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1st peek! This winter we were able to purchase and install a new Cummins diesel engine for our "India Marie". After three years of working on  "Indi", the new engine installation finally completes all our major projects on the "Indi Marie" She's fully  ready to join the Gath III taking guests inshore fishing in style, but she also has the capacity to take you safely 25 miles offshore on a moments notice!  No small task and we thank you for your continued support over the years.......

      On Tuesdays trip the boys from Ohio had what they claimed to be their best fishing trip ever. Toby "left" won the pool with his largest fish ever a 20 pound Cod, while his friend Danny Stora (OH) "right" landed the only Maine state trophy of the day a 7.75 pound haddock. Center photo a happy Nick Mahony (VT) with his largest ever. 15 pound cod.



I've spent the last four days catching up on the long neglected things that have to be done around the house,after having spent the whole summer offshore. My lovely wife Gloria asked me to make a web-page to help her with her quilting business sales. I spent the morning getting started on her new web- page. So please check it out!  Ill be updating it with the latest pictures of all the beautiful quilts she's made this summer, as soon as the fishing season winds down. I would highly recommend contacting Gloria so you can get the best choice on that very special gift for the holidays ahead.           click here:   Mrs. Satches... Maine country quilts...

  Week ending Sept 7th! I'd like to wish the best to all my very close friends in New Orleans.  Our prayers are with you. Please call me to let us know if your alright and if you need a place to stay!
On the "Coast of Maine" we are currently keeping alert for the three active storms churning this week in the Southern Atlantic  the closest one @ 700 miles is causing small swells to break along the shore.With a little luck they'll head out to sea and we'll cont
inue to experience great fishing during the month of September. We have quite a few offshore charters booked and our open boat "Fair weather fishermans club" Fridays have been a big success. Inshore the blue fish continue to break on the surface some really spectacular and some really slow trips depending on the feed and the bite! God knows! The stripers are also schooling up and moving along the coast on their annual fall migration. Same deal......... it seems to be either super fishing or stinky fishing depending on if we can find the many large schools during their feeding frenzies. I'm confident Capt Whit and I will land a few more trophy stripers inshore this month, as they fatten up on their way south. As I mentioned last week "Pollock fishing" is the best its been in years. Most pollock are in the "10 to 15 pound" range, and double keeper catches are not uncommon. If you'd like to experience good offshore fishing and take a few fillets home for the winter......nows the time to book an offshore trip on the "India Marie."

 A couple more pictures of some of this August's lucky anglers. I hadn't seen John Flaterly "NH" (left) since the old "BC" days. What a great guy! Captain Whit was lucky enough to enjoy a day offshore fishing with John. I'm not sure of the size or the story behind his double wolfish catch, but I couldn't wait to post this picture any longer. " I don't have Capt Whit record book at this time.more details later". (Center picture) Jack Judge"CT" with his 8 pound trophy haddock as he enjoyed a day of solitude fishing on India's pulpit. And Ed Joseph "NY..NY" and his son Matthew with his pool winning 26 pound cod !


  Week ending Aug 27th........Labor days fast approach! I'm thoroughly enjoying the last week of summer vacation, before my grandkids return to school next week. Capt Whit and I have been so busy taking all of you, that we've had no time for the web site, dinners out, or even mowing the lawn. Thanks so much for your support!
        Inshore "blue fishing" has been spectacular this week with "balls of bait" and blues breaking the surface all the way from Cape Porpoise to Nuble light. If you've been waiting for the summers best blue fishing nows the time! Striper fishing has slowed down with the tremendous amount of blue fish activity, but I did manage to land a nice "25 plus pound trophy striper" on the "India Marie" this week. See Liz's picture below.. Schools of large stripers have already begun their migration south and the 1st three weeks of September should be a great time to try for a large striper for those who care to try.

      Offshore fishing remains excellent, in fact the best it's ever been for us. This August, the pollock have returned in greater numbers than I have seen them in over 10 years. Most of the pollock are in the nine to fifteen pound range and double keeper catches are not uncommon. Were looking forward to a "fall pollock fishing"  extravaganza.We also are continuing our quest to catch large cod and hake and are having quite good success, as those of you who have tried our "Fair Weather Fisherman's Friday" can attest to.

