishing grounds. "Left to right" John, Randy, George, Chuck, Captain Den, Tom and Joe. Joe landed the largest pollock of his life a 17.5 pounder. Randy's 26 pound trophy hake was featured above. George landed double keeper catches of 10 to 15 pound pollock on at least two occasions. Chuck tied his largest ever cod at 16.5 pounds. Tom below won the pool with  a 27.5 Marine state trophy cod, and also caught a 7.5 pound trophy haddock, one of eleven landed in the morning. And Joe landed many of the 40 plus pollock landed in the afternoon. It was a good day to fish, in fact one of India's best days of the 2004 season!



Week ending Sept 19th: Good fishing and a good time ! We had a great week both inshore and offshore. On Friday's Warren Turns (NY) charter everyone had a great day steadily landing cod and pollock mostly in the 12 to 18 pound range. Four nice keeper haddock rounded out the mix. Warren "left" with his largest ever 18 pound pollock, we had quite a few double keeper pollock catches as well, including one by Captain Satch! Warren's son James "right" with his largest ever 16.5 pound cod.


     While we were landing our ground fish a large shark showed up to eat our cod as we were reeling them up. We lost two jigs along with our fish, as she ate them on the way up. Our 50 pound jigging sticks couldn't hold this monster.. I got out one of our sturdy shark
poles with a Penn 114-H, and rigged it with a 180 pound Tuna leader.
      Add a little herring for chum and Blam...James, Warren, and Ed, "reeling together" in the picture below fought her for over an hour. The reel was "smoken hot", John and Bill Farrell had to join in the fight as well. To make a long story short, five tired and sore fishermen brought an exhausted 11 plus foot, 500 plus pound Blue up to the rail after I chased her for over a mile. Keith had the harpoon ready in case it was a porbeagle or mako. Once we determined it to be a Blue" not that good as table fare". I decided not to harpoon and kill it. So we tried to gaff and loop it's tale for a picture. A big gaff hook in her tale woke her up, with a giant slash of it's tale against the hull of "Indi" the gaff hook straighted out, the line parted at the swivel and she swam off to live and fight another day. It was the largest fish we've brought to gaff on the  "India Marie" so far.. Congratulations guy's....More big sharks in the future!



     Meanwhile inshore we had a great week as well. My good friend Dwane Messner "MN" traveled all the way from the "Land of lakes" to fish with us again this season. Dwane "left" with his largest ever 13 pound bass. I was also excited to have my "ol friends" from Cyro Industry's on board this Thursday. A great time was had by all,and I believe almost everyone landed a striper. Joe Dubinsky "NJ"( right), with a nice cunner.




Week ending Sept 13th: Best weather of the season! The last two weeks have brought us the nicest weather of the season. Today was absolutely fantastic and Captain Den took great advantage of the day. Den brought Jill Cormier "NH" on the fishing outing of a lifetime.. Jill who requested Captain Whit as he took her for a great trip last year, changed her mind this morning "Poor Captain Whit  just a faint memory in Jill's mind". Jill landed the largest fish of her life and the 3rd largest striper on either the "Gath III" or the "India Marie" this season. Jill's trophy striper was 42.5 inches long and weighed 28 pounds. This means the ladies have the top three largest striped bass of the 2004 season so far. Come on guys there's still a few good weeks of striper fishing to go. A surprised Jill (left) after her hookup with 1st mate Keith McAvoy coaching her on, and a pic with Captain Den and her special trophy on right......   Congratulations Jill!     It should be noted that her dad Gene landed a miserly little 17.5 pound striper as well.



We've spent most of the week concentrating on inshore trips at our guests request. That's the biggest accomplishment our crew has made this season, we continue to expand our guest's range of fishing options and we're still keeping it fun for our them and for ourselves... Next week we'll be spending five or six, 10 hour days offshore weather permitting, if you've been planning to go on an offshore trip, now's the time to call. Today, I made our appointment to haul "Indi" home for the season on Monday November 8th. "Gath III" will be coming home on Thursday September 22nd. Thats the only thing I don't like about fall, knowing that the season is coming to an end so quickly.
We've been able to land both blues and stripers on most of our trips this week and that makes for exciting inshore fishing. On yesterday's Phil Grenier "Me" Charter everyone had a blast (left to right) Lynn, Kevin, Armand, Al, Phil and Bill. You had to watch you didn't bump your knees as Bluefish were jumping all over the deck trying to bite anyone who wasn't paying attention.


