A few of our *All Stars* with thier world class trophies


    Sometimes it just takes an old pro...
Many of you will recognize the smiling face  peeking out from behind the largest cod ever caught on the "India Marie". Les Paul "Me" with his 58# Trophy cod landed on our weekly "Fair weather fisherman's club outing". Les's trophy was the largest cod ever landed on the "India Marie", and one of the largest cod landed in the state of Maine during the 2006 season. What a thrill for my crew and I, it is a real honor to have fishermen of Les's caliber aboard our boats. Les's cod was 51.5 inches long and most likely would have weighed at least 72 pounds if she hadn't already spawned.          Congratulations Les it couldn't have happened to a better guy!


Sisters ! Marilyn Lamb, with her (18 pound) potential Maine State record Wolfish "for girls under the age of 10". Marilyn reeled this baby up  all on her own . It was an impressive 10 minute fight.


..........and her big sister Tara Lamb with her 42 inch, 35 pound plus Porbeagle shark. Tara realized at once that she had a special fish on the line and
made all the right moves to land her trophy. After this pictcture was taken the shark was released to fight another day. Tara now a sophmore in college has been fishing with me since she was Marilyns age.



  Don Somers "Me" (left) with the largest cod of his career.  1st mate Keith McAvoy (left) helping Don hold up his 38.5 pound trophy cod..  Dave Manning "NH" (right) and Captain Satch with Dave's largest ever 33 pound trophy..These are two of the finest characters that you could have aboard and these photos reflect proud moments for Kieth and I . We couldn't be happier that we were able to help them land their special fish with us aboard the "India Marie".


         "India's Marie's"  First Blue fin Tuna!     Korey Sweatt (NY) landed India's first blue fin Tuna  !

    Korey fought his
50 pound Tuna for forty-four minutes and landed him approx 3/4 of a mile from his hookup........

  First mate Keith McAvoy (left) stood by with the harpoon and directed the action. It was the best and most prolonged fishing fight I've ever witnessed. Schools of Blue fin tuna are abundant in our waters during the months of August and September. The "India Marie" is licensed by the National Marine Fisheries Service to land these blue ghosts of the seas, but it is not your typical trophy. We've landed some really great fish on our offshore trips*SEE PICS BELOW*, but catching our 1st Blue fin is a really special accomplishment. 

                                  Congratulations Kory!



Alaska...........No Maine  !

     Captan Whit with Mr. Leslie Shan "NJ" (left) got our opening season on the "India Marie" off to a grand start landing a super 22 pound, 37 inch" .........you guessed it Halibut. Les a renowned member of the Hudson River fishing club proved his fishing prowess by landing our 1st ever Halibut on the India Marie. Halibut of this size have become very rare in Maine waters. It has been over 12 years since I gaffed a keeper Halibut on the Bunny Clack with Captain Tim at the helm. Every year since I've dreamt of catching one, and to land one on just our 3rd trip offshore with the Hudson River boys is just thrilling.  I was able to stick Les's fish with the new gaff Keith just finished making for us and my son, Captain Whit was right by my side to help me haul her over the rail. This is the kind of moment that makes all the hard work worth it for my family and our guests.      Congratulations Les!


  Our largest cod of the 2005 season landed on the "India Marie". This 50 pound Maine state trophy was landed by Christy Martin (VT) on one of our 10 hr offshore adventures....... Christy fought this beautiful fish for over ten minutes...It was by far the largest fish of her life, also of note with her trophy cod, she landed a 12 pound pollock as a double- keeper catch on the same line at the same time.                                                                  
                       Congratulations Christy!  Sorry about that boys........ 






Pretty Cool!!!  Mark De Wolf "ME" with Captain Satch "left".  Mark landed the largest wolfish of his life and the 2nd largest wolfish ever landed on India. Marks state trophy wolf was 23.25 pounds. It was the largest wolfish caught in the State of Maine in 2005. Mark also landed a 12.5 pound state trophy cusk and a box full of cod to top off his day. Mark Milligen and Bill Allen each landed New England Research tagged cod. The tagging program is a conservation effort to further understand the nature and health of our offshore cod fishery. We were able to re- release Mark's cod after determining its size and location caught.  But we didn't notice the blue tag in Bills fish until it was to late, but the $$ blue tag brought a $100 reward  to the lucky angler.


   Ray Washburn (VT) landed the largest striper caught on the "India Marie" in 2004, and one of the largest stripers caught in Maine waters during the 2004  season. Ray's striper (left) was 44.5 inches long and weighed 33.5 pounds. To top off this tale. Ray's was thoughtful enough to release this beautiful fish back to the ocean alive. Fish of this size spawn millions of eggs every spring and it's passionate recreation anglers like Ray who continue to encourage the return of large stripers for all the Grampy's and their kids you now see fishing along the Maine coast.. Thanks Ray !






 Chuck Hilb "NJ" with the largest monkfish ever landed on the India Marie ... A 31 pound Monkfish.. "Left"Satch helping Chuck hold up his trophy Monkfish, Captain Whit took the pic.... "Right"Chuck demonstrates his fishes " Boca Grande'.... These monks are angler fish, they dangle a little antenna like bait in front of their wide open mouths, then chomp down on their prey at the appropriate time.



  Captain Mike Osborn is a renowned "West Coast Tuna captain" who skippers out of Los Angeles. Mike's also a super guy who's been a tremendous help to us during our start up years.. It's an real honor to have a fisherman of his caliber coming all that way to fish with us. Mike rebuilds all our striper and cod reels during the winter season and keeps his eye out for the latest in new fishing technology and equipment to help us keep our competitive edge.
 Captain Mike with his and "India Marie's" largest hake ever a 35 pound, 38 inch Maine Trophy fish.



On left, Captain Den on the "Magic Gath III"   helping Kelly Roy "NH" hold up her "trophy 43 inch, 32 pound striper " Gath III's largest of the 2004 season. Kelly's husband, Dwayne also landed a striper slightly smaller than Kelly's. Dwayne Maine State Trophy was 41 inchs long and weighed, 26 pounds.

On right, 1st mate Joe Godin helps Ron Carrera"ME" hold up the largest striper ever landed on the Gath III. Ron's State of Maine trophy was 44.5 " long and its live weigh was 34.5 pounds. As the largest striper of the 2005 season, Ron's fish also qualifies as the "Annual Gath Coombs Cup Trophy winner" for this season.

                                              The cup will be proudly displaced in CaptainsWhit's office !

                                                 Congradulations to Ron, 1st mate Joe and Captain Whit.



Rookie of the year "2004",Conor Hughes "Ma" (left) landed the largest fish of his life, and one of the largest cod ever caught on the "India Marie". Conor's fish was just over the 50 pound mark!  Conor followed that feat with a "2nd Maine state trophy cod" on the same trip, a 36 pounder.Capt Den "left " with the lagest cod of his life, Den's trophy weighed in @ 36.5 pounds.



Laruren Goebertus (FL) landed out largest monkfish of the 2004 season.. Laureen's special fish was 15 pounds and was also released back to the ocean right after we took this picture...and Linda Paul (ME) with the largest pollock ever caught aboard the India Marie. Linda's Maine State trophy pollock was 28.5 pounds.


 These are a few good examples of the special guests we're lucky enough to take fishing aboard the "Gath III and the India Marie". W'ere honored that you've had the confidence to support my crew and I over the last nine years, and we sincerly look forward to the many good years ahead.
                                                                                                                                                          Best.. Captain Satch

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