      My step daughter Erin continues to do an exceptionally good job answering my phone, taking reservations and keeping the book! It's a little less personal without me making reservations, but it gives me the time to spend 100% of my effort with you during the fishing day on board "India." Erin is hard working and really cares about you and the type of trip you desire and most of all she's honest with our guests. 

Week ending Oct 3rd! Beautiful October weather has ushered in a string of great offshore fishing days. Our last three offshore trips have all been very enjoyable for me. Our great guests have really enjoyed themselves. The fishing has been super and the company even better. On the Don Richardson (NH) charter the catching was mostly cod and haddock. Satch, Andrew and Damon with a few of the days haddock catch..Andrew landed the only trophies of the day a 7.5 haddock and a 16 pound cusk, but everyone landed nice keepers all day and the price of cod fillets in "Keene" certainly took a plunge.........


 Offshore fishing remains excellent. On this week's Fair Weather fishermans club outing, my best friend and college room mate, Carl Emanual (NY) read a poem he wrote on the ride out as everyone else dropped their lines on the first stop. Before he could get to last stanza "We came here to fish" everyone was bailing nice pollock and cod over the rail. Linda Paul (ME) was winning the pool most of the morning with a 27.5 pound trophy cod. On the last stop of the day "Mackerel shark Bob Engvold" (NY) called for a gaff up in the pulpit and hauled in our largest hake of the season, a 30 pound Maine state trophy to take over the lead. Within minutes Linda answered the challange with our largest hake of the 2005 season a 34 pounder.........the 2nd largest hake ever landed on the "India Marie."  Jeannette Deblois (NJ) and Emil Gallant (ME) caught cod, pollock, and haddock steadily throughout the day making it one of my best birthdays ever. Thank you 'all so much.... Satchie


Also I'd like to remind you that the only way to make a reservation is to call my office phone (207) 337-0716. My step daughter Erin is doing a superb job getting back to you on time and keeping all our reservations running smoothly. I didn't think any one could possible do it right, and I'm very proud of her and the great job she' doing. So put your trust in Erin, she has my ear and full attention. if there are any problems or questions. Thanks again Satch

  Week ending August 1st..    An  update on the run!  Both boats are fine tuned, the weather has been excellent and the season is in high gear. Fishing is very good both inshore and offshore. Captain Whit and I have very little time onshore to update the site ect. as we are very busy bringing all our good friends in search of the big one. Striper fishing has again picked up over the last 10 days and most folks are very pleased with the size and quantity of the catch. One of Capt Whit's guests landed the 3rd trophy striper of the 2005 season "over 25 pounds" this week ..details forthcoming.... Blues have also arrived in greater numbers, yesterday we caught them breaking the surface inshore so we now have two species to fish for on most of our inshore trips.
         Offshore fishing continues to remain excellent.We usually have a very few openings on our 10 hour,"Fair weather fisherman offshore trips". I try to post any open spots on this page. In fact I've been so busy that for the 1st time ever... I've asked my step daughter Erin to handle the calls and the reservation book for me. She is doing a really great job and is getting back to you much quicker and more efficiently than I possible could this time of year. Anyway I wanted to post a few pictures of some pool winners taken over the last few days.


  Dave Manning (NH) refused to give up the ghost, and landed our largest fish of the 2005 season this week. Dave's cod was a 33 pound Maine state trophy. It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy and it sure made Keith and my day when he hauled her over the rail. Casey Gobertus (FL) and his son Greg. Casey was "King of the world" as he enjoyed fishing in solitude on the pulpit. Casey's 29 pound Maine state trophy cod was also the largest fish he's ever landed. His son Greg's pollack was a mere 16 pounder..............

  On right, Richie Hasterhagen Jr. (NJ) with his pool winning 26 pound Maine state trophy cod, Richie out fished his dad Rich Sr. who also landed a nice large 14 pound Maine state trophy cusk!