On Tuesday's "Reformed Texans charter", Dave and Nancy Garbowsky "TX" landed more stripers than they cared to count. Dave generally doesn't like to over exert himself, especially on such a nice vacation day, landed the most stripers of the trip, four or five at last count. Nancy and her friend Terrie Messer "Tx" (left) with dinner. Stacy Williams "NH" waited until we hit the blues to catch her fish of the day a 9 pounder "right".



Week ending Sept 8th: A few more Trophies and such....We had a very successful labor day weekend, with many of our guests catching the fish of their lifetime. A fine testimonial to my grandfathers who were tireless workers and prominent leaders in promoting the rights we enjoy as working folks in our country today. We were able to land two, State of Maine Trophy stripers. Captain Whit started off the action Saturday. In this magazine style cover photo taken by Whit, John Shipley (NJ) is all smiles with his 28 pound, 39 inch striped bass.


   On Monday's trip Captain Satch followed suit. I was thrilled to watch as Liz Currie (CT) "left" landed the largest striper caught on the "India Marie" this season. Liz's trophy bass was 41.75 inches 30 pounds. Only Kelly Roy's 43 inch 32 pound striper caught with Captain Den aboard the Gath III was larger. It's hard to land these beautiful fish on light line, but Liz just did everything right. She also did it with the "Mom handicap", keeping an eye on her well behaved boys, Evan Age 7 and Eric Age 4 at the same time she was showing her husband Rick who had bragging rights this season.

    Friday's offshore trip was excellent as well. Craig Saums"NJ" landed the largest fish of his life. Craig's 25 pound Trophy cod "center" had a 25 inch girth. It was only 39 inches long but was one of the fattest cod we've landed all season. George Moulton (VT)  had the time of his life, landing fish steadily all day. The largest of his nineteen keepers was this 15.5 pound pollock "right" .



    In other news, Al Timm (Ma) "left".... " also shown seated on his fighting chair center"....landed more fish than he every really wanted to. Al with his largest ever 14.5 pound pollock.  Al also landed some nice cod and a double keeper pollock catch with a 14 and 10 pound fish on the same drop. Yesterday we caught a slew of mackerel for the first time since the bluefish arrived on July 21st. Fall fishing is indeed setting up nicely and inshore striper fishing especially for stripers remains very good. Rick Lacki (NY) finally out fished his son Elliot, at sunset Rick "right" landed his largest ever 37.5 inch 23 pound Striper.



Week ending Sept 1st:  Trophy stripers... Many families had to return home this week to begin school a week earlier than normal. Captain Whit began a new year at Graduate school at Plymouth State University this afternoon, 1st mate Joe Godin began his senior year at UNH  yesterday, and my grandson Little McCary started his first day of kindergartin in the morning.


Captain Den who graduated with his B.S.from Fitchberg State this spring is home to help me keep the boats running in full swing for the fall fishing season.Den and I shared the helm on the "India Marie" this morning for the first time since June and we had a great inshore trip. There are allot of really nice stripers in the area fattening up for their return trip to Delaware and Maryland. John Brandts "Me" landed the largest striper caught on "Indi" this season and the third largest striper on either boat this season. John's fish was 40.5 inches 26 pounds, pictured on right with Captain Den. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.Congratulations John! Another great friend and renowned fisherman Franklin Davis had three very large fish spool him into the rocks. Frank landed three or four other bass the largest of which was 11 pounds..but never has he been so close to catching the largest fish of the year. Nikki Quartaro"NY"  had no mercy on her dad Jeff. Nikki landed three stripers the largest was the 10.5 pounder (left). She also boated a 10 pound Blue.We all had a great time. I would consider booking a striper trip in the next week or so if you want to try your hand at catching that trophy.. I don't think we seen the last of them... Best Satch !


