Capt. Tom Parker
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Captain Tom Parker

It was a real honor to have Captain Tom Parker join our crew in the spring of 2012. I've been asking Tom if he would be willing to help for at least the last 10 years so you can imagine how happy I was to have him join the crew! Like my oldest son Whit, Tom also holds his Masters degree in education. Captain Parker is a recently retired grammar school principal, so as Captain Whit spends more time spring and fall in the high school guidance office, Tom really enjoys the chance to fill in for him aboard the Gath IV. Captain Tom is also our most experienced charter boat Captain having taken guests fishing along the Maine coast for over 30 years during his school summer breaks. One last accolade...Captain Parker is also the person I consider to be the best striper fisherman in York County Maine, barring none. Maybe now I can learn a few of his techniques without sneaking a peak when he isn't looking.

Captain Parker and Captain Satch (Please note who has the biggest fish!)

           Making a young angler’s day

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