 In other offshore news, Les Paul won the pool on Capt. Whits offshore trip the week with a 19 pound cod, Les also landed a 16 pound trophy wolfish. I don't have these pics yet as they are on Whit's camera and he's back offshore. Not to be outdone Les's wife, Linda landed our 2nd" blue tagged" cod of the year. The blue tags are worth $100 awarded by the New England research cod tagging program. The tagging program is a conservation effort to further understand the nature and health of our offshore cod fishery.

Below is my step-grandson "Scottie Allen" with his mom Erin and his first pollock. I've asked Erin to help me return your phone messages when I'm fishing offshore, because the boat cell phone doesn't reach out 25 miles. The "best and only way to insure" a reservation is to call my boat phone (207) 337 0716.... if you can't get through leave a message and either Erin or I will get back to you before 9 pm that same evening or the first thing the next morning!




Week ending April 20th........Splash Down! This morning at 8 am sharp "India" left the farm for her trip to the harbor for the official launch of our 2005 season. We all worked so hard to get everything ready to meet our launch deadline and everything came together perfectly.Thanks to all our great customers without whose support we couldn't even begin to get it all together every spring. In the picture below you can see the scope of the move. "Indi" is completely blocking the road as she is backed out of our driveway for the 17 mile ride to Wells Harbor.


   On right, Captain Whit getting my grandsons seated for the 1st ride of the 2005 season. The new engine ran perfectly, there was absolutely no vibration and we've also significantly increased our efficiency and power. While I couldn't bring it up to top speed yet, I want to be sure to break it in properly. It appears our to top speed will be around 16 knots with a 13 knot cruising speed  @ approx 2500 rpm. I'm confident we'll save approx 10 to 12% in fuel efficiency over the old engine........... and just in the nick of time!
Captain Whit plans on spending this evening aboard Indi, I plan on being there for a champagne toast.The boat looks very nice.We still have a few days to get all our life saving and fishing equipment on board. Life rafts, life jackets, fire extinguishers, licenses, poles and jigs are our next priority. Our 1st trip of the season is next Friday April 29th. Then I'll be available to take guests offshore cod and haddock fishing for the month of May on any day you all desire.
  Captain Whit and Frank will head be back at the barn, to do it all over again getting Gath III ready for her launch and the start of the 2005 Striper season. Again sincere thanks to everyone who helped us with the new diesel we can't wait to take you fishing and show you how proud we our of the boats and the trust you put in our operations.                              Thanks Satchie

      I was very thrilled to have my old friend Irwin Liberskind aboard "India" for the 1st time yesterday. Irwin treated my sons Whit and Dennis to a day blue fishing in Boston harbor when they were just 12 and 13 years old.... how time flys. Anyway Irwin landed some very nice fish steadily throughout the day and had a great time. His largest was this 16 pound cod, the 2nd biggest cod of the day and just seven pounds short of the pool. Irwin's quote..    "Always the bridesmaid, never the bride"!



Week ending July 20th...The girls of summer...   

My lovely wife Gloria, Fred Burkett's daughter Jeanette Deblois (NJ), and Linda Paul (ME) of the famous fishing team"Les and Linda" enjoying a beautiful day on the annual Fred Burkett memorial offshore trip. Linda put on a East coast deep water fishing clinic for Captain Mike Osborne (Ca) and the rest of crew. Linda caught nice size cod steadily throughout the day eventually grasping the pool away from Gloria and Jeanette with a this * 26 pound Maine state trophy cod. Capt Mike 's quote "I kept up with her fish for fish all day, but Linda went home with *#@%$ pounds of fillets and most of mine went back just a little shy of the mark". Frank Fazio (NH) enjoyed his best day ever on the "India Marie" landing at least 5 nice haddock, while Derrick Morgen (Ma) landed the largest fish of his life a nice 16 pound cod.


Gloria with her largest ever 17 pound pollock and Jeanette with a matching 12 pounder caught on the same drop. "Center" Linda Paul with her 26 pound trophy cod the largest fish of the day, an Derrick with his largest ever 16 pound cod.