   Week ending Aug 30th:  The girls continue to out fish the boys! We had another great week on the water. The weather turned in our favor, every day his week was sunny with light breezes. This made for excellent fishing. The water temp cooled down just enough to push the large schools of Bluefish a little south, allowing big schools of striped bass to make their way into our area on their fall migration south. It was the best striper fishing since June with catches exceeding 25 fish per trip on at least three charters this week. We were still able to catch Blues on most of our trips as well. This makes for great inshore fishing when a guest can have a good shot at both species.A few mackerel have also returned for the 1st time in six weeks, by Sept 10th on our inshore trips you'll be able to catch a "box of 1 to 1.5 pound Macs" if you have the desire. Offshore fishing continues to be the best its every been for us. I've been able to treat allot of my favorite families to some special offshore trips. And the girls did out fish the boys this week. Jessica Luby (CT) won the pool on Thursday with the largest fish of her life a 22 pound cod. Her brother Brian "right" with his largest ever 20 pound cod.


On her offshore trip Robin Provent "FL" simply out fished everybody. Robin on her first fishing trip in Maine, but certainly not her first in the ocean, landed nice fish all day long from the moment we arrived until it was time to head for home. Her largest fish "right" was this 16 pound pollock. She had that look in her eye, when she landed double keeper 12 pound pollock at the same time. Robin also landed five or six nice cod in the 8 to 12 pound range. My grandson Joey made it back offshore this week as well, thats to the generosity of my good friend Bob Luby. Joey landed the largest haddock of his life, which he traded to Mr. George at the Wells House of Pizza for his famous shrimp topped pizza pie, as well as his largest ever 17.5 pound pollock "right". This is a potential "State of Maine Jr. Angler" record pollock. Congadulations Joey!



 Heather Clement "MA" landed the largest bluefish on the "India Marie" this week an 11 pounder. It was a great family outing her husband Rich 's Blue was 31 inches 9 pounds. Her daughter Anna tied dad with another 31 inch 9 pounder Bluefish "right" and their 9 year old son Brad was high hook of the trip with five striped bass, his largest was a nice 25 incher..... "Fish On !"


 In other news, we were also honored this week to be noted as the best fishing charter in York county by readers of our local York County Coast Star Newspaper. This is the 3rd time we've been voted* number one in the last four years.  It's a fine testiment to how hard our great crew works and how much they truely enjoy taking our guests fishing. I'm very proud of the sincererity of our crew! I'm not sure that we really are the best , but its a high honor to be in the running with Maine's premier fishing vessels like the"Bunny Clark of Ogunquit" and the "Rebecca Lynne of Kennebunkport."        

Week ending Aug 24th: Stiring's of Autumn on the coast... Fall weather and all that means for our fishery seems to be at about two weeks ahead of normal. It's been the 2nd coolest summer that I've experienced in the nineteen years since I started taking folks fishing for a living. This seems to be having a good affect on the fishing and catching... but a little cooler and wetter for our guests! The cool weather has started to push the large schools of bluefish a little to the southard, allowing nice size stripers to start their fall migration into our area sooner than normal. Large size stripers are showing up ahead of schedule. Captain Dennis landed the two largest bass of the year yesterday. On left, Captain Den on the "magic Gath III", helping Kelly Roy "NH" hold up her "trophy 43 inch, 32 pound striper "our largest of the year to date. Kelly husband, Dwayne also landed a 41 inch, 26 pound trophy striper. Dwayne was wise enough to release his trophy fish unharmed even though he could have kept it by law. John Brown "ME" right with his 18 pound, 37 inch striper landed with Capt Satch on the "Indi Marie". His sons Jason and Justin also landed bass in the 14 and 15 pound class.These large stripers are breeders each one producing millions of eggs in the spring.  It's thoughtful anglers like the Roy's and the Brown's that have helped our striper fishery come back to what it is today.            Thanks guys!


