1.) Can I talk to a real person?

We pride ourselves at being family friendly and understanding of your needs. Especially if you haven't experienced fishing with us before. Please call our office (207) 703-3631 between 8am and 8pm with any question you may have and one of our crew will be happy to assist you. You will not be pressured to make a reservation unless you wish to do so.

2.) How do I make a reservation ?

The only way to insure and verify a reservation is to call our reservation line. To be fair to all, we will begin taking reservations for the 2019 season on Friday, March 15th at 8 am sharp. Most returning guests book their reservations early, especially for dates during the busy summer season. You are encouraged to check for availability as soon as you know the week you'll be on vacation. It is helpful to fill out our online reservation request form, we will get back to you asap, but no reservation date is valid until you actually verify it over the phone.

3. Do we need to charter the whole boat?

Absolutely not! On most days both four and six hour inshore trips aboard the "Gath IV" are made up of a few different families and individuals. We take a maximum of 10 guests fishing at any one time to enhance your fishing experience. Of course you can also charter the Gath IV for private charters so that you can put together your own group for a special day on the water.

Our 10 hour offshore trips aboard the "India Marie" are very often 6 person private charters. But every Friday, the "India Marie" has a 10 hour (open boat) offshore deep sea fishing trip.  You do not have to be part of a charter group for this trip. It is open to all individual anglers on a first come, first serve basis (reservations are required). You can also request a six person inshore charter trip aboard the "India Marie" on days that she is not already booked offshore.

4.) How do we pay for the trip?

All trips require a 50% deposit! We ask that deposits be made by (personal check or credit card) and sent to our Post Office box within ten days of booking. If you need to cancel a reservation a full refund will be given provided we are notified at least 10 days from the scheduled departure date. The balance of the trip is paid to the captain, when you board "India or Gath" on the day of your trip. Only cash or personnel checks are accepted on the boats. The captain has no way  to accept credit card payment on board.

For your convenience, you can also pre-pay the cost of your trip 100% on Visa ,Master charge or Discover card through our office when your reservation is made!

5.) Do we need a fishing license?

Absolutely not. We spend days every season doing all the paperwork required to meet all the federal and state permit and license requirements. All permits have already been purchased and secured. As licensed Maine guides and USCG captains we follow all state and federal fishing regulations to the letter of the law. We ask that you kindly respect our knowledge in this area, understand that some fish are too small to keep and in fact some fish are too large to keep!

6.)What about children?

Children of all ages are welcome. It's a real thrill for us to help a boy or girl catch the largest fish of their lives. "Click here" for Whit's Kids Video.. It is also important that you plan the length and type of the trip to meet your child's abilities. Most importantly we want their first experience to be a good one, so that they will love boats and fishing for the rest of their lives. While it depends on the individual child and the parents willingness to help work with them. The following guidelines are suggested. Our 2 hr family discovery trip is recommended as a starter for kids 3 to 5 years of age. "Gath IV's" four hour inshore striper trips are well suited for kids 6 and up. Most children should be at least ten or eleven to put up with the rigors of our 10 hour offshore trip aboard the "India Marie".

7.) Do we go in the rain? What about rough days ?

Summer showers and periods of rain are common on the Maine coast. We have an enclosed cabin that serves to keep you warm and dry during rain showers. On inshore trips you should consider bringing a light slicker set on overcast days. My philosophy concerning rough weather is that a little rain or wind won't deter us, but we are going on the water to have fun. If our guests are going to be miserable, then we should wait for a better day. As your captain, I reserve the right to cancel any trip when I feel that sea conditions are too rough to insure your safety. I keep myself posted and very aware of the weather at all times during the fishing season. Both inshore and offshore forecasts are posted on my website so that you can also be aware of sea conditions. If you going on our 10 hour offshore trip and are coming from out of state, it's always wise to check the offshore forecast and call the day before you're scheduled departure. If the captain feels that the sea conditions are just to rough for your safety, the trip will be rescheduled at your convenence.

8.) What should we wear on our trip?

Inshore.....On our half day trips,even on sunny days we suggest you bring a  sweatshirt or light jacket. It's almost always a bit cooler on the water. Sneakers or non skid soles footwear will suffice. Sunglasses and a baseball cap are great to have.

