Little Dennis

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"Little Dennis"

I feel that the biggest accomplishment our little company experienced in 2009, was the growing strength and expertise of our crew.

I met Dennis Bourgeois 25 years ago when he was working with me as a chief mechanic and boiler engineer at a compassionate little Southern Maine Company. Little did I know at the time that Captain Whit and I would be lucky enough for him to take such a huge interest in the boats. Dennis has an uncanny and innate ability to understand and fix anything mechanical.  From the smallest needle valve on an outboard to the complexity of a diesel engine’s fuel injector pump.

Dennis has gone over both Gath’s and Indi’s mechanical systems with a fine tooth comb. Checking packing, pressure lines, repairing shaft bushings, and through hulls, alternators, starters, installing a new transmission in India, and checking the timing and adjusting the valves on both diesels.

In short, Dennis is responsible for bringing both boats up to the absolute best mechanical shape they have ever been in. A very pleasant and intelligent guy, you may see him working around the boats on a summer evening...


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