  Another sign of fall is the large quantity of pollock we are catching on our offshore trips. There not really big yet. Most of these fish are in the 10 to 12 pound range, but all signs point to great pollock fishing this September and October with the much bigger pollock soon to come. I can hardly wait... These beautiful fish are my favorite to eat and they also put up the best fight of any ground fish. Almost as good as catching a large striper....(Left) Captain Satch and his old friend Dick Basile "CT" with a matching pair of 10 pounders..."Right" An exashted Tommy O'Brien "MA" with one of his nice 12 pounders caught Friday on "Indi Marie".


    A couple other noteworthy anglers insisted I post their pics for their brothers and brother in laws to see... Mark Dinkwine "AR" left, says  "Wish you were her Wayne". Mark beat out all the Yankees on his offshore trip with this nice 14.5 pound cod. And a happy Jared Keniston out fished all his mates on a fishermans holiday, while his older brother "Captain Ian" toiled away as the finest new Captain on the premier fishing vessel "Bunny Clark"... "Wish you could have been here Bro.."



Week ending Aug 21th:  A great assortment of game fish !  It's very full filling for me to look at all the various species of fish we caught this week. It shows how far our little company, crew and guests alike have come in a short 9 years. Special thanks to the great families that have returned to fish with us each season and our great crew that got it all together .........
Fishing continued to be excellent on almost all our trips this week. Of course you always have the occasional slow day, it's fishing! Captains Den and Whit report good to excellent catches of both bluefish and stripers inshore. In my travels offshore we are catching a fine assortment of nice ground fish.  For example:on yesterdays trip we landed and kept... 11 haddock, 11 cod, 10 pollock, and 9 cusk. On our last stop of the day, I noticed something unusual on the fish finder... stopped, dropped and as soon as we hit bottom everyone hooked up. Three trophy cusk were landed within five minutes."Left to right" Mark O'brien (Ma), Chuck Hlib (Pa) with twin 14 pounders, and Bobby Conroy ( Ma) with his pool winning 15 pounder...


It's an honor to have Paul Sullivan (FL) return to fish with us each season. Paul's an avid and excellent fisherman. It makes me feel that we must be doing something right to have fisherman of his caliber on board. Paul (left) with his largest catch of the day a 12.5 pound pollock. Young John Mier (PA) a "2003 graduate of our family fishing camp" is off to his 1st year college this fall. John with his new roommate Bill showing off a couple of nice bluefish they landed Monday on the "India Marie".


 On Tuesday's 2 hr family discovery evening trip, the Allen Family (CT) proudly displays Tommy's first ocean catch "Left to right"  JP, Sarah, 1st mate Joe Godin,Tommy and Megan. I had to return to harbor sooner than I wanted to as thunderstorms threatened as they have almost ever evening.  Picture on left: Nick Carhilara (VT) with his 11.5 pound, 31 inch striper.This is the 3rd largest striper, I've landed as Captain of the "India Marie in the last two weeks. I've been spending allot of time offshore this August. Captain's Den and Whit have been spending more effort inshore and  have been landing a few larger bass on the Gath III. Hopefully they will update their web page soon..but please be patient were all very busy taking care of our guests fishing needs first.. Thanks Satch                


Week ending Aug 13th:  Offshore excitement continues..... Both offshore Cod fishing and inshore Blue fishing were excellent this week. Not to mention the Blue fin Tuna that have arrived in our waters... Mary Ann McAvoy (ME) "Keith's wife" finally took a day off from work and landed three cod over 23 pounds, two of which were tackle breaker trophies..   Mary Ann and Keith " left" with her largest, a 28 pounder.  Mary Ann was thoughtful enough to release her third largest cod a 23 pounder back to the sea unharmed. This was the largest cod weve ever released aboard the "India Marie" to date.  Keith and Mary Ann celebrated their 9th Wedding anniversary this spring... It's already been nine years since Keith first started helping the boys and I rebuild the "classic" Gath III...

  Meanwhile, Laruren Goebertus (FL)
landed out largest monkfish of the 2004 season on Monday. Laureen's special fish was 15 pounds and was also released back to the ocean right after we took this picture...