Offshore...For our 10 Hour offshore trips you should bring a sweatshirt with a wind breaker or waterproof jacket. On rougher days the deck can get a little wet. Many guests bring a pair of rubber boots or a change of sneakers for the ride home. Sunglasses, and a baseball cap in summer. A winter hat and gloves for all May and October trips are recommended.

9.) What about grub?

You are encouraged to bring your own sandwiches and snacks. Many groups bring sandwich meat and make up fresh sandwiches aboard. Fresh Fruit except banana's (bad luck) and candy are always great to have aboard. Coffee, soft drinks, bottled water and a few beers if you like.  Not unlike the airlines we have been forced to make cutbacks in our hot lunch service. I'll be glad to share my prunes and peanuts with you.

10.) What about alcohol and drinking ?

There is absolutely no hard liquor or drugs allowed! I wish to stress that alcohol abuse on the "Gath IV and the India Marie" is seriously discouraged! You may bring and enjoy a few beers. We are not teatottilers, but if you are planning on some serious drinking please plan accordingly and go on another boat. At this point of my career, I simply refuse to baby sit adults especially with other guests aboard. If anyone becomes intoxicated the trip will be canceled by the captain with no refund..

*New this season....If a person arrives at the dock already intoxicated they will not be allowed to board our vessels and their deposit will be forfeited with no refund. This policy will be strictly enforced. Please have fun and always respect your fellow passengers and crew !...

11.) What do we do with our fish?

We encourage the release of fish. In fact, we will present you with a Captain Satch & Son "catch and release" t-shirt if you are kind enough to release a 25 pound plus Maine State trophy fish. You may also keep any fish you catch, as long as it meets state and federal regulations. Most species we catch provide very good table fare, by law many have a minimum size limit to keep....cod 24", pollock 19, haddock 18". Striped bass currently have a slot limit in Maine, they must be 20 to 26 inches or over 40 inched to keep. The captain and mate both work diligently to get you out of tangles, measure, sort and process your catch. I enjoy taking pictures of your largest fish, and will sometimes request that you take a minute away from fishing so I can get a good shot. It is highly recommended that your fish be filleted as soon as they are ready, then bagged with your name and keep in our large coolers until we reach the dock and departure.

12.) Should we bring our own coolers for our fish ?

No need to...Large and empty coolers should be left dockside in your vehicles. They will get in your way when you are fishing and the crew is actively working the deck. You can transfer your fillets to your coolers once we return to the dock. On the other hand, small and medium size coolers that fit under our bench seats are ideal for packing your lunch and personnel belonging's. You should try to limit your cooler space to one per family. Additional soft bags and extra clothing can be stored down below in the cabin.

13.) Can I bring my own pole and gear?

Sure it's your day on the water and many anglers have their own special poles and methods of fishing that they truly enjoy. But you by all means do not need to have your own gear. We fish these waters every day and we pride ourselves in providing you with superior quality equipment that is specifically suited to the type of fishing you will be experiencing. Most folks, even many accomplished anglers usually end up using our rods and reels since the action, line tests, leaders, jigs, are so well balanced to the nature of the fish we catch.

14.) What about smoking on board?

I personally do not mind if guests smoke on board. In fact, been known to have a cigar once in a while. I do expect that you respect the rights of other guests, please refrain from smoking in the cabin house when requested. I've only had one serious conflict about smoking in over twelve years. My ruling was that in that instance folks should smoke on deck when the boat was moving between spots. Smoking controlled substances is not allowed on board under any circumstances.

15.) What about cell phones and electronic devices?

You are welcome to bring your cell phone, they work fine on inshore trips. Please refrain from taking on your cell phone when the Captain is giving his introductory safety speech to all passengers. Digital cell phone coverage does not extend pass 8 miles offshore so plan on no service for a most of the day on our 10 hour trips. Of course...GPS devices are prohibited.

16.) Can I purchase a birthday or holiday gift certificate?

Sure, we have really nice quality gift certificates that can be sent out on a moments notice. You can purchase a certificate in the dollar amount you desire. The recipient can call the reservation line to reserve his of her specific fishing date anytime after the 1st of March.

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