1st Mate Tom
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1st mate Tom Carlin

1st mate Tom Carlin ( Little Tommy) will be returning for his 3nd year working the deck aboard the Gath IV and the India Marie. Tommy was a real catch for us, arriving shortly after graduating "Summa Cum Laude" from Noble High School in Berwick Me. While were not so sure why he wants to hang with the likes of us, given his high mathematical aptitude we're sure glad he's on our team and a growing part of our crew.

When he is not helping Nick manage the deck,or helping our guests successfully complete their "Fishing 101 course",Tommy can be found wandering the halls of Bryant University in Rhode Island where he majors in mathematics. I met first Tom when he was co-captain of Captain Whits soccer team at Noble High school. On the field and on the boat Tommy is always striving to do his best. He is also a very kind individual who is never fails to meet our guests needs.

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