 Speaking of time flying..The last time I saw "Garrett Kunz" he was a two month old baby in Betsy's arms.... Like father like son.. Garrett son of the" great cod slayer Fred Kunz" made his first ocean adventure on the "India Marie" Friday evening.." 8 yr old Garret below with his first bluefish (left) and his first striper (right).  It was a real treat and honor to have Fred and his family aboard for a family afternoon trip.


 There are also a lot more pollock in the area than in previous Augusts..It look like a great pollock catching fall..The Gobertus Family (FL) always join us for a trip each season.. This year they ventured offshore for the first time..(Left to right) with a string of 10 pound pollock. Sue,Greg, Lauren, Elena, and Keesy.


On the
Savoie Family annual charter, all the boys landed cod in the 15 to 25 pound range. Brother Scott (left) won the pool with this 26 pound Maine State trophy, Mike's three largest fish were 14, 16,and 18.5 pound cod. Mike with his 18.5 pounder on right.. Ernie "center" almost managed to keep up with his sons with his largest fish of the day a respetable 13 pound pollock......

                         We're sincerley greatful that so many good families return to fish with us every season..


Week ending Aug 2nd: India's new bow rail sees first action! Captain Whit took the offshore trip on Friday so that he could break in the new bow rail. He was so excited that he wanted to leave Thursday night at midnight, only my elder wisdom slowed him down a bit. Whit landed the 1st fish on the new pulpit on his 1st cast, a 16 pound cod. Fishing continued excellent all day. "Left" 1st mate Keith McAvoy and Terry lamb (NY) enjoy a smoke break while posing with three steakers on the new pulpit. "Right" Bob Parks (NJ) with the largest cod of his career a 24 pound beauty. Nice size pollock are also coming into the area earlier and in larger numbers for the 1st of August. It looks like its going to be a great fall for those of you who like to catch fish who like green teasers!



The girls of the "India Marie"..Kelly Wilkenson "PA" landed the most fish of the day as she most always does. Kelly landed 17,18, and 19 pound pollack. Her largest cod was 24 pounds, but her best picture (left) is of this nice 14 pounder. Lynne Shaffer "NJ" daughter of our esteemed angler Paul Dvoretsy (ME) landed her largest ever 23 pounder. It's pretty girls like this that we like to see out fish the "old boy" cod barons on the" Indi Marie"



  Inshore Fishing........ Blue fishing continues to be hotter than I've ever seen it this time of year. Captain Den reported catching over 40 Bluefish on Saturday and over 50 on Sunday. Sue Fedorich (NY) hooks the big one!  



Week ending July 27th:  Fast and furious ! Despite the coolest July in at least 10 years, our guests are having a great time. Both "India and Gath" are running hard every day and the fishing continues to be excellent both inshore and offshore. The Blue fish arrived in great numbers this week, that slows the striper bite down a bit, but it makes for some fast and furious blue fish action inshore.

  Offshore fishing continues to be the best its every been for us, we continue to catch some nice size cod, a few quality haddock and the pollock also seem to be moving into the area early this season. Keith has rigged up an 18 foot outrigger, so we have the new capability of trolling for the big ca"TUNA" if we have the good fortune of seeing a school of Blue fin on our offshore forays.


      Paul Wallace our welder has completed the fabrication of the new bow rail on "India"...  a very special place to cast a jig or a fly!!!
Last night we completed the installation of our new bow rail, Captain Whit can't wait to get offshore to try it out tommorrow......(left to right) 2nd mate Bob Demers, Captain Den and Keith, Paul Wallace our welder and an anxious Capt.Whit "What a thrill for me". It's quite an accomplishment for the "Satch and Sons Crew" to have come so far in a few short years..Thank you'all so much for your support and for the confidencee youv'e shown in us over our first  eight years.


 Lisa "Snowie Owl "Quinn and Keith (left) with one of her 10 pound blue fish. It's always great fishing when Lisa is aboard, her good spirit attracts great quantities of fish to the Gath III or the India Marie, then  we just have to land them. Captain Den leads all the captains in Maine this Blue fish season. On Sunday's trip Bernadette Whitcomb (VT) landed the seasons largest 12 pound blue...                        Congradulations Bernadette!