We also had a great time offshore last week with Don Rush (CT) and his family. I believe Bob Belnap was high hook of the day, but the defining moment was Don catching the largest cod of his life and the largest cod of the year to date on" India." Don Rush (CT ) with his 30 pound Maine state trophy !                               


 I have had no time to update my web page because we are so very busy taking all the fine families that come with us every summer. Since my last update on July 7th most of Capt Whit's and my days have been spent inshore striper and blue fishing . We are so busy trying to land our guests as many fish as we can that we simply don't have time to post all your great pictures during this fishing frenzy!
    Striper fishing has slowed down a bit the last few weeks with the arrival of the blues. On some trips the fishing is slow, on others the stripers bite to "Beat He'll".  But I'm fairly confident that all our guests have had as much fun chasing them all over the coast from York harbor to Cape Porpoise, as I have over the last couple of weeks. Captain Whit, Joe, Bob, Kieth and I really appreciate your continued support and confidence and we'll get some of your pictures and stories posted when things wind down a bit.

Week ending July 7th... 13 days in a row and running hard! Summer weather and our summer guests have arrived and its taking the best efforts of all our crew to accommodate our many good friends. My web- page updates take a little bit of a back seat to help give our guests their best opportunity to catch a trophy fish. Captain Whit reports that the unusually large number of stripers being landed on the Gath III has slowed a bit with the early arrival of the blue fish in the area. However the big ones are here and a good number of nice large striped bass being landed. Inshore action this week........On left, a thrilled Nancy Garbowsky (TX) who flys up to fish with us every season, landed the largest fish of her life a 37.5 inch 23 pounder. Kenny Sayward "center" proprietor of Sleepy Town one of Well's  best valued, efficiency cottages with the largest striper of his life a 13.5 pounder. And John Gracia (MA) "right" and 1st mate Joe Godin with a 25 pound Maine state trophy.


The early influx of blue fish has provided a lot of fun for the kids. Pictured left to right, Johnny Mier (PA) and his girlfriend Kendra, my grandson little Whit, Shawn Ringo(PA), and Paulie Mier on right. All the kids landed a blue on a day so foggy I could'nt see the pulpit on "Indi." John and paulie are 2003 graduates of our "Capt Satch and Sons summer fishing camp" and they can always be counted on to land a few super fish.. Sue Danaher and her dad Bob Frechette (MA) with a nice set of stripers, enjoying a great day on their annual summer outing. It's all the great families that come back every year that make it such fun for our crew.


Offshore fishing continues to be very good to excellent. On our June 27th offshore marathon, held in honor of my daughter India birthday........Linda Paul (ME) caught fish steadily all day and won the boat pool with a nice 21 pound cod left. John Mier was high hook for the day catching over 20 cod. His largest was 20 pounds just a pound shy of Linda's. Boy! All the all time greats have to be on guard ..the younger generation is coming on strong! At least three trophy haddock were landed offshore this week, but I think the best picture I got was of my oldest grandson Joey (left) with his very 1st haddock ever!



Week of April 12th....

        Hello to everyone....

It has been a busy 3 months for the entire Captain Satch and Sons crew. Satch, Frank "J" Davis and myself were extremely busy putting in the new Cummings B 210 engine. We started back in January and we finally had the opportunity to start her up last week. Between taking the old engine out, cleaning the entire engine room area, awl gripping the engine room white, rebuilding the transmission, replacing the clutch plate, replacing the wire harness, rewiring the entire panel, and aligning the shaft, it was a large task. I could not have done any of it without the help of my good friend and right hand man, "THE Bobinator". He stood by Satch and I through the entire process every single day and never complained once. He ensured that I torqued all of the required nuts and bolts to spec and kept all of us motivated for another season.
The last few days we repainted the cabin area and checked the spare anchor for wear and tear. We have also have been working on all of the paint work that needs to be completed. Satch and I were able to get the starboard side hull painted out this weekend. Shortly we will have port side completed and we will be ready for the launch on Wednesday, April 20'th. Anyone who would like to attend is welcome to greet us at the Wells Harbor launch.