    The Richard Brothers (MA) fish have with us every season for the last seven years...I remember when Shawn was just three year old,, our youngest angler at the time. Rob, Andrew and Shawn all caught keeper stripers on Tuesday's trip with Capt Den. "Left to right"  Rob, Andrew and Shawn with Shawn's 26.5 Inch bass. 1st Mate Joe Godin (NH) helps Steve Fabriano (NH) hold up his 37.5 inch 17 pound striper. It's great fun for families to be able to catch these great fish without having to travel so far offshore...


 Me "ole mate" and good friend Dwight Mailing "Fl" took a day off from his Air Force duties to spend on the "India Marie". Dwight is one of the brave and selfless folks that are giving their all to protect us during these troubled times. We were really honored to have him aboard for the day thanks in part to the generosity of the Lamb Family. Dwight with his 20 pound cod "left" and 12 pound wolfish "right". Dwight was also good friend of my daughter India, I think she might have brought him a little special luck!



 The girls of the Lamb Family (NY). Trish driving India home after a great offshore adventure, 9 year old Marilyn in front, Tara in background and Amber on the right. These "NY State Dairy Princesses" were brought up as hard working dairy farmers in upstate New York. Don't let their beauty fool you, they are some of the most able, strongest, fisher girls you'll ever see. They can out fish just about anybody no matter how deep the water is. They usually want to go with my sons Den and Whit, but always humor me with a fun day with the old man offshore.. Amber with a double catch of redfish, and her pool winning 8.5 pound Blue, and Tara center with a nice market cod....






Week ending July 13th:  Kid's Week ! My wife Gloria and I were thrilled to have our three grandsons together again this week. This is the 1st time in a year that we've enjoyed their company together for an extended stay. Again "Special thanks" to all of you who helped in this endeavor.

Meanwhile offshore my oldest grandson Joey Tavares landed the largest fish of his life..This was a big accomplishment since Joey is one of the most avid young anglers on the Maine coast and has a lot of nice fish under his belt. There was a pretty big smile on his face when his 25.5 pound Maine state trophy cod hit the deck. Not to be outdone my good friend Paul Dvoretsy (Me) had no problem teaching Joey a little humility, Paul scun Joey out of the pool money with the largest cod of his long career, a 30 pound Maine State trophy "right"...


  Jeanette Deblois (NJ) celebrated her dad's "Fred Burketts 91st birthday" aboard the "India Marie" on July 7th. Fred who passed on this January, was a well renowned fishermen who fished all the best boats on the Maine coast. For the last five years,we were honored to have him fish with us every year on his birthday..Fred was our oldest active fishermen and he'll be missed up and down the coast.
                                                             Jeanette with one of her three nice haddock...


   On Friday's Fisherman's Club outing, Gil Ranta (ME) won the pool with a nice 15 pound cod. It was such a beautiful day that you had to cast a jig in order to do well fishing.
I was also excited to have my 1st cousin ,Tom Markham (Pa) up for the first time in seven years. Tom "right" with his haddock of the day, we enjoyed a special day reliving "ole tales of days gone by! Clair Risley (NH) out fished her husband Ray. Clair below with her 27.5 inch stripped bass.



   We had another slam bang day Monday on the Bill Allen (NH) charter. Everyone on the boat landed beautiful cod over 18 pounds. It was a special day for fishing and catching. Mark Dewolf landed the most fish of the day catching fish on almost every cast.. But "woe be it" Mark somehow managed to drop his largest fish just yards from the rail ..Even though Mark is the most precise and careful " realer upper"   I've ever seen aboard the India Marie"...
    Ron Fuller (NH)
"left" won the pool with this nice 27.5 pound trophy cod . Scott Thompson (NH) "right" rallied just behind Ron catching his largest ever, 26 pound Maine State Trophy..


Happy Independence Day ! This week has brought incredibly great weather and great fishing as well....We have so many good pictures of you'all, that it's difficult to pick out a few to put on the site. You should also check out Captains Whit's log for pictures he has taken on the Gath III the last week or so. Special thanks to the many families who return and keep us so busy this time of year.

  Eric Walsh (RI)"left" celebrates his "pool winnings" with a $20 cigar. Captain Den reported that his largest striper was 14 pounds, 34.5 inches. It was the largest fish landed Monday evening on "all five of Kennebunk and Well's best striper boats" chartered by Al Kallis (ME) for his annual company outing.  "Right" Rich and Richie Hesterhagen and their good friend Jimmy Rigley (NY) enjoyed a great offshore day with us this Tuesday. The cod in this picture are in the 10 to 11 pound range. Our crew feels blessed to take so with many special guests like the Hesterhagens...


  Allot of nice trophy fish were landed this week aboard the "India Marie". Steve Sampson (MA) enjoyed two great trips offshore. Steve's largest cod "left" was a Maine state trophy 26 pounder. Steve put on a fishing show for all his friends and employees. The "King" thoroughly enjoyed his vacation week, landed fish steadily on both his trips. John Conneli (Ma) gave Steve a run for his money on Saturdays trip. John "right" landed this nice 25 pound trophy cod and a 12.5 pound trophy cusk as well. John  "C is for cusk" Conneli  landed over 20 cusk single handedly , so it's not so surprising that one of them was large enough to be a state of Maine trophy.  John's son Brian is in the photo below showing off his 15 pound trophy wolfish. I chased Brain at least three times around the cabin ..just trying to show him his pretty teeth....



Week ending June 28th:   A very busy time...  Both "Aggie and Indi" are running every day and I have very little time left to update the website or anything else for that matter. Den,Whit, Kieth, Joe and I are putting all our efforts into making our guests fishing adventures the best they can be.
    We are doing extremely well on our offshore trips on India..The water offshore is warming up and we expect to have very good cod fishing in July. We've prepared our Shark and Tuna poles and I hope to have a picture of a very large fish to post sometime soon. Inshore the water is also finally warming up and larger stripers are moving up the Maine coast. On Mike Johnson's bachelor party trip June 25th, Captain Whit reported landing an 11 pound bluefish..That's the largest bluefish ever caught in July....Anyway I just wanted to post a few pictures of our happy anglers with some of the nice fish they landed this week, wish you all the best, encourage you to come up for a visit, and ask for you understanding if I don't answer all your e mails at this busy time.. Best Satch




     Jillian Lurie "
McMahon" with Captain Den and her largest ever 26 inch Striper..Anyone notice any resemblance to her Cousin Den...Jillian took to the boat and the water like her Uncle Satch did at her age. It wouldn't surprise me to see a female captain in the family one of these days..  

Week ending June 14th: We had another exciting week fishing offshore on the "India Marie"..Friday we celebrated Emil Gallant's *%$# th birthday in style. Mark Walsh "MA" shows off his 8.5 pound wolfish ,which he somehow manages to look like a 20 pounder. Paul Dvoretsky "ME" won the pool with this nice 17 pound cod (left). Paul's grandson Dave who is off to freshman year of college and football camp in August, worked hard all day on his muscle tone, landing three nice cusk and a handful of cod. Kevin White (ME) was high hook. Kevin and his new rod and reel landed nice keeper cod, steadily throughout the day, proving you can catch the most fish for the least bucks!!!


Week ending May 31st:  Memorial Day week end ! We had our busiest Memorial day weekend ever. Both the "Gath III" and the "India Marie" were full every day . On our offshore trips on "Indi" two trophy wolfish were landed. Dave Rush (CT) left, landed the largest wolf caught in Maine so far this season @ 20.25 pounds. Alec Dvoretsy, age 11 (NJ) right, hauled in this nice 15.5 pound trophy unassisted. Alec fished the deep water all day, jigging and reeling and never tireing. I never seen any boy his age so enthused about fishing with the possible exception of my grandson Joey..They need to have another fish off on of these days!



   Our largest cod of the weekend was caught by Michael Flader (CA) a 20 pounder. Michael joined his friend Capt Mike Osborn and flew to Maine from California to fish with us this Friday. All other Maine charters boats with the exception of the Bunny Clark canceled do to the blustery raining conditions. It looked like a movie offshore with heavy rain blowing sideways and the tops blowing off  the whitecaps... I hate to say it but these conditions were most probably brought on by this seasons inaugural appearance of Hurricane Mike McCay, it's always an exciting day with Mike aboard.