Bottom left: Picture of Frank "J" Davist holding a nice striper...If only we had a picture of the three trophies that escaped him that day! This year Frank, This year!

Be safe,  
    Cpt. Whit McMahon

Boat Cell Phone 207-337-0716      
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    Below is a picture of our very own Cpt. Dennis lining up the Gath III for her trailer ride to Wells Harbor at the start of the 2004 season.                                                                                          


                                                  A few select moments from our 2003 Season!

    Don Somers "Me" bested his prior largest ever cod record. "Left" Keith helping Don hold up his 38.5 pound trophy cod.. This is the the largest cod ever caught aboard the India Marie to date.


        Ray Washburn (VT) landed the largest striper ever caught on the "India Marie" and one of the largest stripers caught in Maine waters last season. Ray's striper (left) was 44.5 inches long and weighed 33.5 pounds. To top off this tale. Ray's was thoughtful enough to release this beautiful fish back to the ocean alive. Fish of this size spawn millions of eggs every spring and it's passionate recreation anglers like Ray who continue to encourage the return of large stripers for all the Grampy's and their kids you now see fishing along the Maine coast..




     Chuck Hilb "NJ" with the largest monkfish ever landed on the India Marie ... A 31 pound Monkfish.. "Left"Satch helping Chuck hold up his trophy Monkfish, Captain Whit took the pic.... "Right"Chuck demonstrates his fishes " Boca Grande'.... These monks are angler fish, they dangle a little antenna like bait in front of their wide open mouths, then chomp down on their prey at the appropriate time.




        Fishing Camp Weekend 2003!    The Mier family (PA) with Maine guide, Captain Den McMahon show off thier trophy shad !




Alaska...........No Maine  !

     Mr. Leslie Shan "NJ" got our 2002 season on the India Marie off to a grand start landing a super 22 pound, 37 inch" guessed it Halibut. Les a renowned member of the Hudson River fishing club proved his fishing prowess by landing our 1st ever Halibut on the India Marie. Halibut of this size have become very rare in Maine waters. It has been over 12 years since I gaffed a keeper Halibut on the Bunny Clack with Captain Tim at the helm. Every year since I've dreamt of catching one, and to land one on just our 3rd trip offshore with the Hudson River boys is just thrilling. "New magic for 2002"....... I was able to stick Les's fish with the new gaff Keith just finished making for us and my son, Captain Whit was right by my side to help me haul her over the rail. This is the kind of moment that makes all the hard work worth it for my family and our guests.      Congratulations Les!


                                                                                 Voted # 1 in 2001, 2003 and 2004 !

       Also of note* The Gath III was again voted #1, "Best of the Best boats" of York County Maine . Thanks to all of you who took the time to send your ballots to the York County Coast Star newspaper. Just to be named as one of the best with all the famous boats and captains in the southern Maine is a great honor. .. i.e.. F/V's Bunny Clark, Lady J, etc.   I really enjoy bringing all of you fishing and I appreciate your continued support and confidence you have shown to Whit, Den and I.

             A very sad day ...

          We also made in through the saddest part in the lives of our family. As most of you know, our oldest child and only daughter India Marie passed on in June of 2003, after a good fight with tough illness. Many of  you new her as a young girl taking reservations on the Bunny Clark. India was 28 years old. She leaves her three children Joey age 9, Whitney age 7, and McCary age 4. Thank you all so much for your prayers, thoughts, and the lovely flowers and baskets. It means so much to have such caring and wonderful friends at such a difficult time in our lives. I've included a photo of the India's service, taken by first mate DJ Callahan. And I apologize for not being able to contact all my very good friends personally. 1 A college trust  "India Tavare's childrens fund " has been set up for her three boys at  Sanford Institute for Savings  900 Maine Street, Sanford Me. 04073  for those folks who feel like they would like to help them in some way.                                                                                                                                 God bless us and keep us all....... Satch

                                                                      The Kids carry us on !

           My youngest grandson Cary with Gil Ranta "OH" (right) , Gil and Cary landed and released this small striper on our way to the July 4th fireworks show off Ogunquit beach .


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