 To top off an already great weekend, Captain Den graduated with his Bachelor of Science degree from Fitchberg State College (MA). Left to right, Den's girlfriend Kim, my wife Gloria, Capt Den and my mom Carolyn. We had a little after graduation party for him at the Fitchberg Social Club where we were treated like royalty by the club's officers Dicky Gould and Jack Mulcahey,and by our old friend Dave Reynold's brother Don..
                                                                        Congratulations Den........

    Week ending May 24th: 
Off and running! The classic "Gath III" was launched for her 60th season on Thursday May 20th. As Gath was coming down the ramp, large numbers of schooly stripers were jumping in the channel for the 1st time this season. I took this picture Thursday evening as I was coming in from an offshore trip on "India Marie". Captain Den at the helm ,Captain Whit in red shirt, 1st mate Joe Godin "back for his 3rd season" on deck and Pattie and Jim Krupsky (ME) enjoying a test drive around the harbor. We landed over 25 small stripers in less than an hour Thursday evening, all the stripers were in the 13 to 19 inch range. If we're lucky enough to find a school its fast spring fishing action !


         We had to cancel trips on both boats on Saturday Morning May 23rd thanks to a raw 20/ 25 knot northeast breeze, other than that we had our most successful May weekend ever ..Eight trophy fish were landed on India and Gath... Rookie of the year, Conor Hughes "Ma" (left) landed the largest fish of his life, the largest fish ever caught on the "India Marie" and I believe the largest cod landed in the state of Maine so far this season. Conor's fish was just over the 50 pound mark!  Conor followed that feat with a 36 pound Maine state Trophy.. his dad Frank's (right) 23.5 pound Cod looked like a fry by comparison.


   Greg Gallager "Ma" (left) also landed the largest cod of his life a 33 pound trophy, and Captain Den bested his biggest fish mark with a 36.5 pound Trophy cod.(right)


*Every year at this time I find it important to stress that we are a family style boat, we target large fish for recreational enjoyment. We happily abide by all state and federal fishery conservation regulations and enjoy releasing fish including state trophies at the angler's discretion. I do not enjoy or condone "Ole boy charters"with allot of beer drinking and the main goal of filling up the freezer with coolers full of fillets. Times have changed, and I feel for the better. There is a 10 fish per person per day cod fish limit, a 3 fish per person blue fish limit, and a one fish per person striped bass limit. Our intent at Captain Satch and Sons is to offer families and our individual guests a real opportunity to catch a fish of a lifetime. We will continue to operate as a family style boat that offers enjoyable, professional sportsfishng both inshore and offshore, and we want to thank all the folks who supported us in this philosophy over the last 8 years... *

Week ending April 25th:    Launch day!          

Independent Boat haulers" arrived Friday morning to help us launch the "India Marie" for our 2004 season. This will already be our third year with the new boat. Everything went extremely well. Rick does such a great job hauling the boats to the harbor every spring. This year was the 1st year, that I rode in his truck with him with "Indi" trailing along behind us. Special thanks to everyone that helped get her ready this spring. Kieth, Den and Whit spent the last few days working till 11pm to get it all together for todays launch, and we couldn't have completed all our new projects without Bob and Frank's consistent help.The engine started perfectly, there where no leaks at any of our through hulls, and all the paint was dry ..another first! Many of you will be happy with all the new improvements we've made this winter. I'm very proud of what the boys have accomplished, she's really a nice boat to fish on and she should make allot of guests happy this season.
 I'll be spending this week getting all our safety and fishing gear ready for our first trip this Friday April 30th. All our offshore reels have been rebuilt and re spooled, and Monday has been set aside to get our jigging and shark poles ready and placed on board. Den and Keith spent yesterday installing a new overhead davit in the event we need to haul a large shark aboard. I'm off to launch the skiff this morning.

*Please note our new post office box address: Capt. Satch and Sons... PO. Box 225, No. Berwick.Me. 03906. It helps allot if you send your fishing deposits to the new address                                                                                                                                    

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